Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update from Home Base

Just a quick update from home base...

Abby has not rounded Cape Horn yet! The light winds have meant painfully slow progress for her today and for Laurence who is waiting in an anchorage off the Beagle Channel to set out for the rendez vous.

The calmer conditions have given her a chance to get outside and check everything with a good chance of NOT falling overboard whereas the past few days according to Abby there was a good chance of not staying ON board!

She was able to work the air bubbles out of the water maker so that is fine and she will finish troubleshooting the back up autopilot after rounding the Cape and before heading eastward to Cape of Good Hope.

For now, we all get to learn a bit of patience!

More tomorrow....

Marianne (aka Mom)


  1. EARLY Congratulations Abby! (and glad your water is good to go!) Soon you will get to wear a giant loop ear ring in your left ear! So glad the weather won't be a factor at all for crossing Cape Horn! Normally Cape Horn at this time of the year is a hurricane! You will be the only person in history to make it around the world untouched by serious storms. God has kept your path clear!

  2. All in good time, Abby. We're praying for a safe passage...

    WA St.

  3. Thanks for the update Mom, i have been waiting to hear something ....you have a brave Daughter...and your Daughter is on my prayer list..

    God Bless

  4. It is nice to get some updates from you,

  5. Sometimes I think, "Poor Marianne and Laurence. They've been playing 'keep us posted' since Zac's adventure"

    And - there's all those other kids.

    Bless them all,
    Donn Coon

  6. YAY ABBY, almost there!!! Joy is right, God will make all your paths straight and clear! Your voyage is in His name and all His doing! Enjoy the ride! Annette

  7. Thanks for the update. Praise God for Abby's safe passage so far! We're praying... Looking forward to the good news tomorrow!

  8. Hope you are having a lot of fish?

  9. Marianne, Thanks for the update.
    Abby, hold strong we know that patience is a virtue. Glad to hear that you are experiencing "calm waters".
    Watched a you tube video last night of sailors going aroung the horn and holy moley!!!!!
    I prayed for your continued safety.
    May He continue to watch over you.
    Sherna Taylor

  10. Glad your mom updated the blog so we all know you are doing ok. Hopefully tomorrow will be a fabulous day to cross Cape Horn and to see your Dad. Stay safe, keep smiling. Good to hear you got your H2O taken care of. Much aloha.
    Kailua, Hawaii

  11. Dear Marianne/MOM,

    Many thanks for your update. So happy to hear that Captain Abby is SAFE and making steady progress towards Laurence/DAD. I hope they can successfully rendezvous at sea and both enjoy the moment.(Did Laurence take a box of tissues?)

    To you Marianne... I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing Abby's experience of a lifetime with us. Having a daughter myself 10 years Abby's senior I can sure appreciate some the family's emotions surrounding her adventure. I think of Abby as one of my own. I wish for you Marianne ....good health and happiness and the safe return of beautiful Abby.

    Abby .... we can be VERY PATIENT. Whatever time it takes to round the HORN...THIS IS YOUR MOMENT....we will be waiting word that you are safe ...and of your success. Have a good night.

    Cheers to TEAM ABBY,
    john, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

  12. Calm weather is a blessing, if also a lesson in patience. 10,000+ fans? WOW!! It is all very cool! Steve R.

  13. Abbe,

    I have checked on you a number of times today, as I am sure have a lot of others. . Thanks to your mom for the update on your progress around S. America. It sounds like conditions are slow but good. And none of this falling overboard talk - keep yourself clipped on and safe. You are doing an incredible job. Thanks for taking people like me who don't have your courage along on your journey. Good winds, stay safe.

    San Diego

  14. Its your world Abby! you're truely the BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST! Dont go on deck until its REASONABLY safe. Thanks for the update Mom, you must be bursting with PRIDE!


  15. Remember that you not only get to wear a gold loop earring in your left ear but you may, also, dine with one foot propped on the table.

  16. Ah! Water! O liquid gold.

    Thank you Marianne for breathing life into our pulse.

    How did you know we needed to know?

    That's getting it done, Abby, et al.

  17. Things happens for a reason and I think the light wind is to Abby's advantage, it gives her a chance to check everything and to work out some problems before the Horn. This is not a speed contest, this is to make it around and into Cabo then home to Socal.
    Skipper Abby, take your sweet time, we shellbacks and all the sand crabs that support you are willing to wait for a better weather to go around the Horn. We are with you all the way. Sail on, sail on.
    Old Salty USN(Ret)

  18. Thanks for the Update Mom, been waiting all day ;-)

  19. Hello Abby, followers and Team Abby,

    For the team, it is hard for us sitting at home waiting. I was a crew chief on a number of racing sailplanes (and other things) and we send them off out of our control and W A I T for what seems like forever. The other day one of the Army pilots said to us, it is an Army of One, my reply was, supported by a cast of thousands, a good laugh was had. To the Team great work, unseen but your work is never forgotten.

    And for Abby
    Sail Safe
    from the Deserts of Iraq
    around 34°40'20"N x 043°33'00"E

  20. Prayers are working! Thanks Marianne (aka Mom) for the update. Can't wait to hear from Abby tomorrow and see pictures! Esther in Costa Mesa, CA

  21. Thank you to a thoughtful Team for letting all of us know what is going on! I know I am not the only one who has been challenged today to remain patiently calm...as I waited to hear about how Abby was doing. Calm waters - a blessing indeed; there were a lot of prayers for Abby!! And, as we saw...last week definitely presented much different conditions. I hope Abby was not bored but I am thankful anyway. :) Again, thank you so much for your post !!! Now I believe I will sleep peacefully.

  22. Thank you, Marianne, for keeping us updated. I'm glad to hear that the water maker was an easy fix. Light winds isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a good chance to make the minor repairs before they become major repairs. And a chance for Abby to catch her breath.

    I sure hope dad and daughter get a chance to say hi.

    Thanks again


  23. Marianne

    Thanks for the update!!

  24. I've just started following your incredible journey, Abby, and two thumbs way up!! You are one courageous young lady and this will be one helluva story to tell your grandchildren someday. Wishing you a wonderfully successful voyage and a safe passage around Cape Horn. I will enjoy reading as your dream unfolds before us and is realized. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  25. Thank you.
    Bless you and Abby.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  26. Thank you for the update, Marianne. Let me take a moment to thank you and Laurence for raising such a fine family of competent and skillful children, and, for trusting them to follow their dreams. Zach and Abby are wonderful young people who are an inspiration to a countless number of people around the country and around the world. They are the special people they are because of you and Laurence! (Perhaps in the future you will have a few more circumnavigators???)

    Abby, so glad it looks as though you will have a calm rounding of the Horn. Hope you will have a good photo op with your dad and the sighting of land. You are doing a great job out there.....

    Stay alert, sail smart, sail safe.

    Janell in Oklahoma

  27. Thanks for the update! She's such a strong, brave soul!

  28. ...and thank you, Marianne (aka mom). Your heart will likely be in your throat until she docks, but angels are riding shotgun with her and the world is tuning in, so she is not alone. Abby is so blessed to have such a wonderful support system behind her while she makes this dream come true. I just think this is fabulous and I will follow every day.

  29. Marianne--Thank you so much for the update. You must be so proud of your daughter.

    Abby-- You are on such an incredible journey. Stay strong and remember you are in our thoughts and prayers as you sail around the Cape and beyond. God bless you.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  30. Ok, I'll ask it (because mom brought it up). But what would happen if she fell off the boat? I mean, is the boat so smart it stops and waits for her? Does she float around until the next friendly whale comes along?

    And I'm certainly not asking this to jinx her; i just don't understand sailing and am looking for answer to the "what if" question we're all afraid to ask.

    Good luck Abby and Family.

    From Tupelo, MS

  31. cool..happy to know that...God bless on your journey dear abby...

  32. Thanks mom for the update. I have been checking all day. I am glad it is not the bad weather,but lack of wind. Good the water maker is fixed and onto the auto pilot. God speed Abby.

    The ocean is a mighty harmonist... (William Wordsworth)

    Santa Maria, CA

  33. As a mother of a toddler, when I saw this story on the yahoo home page, all I could think was No Way! Never in a million years would I let my kid do this. And then...What kind of parents would?!?! Read the comments on the article and there was a general consensus in agreement with my train of thought. I needed to know more info. So I googled Abby and found this blog. Let's just say I hope others from that yahoo article did what I did, because in no time, I felt stupid. I was judgmental and short-sighted. Needless to say, within a few minutes of reading the most recent post I read the one before it, and then I read the one before that, and then I needed to start at the beginning. Now, it's been just a few days and I've read Zac's blog too for his year at sea. I can't believe that I was so closed-minded. I wish I had the courage/knowledge to do what these two kids did when I was their age. I wish I had the courage to step outside of my little comfort zone at all. And now that I'm an adult, all I can think about is how to foster this type of passion and determination in my child. Both as kids and parents, you should be incredibly proud of who you are. And excited for all the adventures you have not yet experienced and who you will become as time goes by. You are all an inspiration to the dreamers and the doers. Be safe. And Thank you.

  34. Marianne(Mom or Mum if you were a Down Under Mum ;o)
    thanks for the Abby & Wild Eyes Update.
    glade the Air Bubbles have been expunged and good luck with autopilot fluid leak.
    Wow nearly becalmed at the Horn ... ya, good and not so ... well Abby is in charge and looks like Dad is about to give her a Dad's Wave!
    Again thanks for the update ... we are all addicted to more and more news of her progress.

    Bruce S/Sydney

  35. Thanks Marianne, for the update...
    Lets hope that the fair conditons continue, and that Abby continues to be cautious in all that she does.
    I would really like Abby to makes some comments on her blog, as to what it feels like to be so alone, and whether she is filled in awe with a clear night sky.
    best wishes

  36. 03-31-10 @ 04:28
    Hi Marianne (aka Mom),
    Thanks for the up-date, I guess you’ve noticed that we get a little ‘antsy’ when the skipper doesn’t keep us filled in, but I know that sometimes it’s just not possible for her to blog us, so thank you again.

    I’m glad to see that everything is going reasonably well, and that she has the water maker working properly. There will be plenty of time for the A/P after the Cape. I hope the rendezvous takes place with no unforeseen hitches. Abby is quite a girl, not that I have to tell you that…lol.., She’s handling herself very professionally, and I enjoy seeing how she dives into her problems and really works at fixing them. I hope her hands are healing, they sounded real nasty.
    Marianne, I also hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself.

    May God hold her in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep her sails full, and I, I will be praying for her.
    Her faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  37. I've been watching closely today too.
    Good luck and be safe.
    Thanks fir the update mom!

  38. Thanks Marianne for the update,I salute you for beeing such a supportive mom for your children.. Hope that Abby could complete her journey
    Stay strong and may God bless you and Abby...
    Look forward for new updates...

  39. hello marianne,
    i am one of abby's new fans who along with everyone else and especially you as the mom with the rest of her family and friends are waiting with apprehension and praying for abby's safe passage.
    i have been constantly checking for updates hoping that she has already made it successfully across so we can all celebrate this milestone.
    i guess, we continue to wait and pray in earnest and with patience.
    congrats for having courageous children who have the passion to go for what they want. i'm sure it's a nerve wracking experience for you but i am also sure how mighty proud you are of your little girl.
    more power and be assured that abby and the rest of your family will be in my prayers until she makes it safely home in a few months.

    sail on girl. the world is behind you all the way.


  40. We had heavy winds and rain overnight, here in the English Lakes Abby. We thought we would take some of the puff out of your sails so that you could get on with your tasks. lol
    Seriously though..I am so happy to hear from your Mom that you have managed to sort out the water problem. I thought perhaps you might have worries of falling off the boat when you mentioned how high the waves were behind you recently!
    God keep you safe from harm and allow you to meet up with your Dad soon. Now that will be a boost to your morale..yes?
    Praying for your strength to always outwit any storms.
    God bless.
    Jeanie In The Lakes

  41. Thanks Mom.Team Abby is doing great.Play it smart.You know I don't care if Abby has to stop a 100 times.She will still make the trip.With big brother for advise,dad there,and mom close.And all of us fans.She has better support than NASA.I love it.

  42. Dear Marianne,

    Many thanks for the update. I appreciate the news on Abby's progress. What a gorgeous, talented, courageous young lady you have as daughter. You must be so proud of her as you must be of all your beautiful children.

    I am a Mum of three children aged 12, 15 and 17 and I take my hat off to you having seven children.

    To Abby,

    Keep up the great job you're doing. You will round the Cape, don't worry Abby. I'll start blowing some wind your way.

    God bless, and big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  43. Hi Marianne
    Great to hear from you and thanks for the update on Abbey's progress. And I m sure you are just as nervous as the rest of the crew including the thousands eagerly waiting patiently online for word of when she does finally make it around
    Well done Mum.

  44. Marianne:
    Thanks for the update. You're up very late; that's how I know you're "Mom". I am keeping her in prayer, and you also.

  45. Hi Abby Well its not a race against the clock but against the calender. good thing you got the waterline clear and were able to go topside, I hope you had a ray or two of sunshine. Stay Safe and when outside tethered 38º44"N/122º67"W Here is a link for all those out there that need a good daily weather sat fix:http://www.accuweather.com/world-satellite.asp?partner=accuweather&traveler=0&site=wmerc&type=IR&anim=1&large=1

  46. Thanks for the update..I was wondering all day how it was going.Glad to hear you got a chance to repair and inspect. Stay safe..

  47. Good Morning Marianne !

    Thanks for the update. Rounding the Horn always difficult, particularly this time of year. The entire world is experiencing strange weather patterns. I can appreciate your anxiety with both Laurence and Abby at the Horn.

    Marianne, You are surrounded by one brave intelligent family. Kudos to each of you. Our prayers are with you and your entire family.

    I am near by - if I can be of any help - please give me a shout out.

    @ Globemasterone - John, Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada --
    that was a beautiful bog that you posted last night.

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  48. Very good Abby, the first major cape has been taken (well almost). I see your boat appears to be much faster than the boat of Jessica (Watson).

  49. Thanks for the update Marianne (mom). I was waiting last nite in hopes of hearing if she was at the Horn, and its the first thing I looked for this morning. I guess patience is definitely a requirement for a sailor. Maybe that could could be why I never was a sailor. I never could even play golf because I thought it was too slow. (not even gonna mention fishing)
    SO, I'm hoping all is well, and the wind comes up and she gets on down there. It certainly isn't the weather and sea I'd ecpected to hear about from 56 S.
    Good day..
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  50. The Cape has always filled me with fear and drad, not that I have EVER come close to sailing it , but from the stories I have read. It was not unusual for a vessel to spend a month battling horrendous seas in that region. I worry for you and also cheer you on you GO GRRRRL.

  51. Patience is a virtue, so they say. What a difference in the weather, totally from when Jessica Watson sailed through. With a bit of luck you may have a very safe and uneventful passage. I suppose you would say it boring if that be the case, is that so? I will be looking forward to your post within the next couple of days and thank your Mum for keeping us tuned to your location. Keep safe and good luck at the Horn!!!!!!...........cheers Babs

  52. Thank you (mom) for filling in the Blog while Abby tends to the boat!
    How exciting this is!

  53. Thanks for the update Marianne. I'm sure Abby could use a little calm. Maybe this will allow her to get some nice pictures. Best wishes.

  54. Hi Abby,

    Greetings from Thailand. I was able to read your blog today. I wish you good luck rounding the HOrn any time now.
    Keep on with a smile and sail safe.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  55. Whew...been checking all day! Glad to hear all is good, keep safe and God bless.

  56. Thanks Mom! And blessings to you too!

  57. Thanks Marianne for the welcome update we worry about Abby and I for one am glad she is getting some relief. Abby good thinking on your part for not going topside not a thing you could except try to get back on board. That Horn is tough even with all the equipment working properly I know you are exhausted. Relax and have a good visit with DAD. Thanks again mom for letting us know.

  58. First found out about you and your journey a week ago. Since then this site has been on the screen. I am glad you have gotten one of the problems fixed. Good luck on fixing the primary autopilot. I do hope you have all the necessary spare parts you will need. I hope things are a bit calmer from here on

  59. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Thank you Marianne (aka Abby's Mom).Waiting.

    Go Abby, go!

  60. Thanks for the update! Hope they get to see each other.
    Auburn, AL

  61. Patience...ah yes, we have to remember who's in control....not us!

  62. Thanks for the update. She's been pretty buisy the past few days, I can't imagine that all nighter she had to pull outside! Gotta hand it to her though, she's an amazing girl. forrestshadow@yahoo.com here in Mississippi has been enjoying being out there with her in my thoughts. What a ride, a!

  63. As long as Abby is SAFE, that is what really matters! My kids and I kept checking her blog yesterday, so thanks, MOM, for the update. We will continue to keep Abby in our prayers. Hope she gets to see Dad sometime soon!

    -Shelly in Oklahoma

  64. Thanks Mom...know we are praying hard for your little girl. She is very brave and I know you must be extremely proud of her.

  65. JUST saw your TWEET about Abby and Wild Eyes rounding the horn... YOU GO GIRL.... Whooo HOOO

    Congratulations Captain Abby...

    sorry I haven't posted it awhile.. but it seemed that I was a magnet for comments from OTHERS that were drawing the attention AWAY from the purpose of the blog.. Namely ABBY and the JOURNEY. In order to keep the that from happening.. I am just NOT posting on a regular basis. Special occasions only.


    I have some unused timeshare weeks and would gladly donate them to Team Abby for you guys to spend some time in CABO when Abby returns... Worldmark Coral Baja. Pretty nice place.. Please feel free to let me know if you would like to use it.

    Captain Abby... again, congratulations and on to the next cape.....

    Sail Safe.. Post Often and have FUN..

    Richard Rumble

  66. Marianne
    Thank you so much for the update. It's wonderful to hear from you! I hope all is well with the family and congratulations for the new blessing!!!

    It is always a joy to hear from you and Laurence. Be blessed and know that all are praying!

    Psalm 91
    Lisa from Mt. Juliet, TN

  67. What incredible children you've raised! Both of you must be very proud of your accomplishments. Way to go Abby, Cape Horn here I come!

  68. Hi Abby
    Good luck from Russia!!!

  69. Marianne,
    quite a sailor you have raised!

  70. She will get there.. Slow but sure like the tortoise... At least the waters aren't rough...

  71. Harvey / Gainesville, GaMarch 31, 2010 at 6:56 AM

    Thanks Mom AKA Marianne for the update. I, as are many, am anxiously waiting for the 'rounding' of the Horn. The favorable, not hurricane like,certainly are a blessing.Team Abby good job, Abby great job! Fair winds and calm seas.

  72. Hi Marianne,
    Thank you for taking the time to update us all. Believe me it is greatly appreciated. I think we all are praying for Abby's saftey first and will be more than happy to wait for the Father's 'perfect timing'.
    We are all so proud of her Marianne. Well done Mom and Dad! Happy Easter!

    Hey Abby, good news about the water maker. It won't be long now, just enjoy the passage. I for one would much rather see light winds for you than a gale. Hey we are in no hurry, it just means we have an extra day or two on Wild Eyes with you. You can't beat that!

    God Bless you Family Sunderland and Team Abby.


  73. don't know how you do it. I have a 19 year old daughter... you must carry her in your mind on the wings of angels every single day....

    I too am sending her and YOU positive energy and blessings !

  74. Thanks for the update, Marianne. I hope Laurwence gets to rondy with Abby!
    Kodiak Mike

  75. Waiting to hear the word. Have a wonderful day, Abby.

  76. Wow!!! You are an amazing young lady. I look forward to your days and hearing about your journey on a daily basis. Be safe and congradulations. You are very inspiring. You must great parents, nervous parents, but great! Good luck!!

    Will Reid

  77. Thanks for the update Mom! A break in the pace is what she needs to get everything back in order and rest up a bit! We follow her almost daily and keep her in our thoughts!

  78. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMarch 31, 2010 at 7:23 AM

    Marianne -- It's great to hear from you again! Hoping all is well with you and the rest of the Sunderland brood :-) Looking forward to reading about Abby's adventures around Cape Horn and also hopefully reading a first-hand account from Lawrence... Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  79. I love reading about your adventure. I feel close to you even though we don't know each other. I grew up in Westchester and spent some time sailing in Southern Calif. You are amazing and I will be reading your blog daily. I have an 8 year old son and I find it hard to imagine letting him even navigate his way to school and back. You are so awesome, I hope to be at your homecoming.

  80. I beilve this video of rounding Cape Horn, also in March (I think), is representative of the mountains of sea Abby was referring to the other day. Quite aptly, whoever made this video also, exclaims: 'DON'T LOOK BEHIND!!" :-)


  81. Hi Abby, I first saw about your voyage the other day on Yahoo and since then my wife and I have been thinking about you and your adventure all the time. We both wish you well and we'll continue following you throughout the remainder of your journey. Good luck and happy sailing young lady. We'll be back in touch soon.

  82. Nice to meet you "Mom"...this is the first I have seen a blog from you!

    From one Mom to another, I don't know how you are maintaining your sanity thru all this - I would be a "basket case"!!! I know, "she's capable, well trained etc" BUT she is still "your little girl" and I give YOU credit for letting her follow her dreams no matter how many gray hairs it's going to give you!

    Her blog is the first thing I check each morning, I feel like she's "one of mine"...

    You ALL have my thoughts and prayers.......

    Mom in California :)

  83. @Russell Smith said... But what would happen if she fell off the boat?

    She is attached to a tether anytime she is outside the cabin or cockpit. Then she can use it to get back onboard. She has practised that. She also has an emergency broadcaster, which sends an emergency signal with her position. However, if she can't get back herself is unlikely she can be rescued fast enough.

  84. Tx Mom! Gotta be hard to be the Mom to two 'crazy' kids...God bless you...and Abby too!

  85. Hey Russell Smith

    I will take it upon myself to answer your question, since the members of team Abby are probably rather busy at the moment.

    From the "Ask Abby" section of her web site is this question, and Abby's reply.

    "How do you keep from falling over board?"
    "I wear a harness whenever I'm on deck and if I were to fall off, Alan Blunt, the rigger that was working on Wild Eyes, set up a system for me to get back on board. If for some reason that didn't work I have a hand held epirb (or PLB) that I keep with me all the time when I'm outside. This was loaned to me by Dr Daniel Chen from Microwave Monolithics. His design of PLB (personal locator beacon) is used by a lot of government officials because they are so powerful and reliable."

    From an interfering Old Bat (with good intentions)

  86. Thanks aka Mom ... We are like baby birds here, always screaming... More!....More!....We want to know more about how's she doing down there.

    Abby has commented on all the big events so far have been under-dramatic with light winds and it looks like this is going to hold true again at the Horn. Yes, when you flip a coin, it can be "heads" 10 times in a row. On the positive side, with the winds decreasing through tomorrow, her Dad should have an easy time boating out for a rendezvous.

    Abby ... It will be very interesting to see what is causing the hydraulic fluid leak when the excitement wears down and you have time to look. If it's a worn O-ring on the ram itself, I can't imagine you being able to pull it out of the cylinder and replacing it at sea, which would require a vise and a come-a-long and a bucket to catch all the fluid. I'm guessing here from an agricultural equipment standpoint. Do you have a spare ram? If it's a fitting, like someone suggested, do you have spares? Lets hope so. Seems like the whole trip could in jeopardy by this problem and I hope it's something less serious.

  87. Pulling for you and praying for you. You go girl :-)
    Dwight in NC

  88. Hi Abby
    I hope someday that you get to read this, I was curious about starting my own Blog when I stumbled upon yours and will admit that I was immediately hooked on yours and your around the world journey that I spent that next three hours reading evrything I could find about you and this adventure that you have embarked on.
    As for myself I have a rare disease which I got when I was fifteen and since then I have spent the last twenty-two years in severe cronic pain and goig through many surgeries such as a double hip replacement etc.
    The reason Im writing this to you is because after reading about all this that you are currently doing I was filled with a new hope and fire to keep fighting my disease that I had lost many years ago,, Please know that you are my insperation and that you will be in my prayers and thoughts as I continue to follow your progress on your great journey... Stay safe my insperation and may God look over you and keep you safe.

  89. Wow, it's a relatively calm day, and yet there 20-foot swells! Holy cow, I wouldn't want to see a relatively uncalm day! Best of luck to you, little Wild Eyes. You are so damn cool.

  90. Hello Abby! Praying for a safe and speedy passage of the Horn. We are pulling for you!
    God Speed.

  91. Thanks Marianne,

    Like the others above, I have been following Abby minute by minute. I've been a MdR sailor for 35 years, but can only dream of what Abby is doing. Local KNX radio had a report on Abby this AM, and, as I am posting this, Ch.5, KTLA is also reporting on her. It's wonderful having Abby spreading so much positive inspiration to thousands around the world. The Good Lord Above is her pilot and she will be safe.

    Nina from MdR

  92. For the people around here which are interested in current wind and wind direction can downlaod:
    That shows all the weather around the world.
    Just zoom in to the desired area and download the current situation. You'll see a lot of little markers which look something like this:
    the sample shows 20 knots of wind coming from the West. Each bar = 10 knots and every 1/2 bar = 5 knots - so 2,5 bar = 25 knots.
    Patiently waiting for more updates :-)

  93. Marianne . . . thanks for the update!

    Abby . . . glad you got the problem with the water maker sorted out.

    As for the autopilot . . . patience . . . for now concentrate on rounding the Horn . . . and being safe.

    You're in my thoughts constantly . . . and I just told a woman in the coffee house about your amazing journey.

    Be well be safe . . . and may you have excellent sailing!

    Cynthia (Half Moon Bay, California)

  94. Hello Abby
    stumbled across your blogg and am sitting here nice and warm amazed by your courage for one so young.
    Will be following your progress from now so keep safe and will enjoy reading about your journey.
    god speed you girl
    Mike Hall

  95. My gosh Abby, on top of everything else you are apparently quite the technician as well. How impressive. Glad to hear of your success with the repairs so far. Hope you get around the Horn today and are able to catch your breath for a moment (a long one). Like everyone else responding to your blog, I can't remember the last time I was so consumed by another's personal trek. You are blessed to have such an awesome family. Having raised two young ladies myself, I got nothing but love for your parents, and I don't know any of ya! Take care, Gary from Folsom, CA.

  96. Hi Captain Abby, Your Mom is very
    nice.She gave us an update and a
    status report. The hydraulic leak
    concerns me.I hope you can fix it.
    Hopefully, by the time you read
    this you'll be passing the Cape
    and a rendezvuse with your dad.
    Be Safe! Be Happy! It's Party Time!

  97. Abby,

    You are wonderful! What an inspiration you are.

  98. Thanks for the update!! :-)
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA.

  99. does your cell phone get reception out at sea?

  100. Greetings from the Trondson Clan here in Seattle. My little ones and I are enjoying your updates and glad to hear you are safe and well on your journey! I'll let my little ones comment next time...until then, be looking forward to hearing about your journey around the Cape!

  101. Dear Abby,
    I just knew about you last weekend and I am so impressed, you are such a brave young woman. Besides, it interets me because I am chilean, yes, and you are about (or) crossing Cape Horn, something we ALL know about.
    I am sending you good vibes and blessings, the same to your family.
    Safe passage...BUENA SUERTE, ABBY!!!


  102. Hello Marianne
    Thank you for the update.

    I'm sure you know this already but just a reminder - Two ABSOLUTELY VITAL things regarding hydraulic system servicing.

    Wear protective eye goggles

    Never top-up the reservoir with contaminated fluid (i.e water or dust contamination)

    Best wishes

  103. Dear Mrs. Sunderland: (Just being respectful mom)

    Thank you so much for this latest update.

    Congratulations to you and Mr. Sunderland for having so wonderful children.

    I must confess that I have so much hunger for the news about this adventure that nothing short of me being on the deck of Wild Eyes would satisfy that.

    Thank you again for the report.

    Steve from S.F. Bay Area

  104. ABBY!


    I am so happy and excited for you. Did you see your dad? Waiting with much anticipation for your words and any pictures you may have taken.

    Praise the Lord, Abby. Continued prayers for you on your special journey.

    I am REALLY excited for you. Can you tell?
    Big hugs to you, your team and your family.


    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  105. Im so glad you where able to fix the water Problem and thanks Mom for updating us. I look everyday to see Abbys progress and as a mom myself and this for Abby's mom.. How are you holding up? I know I would be so worried if My 16 year old was out at sea alone. I know you are trusting in God and thats a wonderful thing but How do you keep so calm? Or maybe your not calm?

  106. What an amazing young woman you are! I've been following you and thinking of you daily--ever since I saw the article on YahooNews. You are such an inspiration! Thanks for being you.

  107. Hoping you have continued fair seas, GOd Bless

  108. Abby you stand as an inspiration to all of us, young, old, young at heart. I waited late in life to take adventure and grow from it and can only thank you for your courage. God bless and keep.

  109. Thanks for the update we were wondering about her

  110. Hi Abby,I can see that you are passing the horn today.
    I want to congratulate you a thousand times in passing the horn.
    I've been following you since MDR, January 23.
    Today you got a big write up in the Daily Breeze with a colered photo with your beany on.
    You have the interest of millions of people around the world.
    You are doing a great job.
    I check on you 5-6 a day and I pray for you every day.
    Someday when you get Home and have a wild get-togther I would love to meet you and your family.
    Abby you are one helluva brave girl!
    You are amazing!
    God bless you and have a safe voyage.
    Libby Di Bernardo
    577 w 9th st
    San Pedro,ca90731
    310-832 4572

  111. Good luck with catching up with your dad
    remember dont get the urge to STop and tie up to chat.

  112. Hey Mom. Thanks for the update. You and Abby may be interested to know Jessica Watson and EPL have been pretty much 'parked' in the Southern Ocean as well. In fact Jessica described in her latest blog, how she'd drifted around in a big circle! Frustrating times for our intrepid RTW sailors. But you'll be into the South Atlantic soon enough, Abby. Good sailing.

  113. On no....Me again. Abby. While you've no wind Alessandro got too much! I just read on his site that his little 20 foot Banca has been dismasted! What rotten luck. He is OK and so is the boat thank goodness. He's setting a jury rig and heading for Chile. Watch your back, Abby. Stay safe.

  114. congrats abby job well done u rounded the horn
    now maybe u can try and find leak in main auto pilot if not can u continue on your back up
    glad u have the water reclaimer figured out
    is dad near u
    i have nothing but respect for u and team abby
    paul in maine yim psr927

  115. Thanks 'Mom' for the update..I was praying (and still am) hoping all goes well through the rougher waters..I think everyone will breathe a sigh of relief when shes on the otherside...

  116. Very concerned about the hydraulic leak/autopilot situation. There is only so much extra hydraulic fluid on board to top off the system and a single functioning autopilot changes the game tremendously; you can't expect that the single autopilot will function flawlessly the rest of the way around the world. If that goes, it puts Abby on deck 24/7 and that is an impossible situation.

    The whole idea of dual autopilots is that the backup runs the boat while the other one is being fixed. A failure of the backup, say, in the middle of the night or in bad weather raises the danger level tremendously.

    I'm hoping that the primary is easily reparable. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  117. All the best Abby for a safe rounding of the Horn. I hope you get to see your father.
    Stay safe

  118. Hope Abby will make it all way around! But being dependant on autopilots and watermakers is very hazardous. During a nonstop circumnavigation you can´t receive spareparts or help from outside.
    So I think Abby will face serious problems with gears ahead.

  119. Read your twitter and facebook some time ago



  120. Hi Abby! Just saw on FB that you made it around the Horn --- WooHooo! Knew you could do it, you dear girl! Hope you had a great "visit" with your Dad... Will keep you in my prayers.

    Blessings always,
    WA St.

  121. Just started following your adventure. My wife and I are very impressed with your dream, courage, perserverance, knowledge, skills, etc. Also feel led to pray for you - strength, encouragement and safety.


    Dave Reiss

  122. Thank you for the update, checking the site constantly in search of good news.

    Brandy - SF, CA

  123. Abby,

    I just read the update on your website that you made it. I'll wait to hear from you to write more.

    Thanks so much, Marianne for the update.We're almost like a bunch of parents waiting to hear some news, so it means alot to get your updates when Abby can't write. It's very much appreciated.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  124. Abby, I have never followed anyone on a blog.
    hehe. But when i read about you.....I have
    enjoyed reading about such a wonderful young
    girl. I am so proud of you, and hope other
    young girls, and boys, can learn from your
    example. I am praying for you. and Mom, keep
    the messages coming. May the seas be calmer for
    you Abby.

    From: Southernstar....mt. juliet, Tn.

  125. Why does your map & voyage detail state that you completed Cape Horn today? I believe from your blog you will be COMPLETING it soon & safely. But not today 3/31.

  126. Fresh water system: Fresh water is a good thing! Would hate for this to be a show stopper

  127. Thank you Marianne...your heart must be so full these days. What a remarkable young woman Abby is. Congratulations to you for your undaunting love and faith and wisdom as you follow Abby on her record setting adventure.

  128. OK, soooo...let me get this straight. A bunch of Hard Core manly sailors with decades of sailing experience in the most harsh environment in the world were too afraid to ferry Laurence out to see his daughter, a young Lady of 16 years, as she sailed by alone in a sailboat? I'm sure Laurence was crushed, but I can envision him with just a little bit of a smirk on his face as he encountered
    my above described scenario, and thought of his brave little girl. Laurence...I'm breathlessly awaiting your accounting of the episode. I'll join Laurence tonite in another quiet prayer of..."Godspeed, Abby" as she sails into the Atlantic....

  129. Hi Captain Mom; Thank you for your comments. I and the rest of Abby's followers are with you in wishing her a safe and successful journey.
    Vancouver, Canada

  130. The Cape Horn Congradulations.
    And the journey, Abby Sunderland; I heard about this and just held my breath, woe!. Even now I have just briefly followed, so much to absorb..
    The youthfulness extends inspiration to praise and prayer; for precision and clarity about details with adjility overcoming obstacles with care to all the finer points.
    Ode ; of inspiration to note as headlines "Teenage sailor Abby Sunderland approaching treacherous Cape Horn" GrindTV.com, the ode in itself continues to an architecture of a dance; navigating across a sea of many disambiguations; circumnavigating the demands of the outside world!
    Hope my commenting is not overboard

  131. ken robertson.. mississippi gulf coastApril 9, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    hey there abby; thanks for sharing your trip with us, i always look forward to checking on your status and location......be safe and have fun.....ken

  132. From an old British sailor, and I mean REALLY OLD !! Keep up the good work young lady, and whatever comes over the bow always be prepared!! Trust nothing except your own sound judgement. God Bless and Via Con Dios.