Saturday, May 29, 2010

All is Well

Things have been going well since my last blog. I've had some lighter wind most of today but it's picked up some now. I've got about 30 knots and am moving along very nicely. My gear has all held up well so far - a few small auto pilot problems and a pretty small leak in the water ballast are all I've had to deal with recently.

There was so much to put in my last blog that I completely forgot about some very important news. I caught my first fish!! I'm still a little puzzled as to how because I was going pretty fast when I caught it. I was down below and just looked out the door and saw it jump out of the water. It looked pretty big, but unfortunately he got away :/ so it took me half the world to catch a fish. I've never been into fishing much myself because it requires way too much patience. I will continue to keep a line out and maybe I'll have a some better luck down here.

After my last blog, this one doesn't seem to interesting, but check back tomorrow. I've figured out how to take lower resolution pictures with my camera and I'll post some tomorrow!


  1. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    I am glad that you finally had a great day of sailing without big issues to deal with. You can do it, you are the youngest one out there and you, at 16, are outshining people with many, many years of experience.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    John R Willis

  2. Hallo Abby Schönes Fräulein
    hab Blumen auf der Webseite für
    Dein Schönes Lächeln
    sagt Dir gehts Gut
    Wünsch Dir Schönes Wetter
    und Sonne und viele 20 Knoten
    und eine Gute Heimfahrt.
    Grüße von Markus aus Germany

  3. Abby... please don't write that this blog is less interesting..They all are interesting..the excitement, the regular life, the problems etc... that is what you are sharing..
    Hope you do a lot of reading and if you have "The Long Way" (Bernard Moitessier) and/or "A World of My Own" (Robin Knox-Johnston) keep on re-reading them..
    Your camera should have a setting for e-mail pics..

  4. Abby:
    Its always wonderful to see you posted. We follow your journey with amazement. Listening to great Brasilian music and going to a graduation. But thinking of you. We never forget you. The spirit of Brasil is with you always. Be safe be happy...we believe in you.

  5. Maybe it's better not to fish, at the 10-15 knots your doing all you'll end up catching is a whale.

    lol Good Luck Abby

  6. Abby... Have you ever considered becoming a commercial fisherman (fisherperson)? It looks like you have covered some ocean since your last position report... Keep it up kiddo...
    John & Darlene
    Kerrville, TX

  7. Patience is a virtue. Also, don't grow up too fast. Life is too short. Always look at life through a child's eye, with wonderment and curiosity. Dont take yourself too seriously. Also, remember to let me know of any South Atlantic Right Whales that may be roaming around out there. I here spinner dolphins are all the rage now. You should locate a pod of spinner dolphins and maybe take a quick dip with them, tethered to the boat of course. Stay safe, Abbey. And always take pics of any wild-life or marine life, such as the whale shark.

  8. Abby, the mere fact that things are going well is good enough news... as far as the fish- I am sure u will come across more to catch..hope the weather holds out 4 ya... the weather in Cali is gorgeous- warm and sunny.

  9. Hola, Abby~
    Great photos and videos of your time in Cape Town.

    On a serious note...Safety first, ok? I'm sure you heard we lost a very experienced solo sailor last week. His boat came back from Catalina without him.

    Stay safely clipped on and Godspeed,

  10. 05-29-10 @ 15:40
    Hi Abby,
    Well, at least you didn’t scare the hell out of us in this post….lol…
    What kind of ‘small’ A/P problems are you having?? Was there any chance of overloading or straining the A/P with that last encounter of rough water???
    I recall that you mentioned about the fish, but it’s always good to hear about it again, you girls don’t seem to have to much luck fishing, do you? But don’t give up, from the sounds of it you’re just going to fast….. At least that’s what I read from an earlier fan of yours. Looks like you’re having a ball scooting along at 30 knots. Take good care of yourself and don’t get ‘bored’…lol… so enjoy yourself and be cautious, looking forward to those pictures.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand, may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  11. Abby, Abby, Abby! As any fisherman (like myself) knows, you haven't actually caught a fish until you get it in the boat! It is good fun to finally get one on the line! I enjoy your blog and read it every day. I am older and my wife and I would like to cruise someday. I think your age is no indication of your great maturity. Keep on keeping on. -Tim

  12. Abby you could write "Hello and Goodbye" and it would be the most interesting thing I would read online all day! Lots of Love, Shawn from Texas

  13. Thanks Abby.
    Awesome girl.
    Bless you.
    Love ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  14. Dear Capt. Abby,
    just very pleased & thankful! - some of us sail-power-challenged Followers are in need of details regarding that stuck line on the mast, the deep sixed part of Wild Eyes and how the loss of such affects the tactics of your voyage, please? *** I have fished with some world class fisherguys who persisted in trolling their tackle, quite near the stern, 30 or 40 feet back, at what can be described as "breakneck speed." The method was spectacular and productive, however the speed was less than 15 knots, probably 10 or so max. We are sure happy you chose not to climb that mast under the cited conditions. "Steady as she goes skipper."

  15. Abby, you have had quite dramatic experiences this past week. I'm thankful you are okay. We are celebrating Memorial's Day weekend under some gray's all good. I, for one, like the rain. Anyway, you are in my thoughts as I am also appreciating the "freedom" we have in the USA!! Go, Abby.

  16. Hi Abby, this is going to be an odd question but here it goes. Like sun tea jars, they will heat up just about anything you put in them. In a high heated area of the world it shouldn't take long to cook fish. I have a small glass box, that I have put food in to cook out camping all day. A glass baking dish is perfect. Do you have anything glass to cook food in? Some sea water and spices, maybe some biscuit dough side-by-side. If your weather where your at is 100 or more you would have perfect conditions for sun cooking using no resources other than your time. Fresh fish biscuit sandwich,mmmm. I going to the store, I just hungry! Steve the guy who has never been to an ocean. PS enjoying your travel stories, bsafe!

  17. Abby - you mentioned this post might not be as interesting as the previous one, but it sure beats having to deal with all the problems you struggled with in the past few days!!!

    so we'll take "Uninteresting" and news that you're doing OK any day over that!!! xo

  18. It may be a bit less exciting, but this way the blood pressure stays in it's normal range, so it's all good. We'll take whatever you dish out Abby, so keep the blogs coming, more the better. Looking forward to some pics also. I hate to hear you say the words "a few small autopilot problems..."; seems like that phrase has made it into your comments more than once. Hope they hold up for you as you deserve better luck in that department.

    Don't give up on landing a fish. Bounty boat crew has a 15 kg yellow fin tuna drying in strips on the side of their boat as we speak; pic below:

  19. Hi Abby,
    We agree with:
    Michael (WV) - happy for a less "exciting" post.
    Tim - thinking that you actually have to catch the fish to "catch" the fish!
    Shawn (TX) - reading your blog is always the highlight of the day.
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.
    Praying for you daily!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  20. Congrats on the big catch. Now you are a veteran fisher person. You go girl. Nancy M.

  21. Hi Abby, Well so much for fishing eh, but look on the bright side you are getting closer to Oz and a possible sighting of Jessica. That will be so cool to see some pics of the Indian Ocean. As Always Stay Safe & Have Fun & When Topside Tethered....Peace & Aloha, 38'43"N/122'67"W

  22. Thanks Abby for the update.
    216nm in one day ... beats fishing ;o))

    Fair Winds and Smooth Seas
    Looking forward to the pix.
    Bruce S/Sydney

  23. i just read a article about you in a magazine and i think what you are doing is amazing. you are really brave and i think more people should be like you. good luck!!!

  24. Hi Abby! So glad to read your post and that everything is ok for now. Thank God you didn't have to climb the mast especially under those stormy conditions. You ar the greatest with more sense than I have in my 70 years on this earth. Like one poster said, "keep on keeping on" God Speed! Don in North Bend, Washington

  25. Abby, Glad to hear things have calmed down since your last blog. I can't get over your courage. Just thinking about going up that mast took a lot of guts! Lets hope that problem doesn't come up again. And don't worry about not catching any fish, as all us who love to fish know: "A bad day of fishing always beats a great day of work!" Of course, I prefer fishing with a fly rod on a trout stream in the Rockies, a little less . Keep on trucking girl, you rock!! Gus

  26. Hi Abby,I am pleased you are sailing well at the moment and do not have any major problems.
    You frightened us all with your last blog. The conditions must have been terrible. We are having terrible conditions off Victoria and New South Wales at the moment. Strong winds and rain. Better luck next time with the fishing.
    Keep safe,

  27. You should be able to optimize the pictures in any photo editor you have installed. Just slide the quality scale from high to low or via percentage and save as new name etc. I imagine the camera is set to highest quality pics. 4MB or 8MB which is unneccessary an would be impossible to transmit. You can still have full size pictures with lower resolution which would be accepable. Physicaly resizing the pictures is not the way to do it, compress / optimize will retain the full size just lower the resolution.

  28. I have been following your trip with great interest...from here in Australia......are you going to call in and say Hi to Jessica on the way?

  29. Its sad you lost the fish. I would have liked to have seen a picture, and it would have tasted sooo good. Dont worry about your boat speed. The pelagic fish (like tuna) can swim faster than you can sail. Back in the days when I used to sail my Catalina around the Channel Islands (mostly Anacapa and Santa Cruz), it seemed like I caught my best fish when I was sailing fast. Rapala lures seemed to work best. I did not have an autopilot though, so when I got a hit, it was a real job to steer the boat with one foot on the tiller, and my hands reeling in the fish. I found that when I caught a decent fish when sailing full-tilt, I needed some pretty heavy line to make sure I got my fish boated. I usually would use 50 lb, weighted fishing line. Then when you have the fish boated, you have to kill it right away to keep from flopping all over the cockpit. Winch handles make good clubs for that job. But the fresh fish was ohhh, so good. If you do actually lay your hand on a fish, be sure to gut him immediately so it tastes fresh when you fry him up.

    I agree with the bloggers above about not worrying about boring updates. NOTHING you write is boring. If you just say "everything is fine and I have nothing to report" that will be fine. Maybe a weather report to fill it out.

    Now that you are getting familiar with your new cameras, I imagine they have some video capability. Can you see if it is possible to send us some 1-minute video blogs like Jess did?

    BTW, speaking of Jess, She got EPL back out of the Maritime Museum and is back out at sea. Sailing from Sydney to her home in Mooloolaba. About 600 miles, I think. She expects to get there next weekend.

    All the best Abby. Stay safe.

    Steve L. from Modesto

  30. Abby: When you have the time to blog we love hearing from you because we become concerned when we don't hear that maybe things are not going as expected. You are doing a great job. Keep up your good spirits. Love the fish story!! Maybe next time!! We are with you and from all the blogs I read everyone is praying for you. May the winds be with you and the seas calm.
    Grandma & Grandpa from WLA, CA where the Memorial Day weekend is warm & sunny.

  31. Ditto = YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    Both of us love the little pieces of information you give us; these are a wonderful counterbalance to the dramatic potentially life threatening incidents such as you almost falling in trying to get ahold of that line. Glad you didn't (fall in)! People criticized Jesse for what she did and the fact that she needed and accepted advice to cope
    with this or that problem. As a sailor, I know that you are putting safety first, rather than letting the pompous couch potatoes set a false standard for your behavior. Keep up the great work!!!!
    It's marvellous that the little girl in you comes out of the woodwork when you are faced with critical decisions and solid adult thinking. It's almost like listening to a symphony in which terror music is mixed with the splash of water down a harmless brook. We in our 70s LOVE it, and love you for it. Don't change one bit. In the future if you get criticized, so what!! You're doing the deal, the right thing, and that's why you are alive, well and happy.
    God bless and hugs!! -John and Louise in Redding

  32. hi abby how are you today i hope you are having a nice day i am. i had pollock fish for supper, after all that time in Cape town you are still having minor problems with your boat, the guy that was doing the fiber glass work on the water ballast tank you mean it's still leaking a bit sounds to me you need a qualified auto body man to fix it. those backyard machanics some times just don't cut it. i would fix it once and it would not leak one drop after that i would make sure. i came up with a title for your book it's called the great voyage of Captain abby. please be careful abby ok i don't want you to get hurt ok i care about you, your in my prayer's.

    god speed Abby


    take care Abby

  33. Hey Ab, Psalm 46:1-4 Take Care

    Jay in Denver with 5 daughters

  34. Hi Abby! We are all just so thrilled to hear from you again (and a little less exciting, thankfully). Can't wait to see some pix! Have fun and above all be safe!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  35. Hi Abby:

    Just the fact that you are out there sailing is exciting news. Love hearing from you. I enjoy all the comunications.

    I still think 30 knots winds are strong and that would be more exciting than I would like on a constant basis.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  36. Virginia in Miami,FlMay 29, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    I can't wait to see the pics. By the way all your blogs are interesting to read. You are such a good writer. Go Abby Go and be safe!

    .....sorry Admiral.

    Pardon me for writing late today but while some people are OUT FISHING..."half way around world"...some of us have to work...ha ha! ALWAYS good to hear from you Abs no matter how insignificant you may think it to be. Just knowing you are well is what counts for me.

    Abby I want to wish you and your team and everyone in the great USA a very happy Memorial Day weekend.

    @TOM CAPE your reply May 29, 2010 1:34 AM. I am sure other followers found your sailing background as interesting as I did. Thank you.

    Looking forward to your photography Abby...don't forget a photo of YOURSELF.

    Safety first young lady,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  38. HAY! ABBY!

    Happy that all is well. Glad you have a good team to help make the tought calls like going up the mast at night in bad weather. Very glad you are a team player and respect the advice from the other team members, smart woman.

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to some pictures. Please stay safe, enjoy the ride and keep us posted. As always your in my prayers.

    GO! ABBY! GO! GO! GO!

  39. Abby, your blogs are fun and your quest is noble. However, as others have alluded, the phrase "I caught a fish", properly used, refers to the acquisition of the capability to control the destiny of said fish; said destiny typically being the frying pan. lol The fish you "caught" seems to still be in control of its own destiny.

  40. Abby: Thanks for the update. I am glad to hear that all is well. Also, I am looking forward to
    some pics or a video...It sounds like you are settled in to your SAILING routine once again.
    Best of luck for a safe & successful journey.

    Joe Springfield VA usa

  41. wonderful to hear you are going well after the problems with your mainsail and bowsprit, hope that is the last of your mishaps
    Here in Aus we are still coming down from the high of Jessica's(Watson)home coming, you girls absolutly amaze me with your courage and derermination, I hope you receive the same kind of reception when you return home.
    One thing that does worry me, I hope you and your team are aware of the weather patterns around southern Auatralia and the Great Australian Bight, the rough seas should not be a problem but the savage LIGHTNING might be.
    Wishing you all the best for the remainder of your voyage
    IJC Victoria Australia

  42. Ref: Steve & "cooking" under glass cover: It's winter in the southern hemisphere - and damn cold!! Your suggestion might produce frozen salted fish, perhaps, but hardly likely to provide hot food for a hungry human, out in the middle of those cold cold seas ...

    Other navigators might like to compare Abby's route on this map:
    Australian Bureau of Meteorology: Australian Region | SE Asia/Western Pacific | Southern Hemisphere
    Pacific Ocean | Indian Ocean | Global

  43. Hi Abby, I love the normal blogs from you because they let me know that you are okay. I like the others too, however they sometimes are nerve wracking until you send another normal blog.
    Happy saiing!
    From Lynne in Brisbane Australia

  44. Abby: You do not need to tell us you do not fish. A fish that gets away is not a "caught" fish. Keep trying. What are you using for bait?

  45. What? You not have a lot of patience? I think, among other amazing things that it takes a lot of patience to be able to sail let alone sail around the world. So, I asked you this question in my last blog about how it felt when you couldn't see beyond your boat and I forgot to mention at night time. How is the night sailing feel compared to the day sailing?
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA

  46. Abby~ you are amazing! Your blogs are so informative about what is happening out there, and very descriptive. The only problem for me, since I have never sailed a day in my life, is that you use a lot of nautical terms that I don't know the meaning of. So, I'm hoping that when you write your book, you will include a glossary of nautical terms so we can look them up to see what you are talking about, and be able to understand more clearly what you are describing.

    Keep having a wonderful time out there, and keep safety first, which you have been great at doing. You are where you love to be.

    I'm praying for your continued safe journey, and and many blessings along the way...You go, girl!!

    Mimi in Redding, CA

  47. 05-30-10 @ 01:39
    Hi Abby,
    Just wanted to say hello and hope all is going well for you. P/W, to me, shows a little bit of action between Cape Town and the Kerguelen Islands, but it fades out quickly. I wonder what kind of weather you’re into. Have you tried any more fishing or are you having to much fun to slow down to catch them slow fish….lol… Better keep an eye out for them traffic cops, they like to harass young ladies. Have you had any luck with the pictures, not to be bugging you, just curious….really!!!! I know that I really enjoyed all the pictures that you have sent to us recently. Very good selections plus the video, it’s just so amazing what can be done with the electronics available today. Why I remember when……….but I’ll not bore you with that…lol…
    And I have to add as many other of your fans did, there is no un-interesting posts from you. Just say “hello” and we’ll frame it!!!!!
    Take good care of yourself, Wild Eyes and the crew, eat well and drink lotsa, lotsa, lotsa. Stay alert and buckled up.

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand, may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  48. Hi Abby, Boy... you and Wild Eyes have been busy and it sounded very scary out there, glad to hear things are better. So you caught a fish, I bet that put a smile on your face, see...things are looking up. I hope the weather stays good for you and you don't have any more problems. Get plenty of rest and I will be looking forward to seeing pictures soon. Take prayers and thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  49. Hi Abby,

    The good news is that you know that you’re fishing gear is working. The bad news is that the fish isn’t in the boat. But good for you for dragging a line. I’m glad to hear that you’re at least giving fishing a try. I would think that 8 to 10 knots would be a decent trolling speed for many different fish in that area. Even when Wild Eyes wants to get out and really run, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a line out. Fishing does take some patience but it’s fun to toss a line out to see if you might accidently catch something. Have fun and be safe, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  50. Hi Abby. I am glad "all is well" I worried about you after your last blog! You ar doing great sweet girl, as I mentioned sometime before I regard you as no less than another grand daughter(that makes four) and you are all alone out in the in the great ocean! I have have observed in your blogs that you are a very capable sailor, and you will acheive your goal and we can look forward to a great home coming when your journey ends. I pray for you always, God will care for you and watch over you.Go well Abby! Peter ,Newcastle Aus.

  51. Hi Abby fair winds and safe sailing! Think what you caught could either be tuna or a dorada - delicious on a braai(barbeque) Go girl

  52. Abbey, great update. Just to know that you are safe and well is enough for me. Re that fish Abs, if you were playing baseball and hit a foul ball, would you say you hit a homer?? LOL.
    Keep safe my dear.

  53. Hey Abby, I'm happy to see things have qieted down a bit for more stress about that stuck sail. The fish you caught could have been a small tuna....they would be able to keep up with your speed, or a wahoo. Was it bigger than a football? (we call small bluefin tuna footballs). It would make for good sushi if you land one. We have been having a glorious spring here in Boston this year, I was at the ocean yesterday and going to Newport RI when I see all those sail boats, guess who I'm thinking about. about your journey and wondering how you are...have a great day, have some favoring winds and great weather...take care

    Bob from Boston

  54. Mimi in Redding, CA ... you must not have noticed that there is a Nautical Terms section to Abby's website.

  55. Abby learn how to catch fish if the need ever arises[worst case scenario] it might make a huge diffrence in the outcome in an survival situation ! Hope your emergency kit has fishing euipment[just in case]!Worth the effort to learn how to catch fish.Good motto is be prepared ! Best Wishes!

  56. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Go Abby, Go!

    Take care, Be safe

  57. So, now that the fish is in the boat what happens? Is this dinner? What do you have on board to make it yummy? What do you have on board to make it not sushi?

  58. Dear Abby, Keep going day to day and take it as it comes. You sound great out there, sorry you didn't land the fish:( by the way how where you going to eat it ? Maybe you can eat it like gollum in Lord of the Rings "raw and wriggling".Just kidding you'll cook it up nice and it will be a nice change of pace.It's been a interesting start to your second half of your journey.The term knockdown comes to mind when you said you had full sails and a lot of wind did you think that might happen under those conditions? I think Jessica Watson had five of them on her journey and both of your boats are built to handle such things as knockdowns right? I like the pictures send more when you can and be careful and hang on tight Bye

  59. ABBY, fishing can be very entertaining, you're in the ocean, there's absolutely NO TELLING what you might bring up. Fish often, I promise, it can be very exciting!

    Glad your problems/troubles are few and far between. I'm ready for those pictures!

    Hope all is well, weather is great, and spirits are high!!


  60. Abby,
    Whatever you write is interesting to us, out here. Everyday I look for you and check to see 'what's up' and how you're doing. I think it's just a thrill to be able to travel along with you.
    Thanks. Enjoy, and I'll be watching for you next time.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  61. Abby - another fish tale. Just kidding. Anything you wish to share brightens our day so no worries. Happy memorial day. Fair winds sweetie.
    Deb - Florida

  62. hey fishing is fun it is about patience and can help you clear your mind of all the foggyness. and well have fun and enjoy the weather and stay safe and take care. and i know in this comment ive said and alot lol.

  63. Following Jamie's, Jeanne's & Jesica's trials getting around southern capes and the seas below Australia, we're all learning a lot more about the weather patterns down there - and watching how the wind blows and the swells are piling up, as Abby gets closer.
    It's really nasty at the moment... would you consider taking a break in Perth (Freemantle) WA until it's more favourable?

  64. Hi Abby, I love coming to your site and reading about your adventure! WOW girl your awesome... keep up the good work out there and may God keep you safe always... Linda

  65. Sounds fun... but I would not try to catch fish as Kostner did in "Waterworld"

  66. Any update from you, interesting or just a simple weather report, especially right now from exactly the other side of the world is highly valued. Just please don’t leave us in the dark like earlier in the week due to the satellite malfunction.

    S. Nikfar

  67. Hi Abby,

    Lot's of people tell stories about the "one the that got away," so don't feel badly....but repeat the story, and you'll make us suspicious :)

    There's nothing like a freshly caught fish cooking in the frypan, and it would be a welcome break from your dehydraterd fare.

    We'll look forward to more pix.
    Clear skies,
    ~Brian & Phillippa
    Vancouver, Canada

  68. Just wish to say Hello, Hi.
    Wish you all the best for the remainder of the journey.

  69. Hi Abby
    Thanks for the post, After that last post this one is better for us old folks and I think you are right you have to catch a fish before you can drag it to the boat huh! Anyway you sound better now that you can get more speed out of wild eyes. You gotta be sleeping better now that the a/p is working, Looks like Tas in about a month huh?
    Please stay safe and have a blast sailing,
    PS: I like the Tag (You Go Girl)

  70. Dear Abby,

    None of your blogs are uninteresting. Like with Jessica, I've been following you from the start. You are smart and have heaps of guts. Keep going girl. I will worry for you but love that you are so brave and daring.

    I agree - 'Go Girl'. You're a star.

    Paul from Melbourne

  71. Deares Abby,

    Thanks for your lovely blogs. What a time you have had recently. You are so brave. I hope that the fish tasted yummy.

    Keep up the great work and keep safe.

    Big hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  72. Team Abby,
    Day 127 on "Where's Abby" I believe should be 1,027 miles.

    Captain Abigail,
    Have another great day out there Abs.

  73. I love it. On the Google on the "Where's Abby" page, today it says that you are "About 81,027 miles Southeast of Cape Town, South Africa"!

    You are travelling REALLY fast!

    Keep it up.


  74. 5/30/10 11:55 PM CDT, USA
    Hi Abby --- I chuckled that you thought today's blog was not very interesting. Don't kid yourself!!! EVERY blog you send is interesting!!! We love them and look forward to every word you write!

    Plus, I chuckled at your "check back tomorrow. ... I'll post some [pix] tomorrow!" comment.... You sure know how to bait your audience! (smile) Yes, I'll be back for sure and so will lots and lots of others!!

    We love you! --Stay alert, sail smart, sail safe!

    Janell in Oklahoma

  75. 05-31-10 @ 01:10
    Hi Abby,
    Looks like you’re really making good time, your last “Where’s Abby” chart showed Day 127 (5/30/2010) - About 81,027 miles Southeast of Cape Town, South Africa. Man, talk about good sailing…lol… Hey, it was worth a laugh. Just an innocent typo. But how are you doing? I really hope that you’re having a nice relaxed sail and not worrying about any problems. Are you doing any cooking, fishing or working on your book, nosy ain’t I???
    Like SaltyDog said “at least you know your fishing gear is working”, now you just have to fine tune your speed, and you’ll be eating fresh fish daily. I know, I know, that’s easy for me to say…lol… I never had the patience for fishing either, but I always enjoyed just sitting on the bank of a stream and enjoying being in the woods. The simple pleasures in life.
    Well Abby, take care of yourself and stay alert and continue to enjoy. I hope the weather is good to you.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand, may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  76. Jesus and the 12 disciples were fishermen too!
    I bet that fish will be delicious. Do you ever feel as if you're flying thru space on your boat?
    Just you, the sun, water, and stars must be like on a spaceship. Wish I were there! All the best of fortune and wind to you Abby! Have you made any animal friends yet, like birds or dolphins?
    Dolphins love people, you will have a lot of fans in the tropics.
    Jesus loves us!

  77. Congratulations, Abby. The whole world loves you, and we’re glad you doing OK now. That previous blog entry about how it was getting dark and you could not reef because the sail was stuck on the top spreaders, and the autopilot couldn’t handle the conditions, and Wild Eyes was heeled almost all the way over on her side, heading just off the wind and flying through the air between waves, and then the spinnaker halyard getting stuck on everything, wind gusting over 30 knots and waves breaking over the whole boat, and then the main halyard was tangled around something, you could not tell what in the blackness of night, and you could barely even stay on deck --

    Abby, holy cow! That post scared the everlovin’ bejusus out of me. I (and the rest of the world) are happy for you that you are, for now, in sane, safe sailing conditions. May the gods and goddesses of the sea and the wind smile beneficently upon you.

    GO GIRL, GO!!!

  78. By the way, for you folks that do not know the nautical terms that Abby uses, go to the Wikipedia article “Glossary_of_nautical_terms”. It’s pretty informative.

  79. So where are the pix??

  80. Dear Abby:

    Just wondering, do you have a license to fish in the Indian Ocean?

    Stay safe.

    All the best,
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  81. Abby,

    When you spot birds picking at the water try to drag your fishing lures through the birds. This will more than not get you hooked into a fish. The birds will tell you where the fish are. Nothing like a fresh fish for dinner.

    Best time to catch is early in he morning or just before dawn. Good luck and please let me know if you catch one.

    Kenny B

  82. Wow! Going from 870 to 81,000 miles from Cape Town in a single day! You are FLYING girl. Blonde hair flying with you. No beanie today. Would love to see the smile on your face as we all know you love speed, hence the pick of a race boat. You are racing now! I think Guinness should be contacted. Hey, if the autopilots hold up today, you got made, they'll last the whole trip. :-) :-)

    Keep up the good work.

  83. You must have had a nice breeze to be 81000 miles from Cape Town so soon. That's what your plot says. You do GO some, lady !! Glad you're back at sea. Rog

  84. The last few blogs and pictures seems written by another, more at ease, happier Abby (This put a smile on my face). I'm looking forward to and enjoy every blog.

  85. I just discovered you and your brother. Looking forward to seeing you on 20/20 tomorrow night. I'll continue to follow your adventures. If there's any place you should stop for R and R on your journey it would be Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. I was there this past January and plan to return soon. A true paradise. Sail on!

  86. Abby, I don't know you, but I read your story online and know from the news that people are looking for you. I'm at my cubicle job in Denver, CO and want you to know I'm praying for you and for the rescue team to find you immediately. God bless you and give you courage and strength in this time.

  87. Abby good luck stay strong. This is something you will remember all your life. savor the moment
    HLR Rancho Cucamonga Ca.