Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Windy & Sunny

Today has been sunny and windy. I've got 12-15 knots coming out of the NE and I'm surfing down the swells going a nice 8.5 knots. It was pretty cloudy this morning but cleared up in the afternoon and was a really nice day.

I did my first interview in a while, and it was surprisingly enjoyable! I had been getting pretty sick of them by my departure, but a good break from all of it has been just enough.

I'm running my engine for a bit right now to charge up my batteries enough to last through the night until the sun is up again tomorrow, but from the sounds of things I'm going to be needing to change the alternator belt pretty soon. Its such a beautiful night, running the engine really ruins things. But only about a half hour more and it will be good for the night. If the forecast for tomorrow doesn't change, I'll be getting a good blow, 20-30 knots, so that should be fun.

Well, I'd better go check on the engine.



  1. what country are you in now? could you put up a map tracker or something cause that would be awesome!!!<3

  2. Julia - Abbey has a whole web page including tracker.

  3. G'Day! Abby,
    Nice to hear you are getting the wind that you wanted. Am curious as to what wind strength you require to run your wind generators.? Relying on running your engine to power up the batteries would appear to have its risks!!

    I would have thought the planning would have been for everything to work on basic passive power replentishment ie wind and solar panells, with the former as a backup.

    I'm not the expert but it would appear you rely heavily on electrics for just about everything. Just an observation.

    Keep your blogs coming, enjoy reading them.

    Sail Safe

    Poppa Bear
    Down Under

  4. Julia...go to

    There is a locator map there that is updated daily.

    Abby, a NE wind tells me that you must be on a beam or broad reach now. Good news. Glad to see you going in the right direction again. Sailing around the world is hard enough without going in the wrong direction. :)
    Stay safe out there, and you'll be around the horn in no time. God speed.


  5. Hi Abby, I hope you get the 20 to 30 knots tomorrow and I will be looking forward to reading your interview. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Have a wonderful evening and get some rest. Gail/Ventura

  6. @Julia Lynne . . . you can follow Abby's track/route at:

    She and Team Abby update it regularly.

  7. Hi Abby,

    I love reading your updates. I was are you keeping up with school work? and have you seen any new marine life? Funny how worried I am about sharks and you've been out there all this time and have hardly seen anything as of yet! =)

    Take care!


  8. It looks like you are heading too far north instead of southward.
    Captain Bill

  9. Our family has really enjoyed watching your progress and reading the blog. Do you see any other ships, boats or planes that you can communicate with? Wish you all the best.

  10. Julia: See the link below...

  11. Abby, just wanted to say that its great what you are doing and to keep charging ahead. when i was your age, i rode my bicycle across the country with my father and that adventure is something i think of very fondly. Keep going and just so you know, there are many people cheering you on!!

  12. With all the wind youre getting now, those wind turbines should help more in charging the batteries.

  13. Jim from Porter,OKMarch 10, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    It is really great to hear from you on a daily basis, as we all get worried about you and if you are still sailing forward. When I turn on my computer, your is the first .com that I go to. What are the westerlies that you talk about in your itinerary? Happy sailing! I know that being out of touch with humanity for so long would drive me bonkers.

  14. It was great to read your blog. I know that you can't do one everyday, but it would be nice if you did, as then we all get to hear about a journey some might enjoy, but will never take. What are the westerlies you mention in your itinerary? Happy sailing and I hope that you sart moving forward soon!

  15. Thanks Abby
    Enjoy the surfing, with the wind in your
    face, and your supporters cheering
    you on. God bless you.
    Richard (QLD) Aus. ♥

  16. Hi
    Good to see that you are well, but just a comment if i may, it seems that you are relying on your engine a fair amount to have to start thinking already about changing the Alternator belt after such short time? Maybe someone can shed some light on this?
    VK from down under

  17. Hi Abby -

    Just wanted to say that I just started following your blog, and that I am looking forward to reading more about your adventure!

    Peace & Love,


  18. Hi Abby!

    Does the engine give you extra speed? Our teacher says you will pass Cape Horn before the end of this month! We're all so excited!

  19. Hi Abby,
    Sounds like some Beach Boys tunes would be appropriate for your surfin safari tomorrow.
    Clip on, sleep.
    San Diego

  20. Hi Abby, Its great to hear that you got some wind, be careful changing that alternator belt, I did one many years ago and skinned my knuckles really bad and it took like 2 weeks to heal and you do not need that out there. How much wind do you need for the wind generators? Its really good to see that you are posting on a fairly regularly and the pics are awesome. Stay Safe 38º44"N/122º67"W

  21. Just found and started to follow your Blog, what an inspiration to all of us, you are incredibly brave, adventurous and brave - did I already say that?

    Keep up the writing, photos and journal. I may be thousands of miles away in a comfy office, but hearing your stories and trying my hardest to imagine what it must be like, brings a little sunshine to otherwise dull days.

    Best of luck, and above all stay safe.


  22. Are you now heading south again? Looks like you were heading for Easter Island! Hope all's well.

  23. Hi Abby,

    Great to hear from you again so soon Abby. I hope that you are snuggled up in your nice dry cabin and keeping dry and warm.

    20 to 30 knot winds sounds like you'll be lifting out of the water and flying along like a kite.

    Take care my dear and keep safe and enjoy the journey.

    With big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  24. Abby and Team, would you please tell me what your prediction is as it relates to when Wild Eyes will enter the current going through Drake Passage? I am a novice at reading forecasts but am following the images for wind, waves, and any developing storm coming your way on This isn't a straightforward path for you, obviously. I wonder if you may have headed NE to go around the area with very little wind. Still, it appears that in about 48 hours (probably way too soon for you to move that far south, there will be a large front hitting South America/Drake Passage and "then it looks clear for quite some time." Again, what is the prediction? If possible, it would be nice to know what you and the team are gauging as you look forward and plan the timing of your voyage. Thank you.

  25. Yeah breaking the beauty of the night sea with the noise of an engine is a bummer!

  26. Thank you Miss Abby, it is kind to post an update even if there's not much new to tell. It's a pleasure reading that you are well.
    I hope your engine will run well and stay reliable in the duration. No reason it would not, but its contribution looks essential. I'm wondering why its alternator belt needs to be changed at such an early stage... Is it normal?
    From your tracker chart, you have still been progressing northwards (NE), more than what I was expecting. But maybe the chart has not been updated yet, and will soon show a new SE progression.
    Don't let yourself share your time only between technical tasks and boredom. Concentrate on enjoying these special moments, and thinking of yourself, life, the world. That's a very good schooling method.
    Be happy and savour every hour, Abby.

  27. Hi Abby,

    Great to hear from you, your course seems a little radicle at the present or have I missed something?
    The blow is going to charge the batteries hopefully.
    Keep Smiling
    Safe Passage
    Brian Riley
    Hervey Bay, Queensland. AU

  28. Abby,
    I hope you get the wind you want!! I so wish I was out on the deck of a beautiful sail boat right now!!! haha :)

  29. What is the big electrical power-drain? Surely not your LED running lights? And the radar need only be on a few minutes each where's all the juice going?

  30. hello Abby! Really excited about you getting closer and closer to the Horn. Been reading all your blogs as I check in every day...thank you for taking the time to do that and post pictures and the short video. I am using IMG 0369 as my desktop screensaver

    Mike from Indiana

  31. Skipper Abby, nice to hear from you again. Good to hear that you are getting some good winds and moving east. GO GO GO Girl...

    Old Salty USN)Retired)

  32. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Enjoy, Take care, Be safe.

  33. Abby,

    It looks like Alessandro in his little 21 footer is going to catch you?

    Need to get your compass recalibrated ;)

    Enjoy the better pressure (and better angle)

  34. Hi Abby:
    Thanks for the update. Glad you avoided stormy weather.
    I rely on federal aviation weather when flying and know that weather forecasting is not all that accurate???. I know you have a team that is doing their best to keep you safe but no one knows what you are looking at but you. So be careful out there and if you don’t like what you see….. You are the BOSS. I think you are doing great.
    Stay clipped for sure.

  35. Love taking this journey with you....

  36. Hey Captain Abbey, Gee, no alternator belt no engine.Little concern here as long as you have wind it's ok and not sailing in the But I trust your team will guide you through this dilemma.sandi

  37. Hola, Abby!
    Your mood seems to get lighter and happier the farther you go. I do believe you'll be dancing on the bowsprit when you round your first cape! If you a pic? And, of course, be safely clipped on!

    Godspeed, and my prayers are with you and your family.


  38. Abby ... I loved your honesty about getting pretty sick of interviews (ha) like "Go away and let me sail!".

    Good to see you followed my advice and took a right turn after #47 (smiley face) For those trying to estimate when Abby enters Drake's Passage, according to her tracking map showing her daily progress it looks like about 15 more days or March 26th. But she will be picking up better westerlies, so hopefully it will be sooner.

    @Mariner Walt ... Thanks for the book tip. It's already in transit from my local library. Creative fish symbol btw.

    @Anonymous 5:53am ... re: where's all the juice going? A good percentage of it is steering her boat when Abby is not at the helm.

    Abby, what's the minimum knots needed to get any charging from your wind generators?

    re: alternator belt discussion: Abby was tightening the belt within one week of leaving MDR. Jessica also talked about early belt tightening (not the one around her waist). At Cabo her team installed a higher speed alternator. I can't remember the exact particulars. I think I recall they added a 2nd one also. Maybe someone with a better memory than me can chime in, or Abby can divulge her secrets. I'm guessing sailing yachts differ so much in their electrical output needs, that there is a lot of custom fitting and that's the reason behind belt tightening and wear. It doesn't really add up does it? Maybe Steve in California would address this conundrum.

    Does anyone know if this symbol :-) means anything in particular as it's showing up a lot lately.

  39. Hi Abby,

    Prayers to you as you get closer to Cape Horn.

    I so enjoy your blogs, photos and videos.

    You have many faithful followers who are cheering you along.

    Roski: The symbol you are asking about is a smiling face. :-)

    Happy smiles to you Abby, and many happy sailing days.

    God bless you, Abby

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  40. Abby,
    I'm facinated by your voyage. It's difficult to know wind direction each day relative to your location. How and why did you get so far off the South American coast heading south and even west. It's good to see you sailing SE and heading to Cape Horn! Good luck and fare sailing!

  41. @ Roski: My experience with charging system demands is very limited, mostly to cruising or delivery situations where enough crew is aboard to both stand watch and drive through out the trip. In these situations, and under sail alone, the engine might be run less than a hour a day to provide sufficient battery charging for electronics, lights, etc.

    The most evident weak point in Abby's program has been the charging system and the demands from the Coursemaster autopilot(s). It seems likely that she is having to run her engine more than an hour in a 24 hr period...hence the belt issues?

    Can't say more than that.

    The symbol :-) is a smiling face...tagged after a comment that might be read the "wrong" way to assure you it was meant in jest or at least with humor.

    Steve in California

  42. @Roski - if you are seriously asking! :-)
    Tilt your head to the left and you will see a smiling face.

  43. Hi Abby - I've been reading about your progress since you left California and am so impressed with your knowledge and strength. It's obvious you have a great support team as well. Just thought I needed to say 'hi' and let you know that I'm following your journey and wish you well every step of the way. - Nancy, Vermont

  44. Dear Abby,

    The Angel of the Lord is on board "Wild Eyes" as you safely sail & enjoy your voyage. Shalom!

    Until next time....

    Your Friends at Prophetic Faith Ministries
    Irving, TX (Dallas)

  45. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    A quote from you for:

    @Poppa Bear

    "One nice thing about being close hauled is that the wind hits my wind generators with it's full force so that they are really starting to help out - they need a good 10-15 knots over the blades to really charge well."

    Abby's Blog
    Thursday, February 25, 2010
    How Wild Eyes Got her Name, etc

    Abby, take care, be safe.

  46. Captain Abby....

    YEA... your heading south again.. and at a good clip too. Good to see your heading in the right direction and have favorable winds to keep the battery packs charged on the wind turbine...

    Sail Safe.. Post often ( but not TOO often.. save some of that juice for the Nav station) and Have FUN...

  47. Wow... this is the first time I've come across your blog (after seeing you on the various news outlets several times) you are certainly an impressive and brave and resiliant chiquita!!! :) I am so excited for you - as is my 9 year old son. I look forward to following your journey more closely - good luck, and keep up the beautiful pics! It is fantastic to live vicariously through them.

  48. Thanks Steve for offering what you know about the charging. Does anyone else have sailing yacht experience with a Yanmar 18hp engine and understand why the belt wear? My car has 20,000 on it and no belt wear. Why the difference?

  49. Go Abby, Go!!! NIce to hear that you finally got some wind so you can make up some lost time, Wishing you well all the time in your journey. We are with you all the way back to Cabo.

    Fair winds and following seas... Skipper.

    An old salty sailor USN(Retired)