Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Post From Home

Abby has had a long day/night and so I offered to type up a blog update for her.

Her approach to Cape Town has been pretty steady over the past few days so much so that we were afraid that she would arrive before her dad and team member Scott Lurie touch down tomorrow at noon South Africa time. Fortunately, she looks to be right on course for a 3:00pm arrival - just before the next cold front really hits hard. She has a backup plan to head into Hout Bay if the conditions are too rough but so far the plan is to head to Table Bay/Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront Marina.

As most of you know, Abby was super concerned about shipping in the area. She is using her Raytheon Radar, her AIS WatchMate ships radar and her Watch Commander to help her stay on top of the situation. No ships within hailing or danger range yet.

Friend and veteran sailor, Erik Bjerring of Wiltel Marine, will be coordinating a boat to bring Zac, Laurence and Scott out to greet Abby and guide her into the marina. Erik has been invaluable in assessing the local weather and routing options, informing the appropriate NSRI officials of her arrival, fielding media requests, arranging berthing and even finding a 5 star restaurant to prepare whatever Abby would like to eat on her arrival. (The only thing she could think of straight away was a cold drink).

It has been a crazy week with ordering parts and organizing their shipment to South Africa. We'll see how that goes. As it was, Laurence and Scott had what looked like enough luggage for 6 people heading into LAX! Many thanks to Jannie van Wyk of Media Film Services for helping with shipping and also boarding at least some of the crew while in Cape Town.

There you have it - a glimpse into what is going on here. Abby will blog when she gets in. Remembering how her brother Zac did last year on his solo circumnavigation, she may sleep for a few days first!

Thanks to all of you who post encouraging comments for Abby to read. I know they can really make her day. You guys are great!



  1. i love reading these blogs best wishes :)

  2. Thanks Mom for the note today. Will keep praying for Abby, her brother and crew members safety everyday. Esther in Costa Mesa.

  3. Good Evening Mrs. Sunderland/Marianne/Mom,

    Thanks for sharing the logistics info for Cape Town. Sounds like "patience" will be needed all round.

    I just checked a web cam in CT and they are still waiting for morning light with 16 deg c. Great to hear Abigail is on target and doing well.

    Here's a shout out to Erik Bjerring of Wiltel Marine for all the preparations he has been doing for Abby. Thanks Erik.

    Have a safe arrival later today Abs.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  4. So far as I am concerned, that Abby has made it to Cape Town is, of itself, a wonderous feat. My teen grandchildren can't get out of their own way, much less embark on an epic, solo journey to the store without a parent takes them.

    Your daughter, as is Jessica, is pure inspiration. There must be millions of parents/grandparents like me who wonder what it would take to get our kids/grandkids off the couch.

    Perhaps I am just not the inspirational type. :--((

    I look forward the Abby's journey continuing.

    BTW: That Raytheon Radar is a power-hungry beast. Furuno is way less hungry.

  5. Thanks Mrs. Abby's Mom! I'm sure Abby has her hands full and we're grateful to you for keeping us updated. We're quite the worriers as you know! We are looking froward to Abby's blog from Cape Town (after a good sleep!) and are excited about the new opportunities this stop and the repairs will open up for the rest of her adventure! And I wish Zack, her dad and team a safe and prosperous journey!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  6. Hi Abby's Mom!!! Sounds like all is going well at this time. I can see preperation and pro-actively planning ahead makes all the difference. I am curious as to your perspective on teenagers and their typical level of maturity going out around the world on their own. How would you compare your teenagers to their peers? Not that many teenagers are that comfortable with themselves to be alone that long. Well, just a thought. God bless to you and your family. Everyone (especially Abby) is doing a great job. All should be proud!!!!

  7. Thanks to you too.You guys must be proud of her. You must feel awesome to be back.

  8. Have plenty of rest because you need it. Thanks.

  9. I know how it feels to be back as I live on the other side of my Earth Planet from my home.Have a great time with your family.

  10. Just want to congratulate you Abby for a great job, you have proven that you are among the best sailors out there. Not many people have sailed alone around the Cape and come away without a scratch. one of my dreams is also to sail around the world, maybe I will before I am 50 hahaha.
    Proud of you!

    Rob Leighton

  11. Hello Marianne - Thank you for the thorough update on Abby and all that's happening and about to happen upon her arrival in Cape Town.

    On one hand, I have a feeling Abby is still disappointed in her equipment failure and the need to stop, but she is doing the only prudent thing....absolutely anyone can have equipment problems. On the other hand, I'll bet there is a part of her that just can't wait to see her Dad and Zac, and Scott! And hopefully she can enjoy some sweet sleep, hot showers, and delicious food. I do hope they all find some time to see and enjoy the sights in Cape Town. I have heard and read that it is a very lovely place.

    You and Laurence have raised a very bright and brave young sailor girl! Just as you are proud of her, we out here in blogger-land are all very proud of her too, and all of her accomplishments to date!!!

    Go ABBY!!!
    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  12. All the best to you. May God always have you in His keeping. It's really amazing for a girl of your age to have such a great courage and determination to attempt this long journey alone
    with all sorts of unpredictable encounters. Safe journey all the way ahead.

    Dad o4d's
    East Malaysia

  13. This is really cool. Personally, I think the stop is great, and not one bit of a setback. A 'round-the-world voyage should have significant stops to meet the people and cultures of our world. We need these moments which bring us together in a spirit of excitement, and accomplishment!

  14. Film crew, on-board camera for in-transit video journals…? This is such a wonderful story, shame not to create a documentary or two.

  15. Thanks for the update, Mrs. Sunderland. :)

    Keeping Abby in my prayers. Also praying that the repairs go smoothly and quickly.

    That said as odd as this sounds, I'd like to extend my thanks to you and your family for allowing Abby to follow her dreams, like this. At her age, I'd have done the same had I had the resources and the training. My parents would've been equally as supportive of me. That said, I know of so many other parents that would (and do) hold their children back, which is unfortunate.

    So, thank-you for letting her follow her dreams. It shows me that some parents out there really do understand that teenagers/young-adults are capable human beings.

    The more and more these young individuals are encouraged to spread their wings and fly, to be responsible for themselves, and to realize that nothing in this world can hold them back if they are tenacious enough. When these young individuals are taught the meaning of being responsible, and to use wisdom in their everyday decisions - I honestly see this world becoming a much better place.

    You and your husband are amazing parents. And you two are raising amazing children. If this is what Zac and Abby can do, I can only imagine what the other little ones can do. Good job. :)

    When I get married and have kids, my goal as a future parent is to raise my children with the adventurous spirit I was born with - and with the confidence that you two have raised your children with.

  16. I have to say Abby you have made some kind of impression! Keep up the outstanding job!!! This hard work will come to fruition.


  17. If it's ok with Abby and the family, I'll keep worrying, just a tad, until she gets tied up at the dock.....

  18. Thanks for the update Abby's Mum. Like most people we've been watching both Abby's and Jessica's progress and are relieved they are both well and safe. Hope Abby continues her circumnavigation of the Globe. Ric (Adelaide Australia).

  19. Here's for a nice restful stop in Cape Town!

  20. hi Mom
    seems to me that sailing is the easiest.... you and the team are flat out, so we wish you all the best.Viv

  21. Thanks Mom for the update. I was a little concerned about Abby getting into the harbor but I feel much better now.

  22. Well Abby,

    Hope you all the best park Wild Eyes and get some rest. Do your repairs and have some fun with your Dad,Zac,and your crew. I hope you the best and then get on the water and finish your adventure. Since you have stoped once,think about stoping to see Jessica and have dinner with her. Have a great docking and we will pray a lot for you. Jack from Mesa, AZ

  23. Thanks for the good news, Mom.

    Just think: a pilot boat to bring her in, a hot shower, clean clothes, a pigout at a good restaurant, a dry bed between nice sheets; who could want for more?

    All the while, Abby is going to be more than ready to get underway back to her beloved sea.

  24. Abby is certainly in our thoughts. May her arrival into Cape Town be uneventful followed by some much needed rest and family time... then it's on to the rest of the world!

    Capt'n Mudgie

  25. From Marvin and Trina, Ventura, Ca.

    Thank you for the update. Abby deserves a nice hot shower, good food, a nice treat after more than 100 days sailing. Great job Abby!!! Enjoy your visit in Cape Town, your brother Zac, and your supporters. You all deserve a nice treat. Hopefully, there will be no more major problems with Wild Eyes and take you home safe to Ca. You are an inspiration, take care of yourself, be safe as always, God Bless you, your family, and your supporters.

  26. How nice of you, Mom, to update us on Abby's arrival. We think the world of your daughter and pray for her safety, always.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash.

  27. Well done Mom, what would we do without them. My prays and admiration go with your daughter. I look forward to her resuming her journey and reading her blogs. Abby you are a champ already.
    Love Darwin NT

  28. Sounds like Eric in Cape Town is a good guy to know!From my side THANKS ERIC AND WILTEL FOR ALL YOUR HELP!
    Mike Jones
    Long Beach CA.

  29. Abby. You might be happy that your not going for the non-stop voyage with what they are doing to Jessica at the moment. they couldn't even wait until she reached land before the do-godders and media have attacked her. They gave her heal before she left being 16 but this attack should never have happened. This is the link to the news article http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/1048582/no-record-for-jessica-watson and if you go to her website at http://www.jessicawatson.com.au/ and click on the latest news tab to read what her managers response is. Basically they are saying she won't get any record and they are doubting the distance she has travelled for the voyage to be called a circumnavigation. I say leave the girl alone. she's 16 years old, had learning problems as a child with dyslexia and has just achieved a massive endurance voyage most grown men wouldn't attempt. that makes her a hero in my book and I applaud what a fine job she has done with storms, knockdowns, breakages, massive seas, teriffying lightning storms, ripped sails just to name a few and then through it all she has produced one of the best blogs I've ever seen online (no insult intended) and she has a global audience following her every word. You go and lap up your stops Abby, they might leave you alone then. Baz

  30. Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!

  31. She seems like a strong woman, I think she will be fine. Get her rested up, fed and fix her boat and then she can finish. You have every reason to be proud of her.

  32. Thanks so much Mom for the update. I hope Dad & Scott aren't delayed in their arrival.

    Abby...it's understandable that you're craving a cold drink after 3½ months. Anyone would. I suspect though, as soon as you hit a restaurant and smell fresh food you're cravings are going to take flip-flops. :)

    As always, we pray for your safety. Be sooo careful the last few miles into port(like you need someone to tell you that), and rest. We'll hear from you when you're ready. Have some fun in Cape Town.


  33. Thanks Mom for updating us. I wish the team and Abby all the best in Cape Town, and that Abby now will get a good rest so she can continue for the next round. Good luck with everything.
    Ingrid, Sweden

  34. Dear Mom:

    Thank you for giving information about the logistics of this adventure and providing a new angle to look at this voyage.

    May God bless your family.

  35. With so many eyes on Abby and her arrival in South Africa, I'd like to wish you, mom, a happy Mother's Day. Obviously you've done something right.

  36. Thanks mum.
    Your girl is doing well.
    I will keep the comments coming.
    And the prayers.
    Love you all.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  37. WOW. Very stern and in control and protective blog from Mom. Not dissimilar to Abby's writings when she's slightly irritated :-)

    I say WOW,because Zac and Laurence's writings have always been gushing teary-eyed "stuff".

    Here we're seeing where the backabone eminates from.

    Love it.


  38. Welcome to South Africa Abby! May your visit, though the origin of mixed feelings, be very happy nonetheless. One battle may be lost but there is still a war to be won. Go Girl!!

    Pastor Bill Steyn.

  39. My prayer and thought are with Abby and her team member. I'm hoping she can get everything fixed and back out to sea.


  40. Thanks for the update. Here's to a safe and easy landing in Cape Town and some well deserved rest for a weary Captain.

  41. The five star restuarant idea is great. I wonder what you will order, Abby???? Fresh salad and fresh fruit???? steak? I wonder if it is the
    V&A hotel which was my husband's last job in Cape Town as an architect b4 we emigrated . That is great yoiu will be tied up in the waterfront, where there is a real buzz. Abby, you REALLY will find it hard to leave Cape Town. I hope you feels at home there. I think you will not beleive you are in Africa and she will find things far more familiar there than you would have dreamt. Perhaps you can get someone to take you on a quick game safari up north for a couple of days. That's all you need.
    Good luck with your landfall,
    Caroline from Adelaide, AU, ex Capetonian, always a Capetonian at heart.

  42. Safe sail into harbor, Abby. Wonderous to read how much you love being out on the ocean. There is a Rumi quote about that: "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground."
    Safe sail.

  43. I'm still super stoked that she's gonna be in my country! woop woop!
    Nolo in South Arica

  44. All:
    My thanks to the ENTIRE Team for the outstanding support given to Abby. I realize that this is an emotional and physically demanding time for all, especially Abby, and the Team's time to post a blog is very much appreciated.

    Godspeed to Abby as she makes landfall and pilots her boat to safe anchorage.

    To Abby: You are doing a great job, keep your eye on the ball and continue what you have done so well for the entire voyage to this point. One day, when you are my age, you will be able to say "In 2010, I sailed around the world by myself" while your friends are saying that, in 2010, they watched a couple of events on their iPhone.

    GO GIRL GO!!!

    John R Willis

  45. Thank You Mom and Team Abby for all you are doing and that was wonderful blog. I hope Abby gets some well deserved rest and recuperation and a day or so to get used to land again. Good Luck to all concerned in getting all the gear to S. Africa and when it gets there the real work gets started. Once again Abby, Stay Safe and Have Fun and When Up On Deck Tethered..Peace and Aloha. 38'43"N/122'67"W

  46. You have a Beautiful Mother's Day, Abby's Mom! You are a very brave Mom, it's easy to see, your daughter learned it well from you!

  47. All my best wishes on the continuation of your journey. My daughter is now 13 and you have helped prove to her what I have always said, she can be or do anyrhing she sets her mind to. Thanks for being a positive roll model and at such a young age.

  48. Abby is such a lucky girl, to be surrounded by such love and support... And she is such an inspiration to so many of us! Have a wonderful time together, I'm sure it will help all of you recharge batteries before taking on the next lap... Take care!!

  49. We'll accept your substitute entry in exachange for a Laurence Mega Repair Report, as he has done on all previous pit-stops,when he's done.


  50. Thanks Mom
    You have an outstanding and amazing daughter.

    Libby di Bernardo
    San Pedro,ca

  51. I love reading your blogs Abby. I will keep following you.

  52. Thanks home base (mum), You may be left behind but your right up front - Nice posting.
    Fred from Queensland.

  53. Thanks for the update, Mom. I'm glad Abby will get to pamper herself a little with things like a five-star restaurant meal and some much-needed rest. She certainly deserves it.

  54. Thanks Mom for the update...

  55. good luck Abby on the reairs on the auto pilot wish you all the best have fun with your brother

  56. Dear Abby,Team and Mom
    thanks for the update ... we are thinking about Abby and Wild Eyes and are comforted by your update. Fingers & Toes Crossed with genuine positive thoughts BruceS/Sydney

  57. Thanks for the update! Keeping up with you in Baku, Azerbaijan! I'm away from home (South Carolina) too. Have a nice steak and a big glass of fresh milk when you can!

  58. Dear Abby`s Mum, I consider it a real treat to be able to follow Abby on her epic voyage, its been great to be able to share Abby`s experiences this way. We hope all goes well in Cape Town, and we will continue to follow Abby when she continues her voyage. Good luck and God bless you all
    Terry and Patricia Melbourne Aus

  59. Thanks Mom! As much as we love hearing from Abby, it's refreshing to hear the back story too.

  60. Thanks mom for the update. We wish Abby all the best in getting that boat ready for the next leg of her journey! Can't wait to hear from her. Happy Mother's Day!

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  61. Have fun in CT. Look ahead to the adventure that awaits.

  62. Abby's Mom:
    From one mom to another, I can imagine the excitement that u have been experiencing as well as the worry!. glad u did a post on how she was doing... I bet u can't wait to see her!.

  63. Abby!!!

    Still checking on you daily and I'm very happy for you!!! You've accomplished alot for such a young lady!!!! Some R&R will be nice, getting to see the Fam & of course getting Wild Eyes repaired. Enjoy your time on land, I'm sure you'll be itching to get back out at sea?!?!?!

    Take Care!!!


  64. Alex Van HeerdenMay 5, 2010 at 6:22 AM

    Hi Mom,
    Thanks for the update on Abby.

    Info just in WILD EYES located 1.5 NM off the break water Cape Town @1518SA-Time.

    Port Control indicated she will berth in the same area where Zac tied up last time.

    Alex (Pirate)

  65. Abby: You are in our prayer daily! The Lord will guide you. Thanks mom so very much for the update. As you know, it's kind of frustrating not knowing...and you've all become our extended, adpoted family. Wish we could dialog more, rather than one way conversation, but oh well.
    Abby, we are So PROUD of you! What an adventure and what an accomplishment! Praise God for your example and inspiration!!
    We love you!! We are praying Daily and continuoulsy. You also become a foucs of our whole church prayer.

    Ron in colorado

    "The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face towards you and give you peace" (Numbers 6:24-26)

  66. Thanks for the update, Mom. You are quite a lady yourself. I know you are aching to give that amazing daughter of yours a big hug. She is truly fortunate to have such a supporting family. This Mother's day you will have the comfort of knowing that Abby is safe and sound and surrounded by family and friends. Best wishes for continued successes and a safe voyage. My wife and I check on Abby every day.
    John & Darlene
    Kerrville, TX

  67. Morning Marianne, Abby, and da' rest of the team!

    Thanks so much for the update Marianne I had been wondering how things were going after checking the position page and saw how close she was/is. She has a wonderful team and family looking after her . . . that's one lucky young woman!

    The part about the 5-Star Restaurant and only being able to think of a cold drink to have made me chuckle heartily. That's a gal that knows what she wants! I do know that after a month in the campo of Nicaragua the first thing I wanted was a pizza! Betcha Abby scarfs a monster burger or a whole pizza with everything . . . then heads to the 5-Star! *laugh*

    Abby take care and be careful . . . clipped in and all that stuff we don't need to remind you of.

    Marianne and family . . . be well and thanks for sharing Abby with us!

    ~ Cynthia (from her truck/camper by the side of Half Moon Bay, California USA)

  68. Hi Mum and thank you so much for the update.
    Hey Captain Abby, make sure you get plenty of rest when you arrive at Cape Town. We will be waiting for your next blog telling us how the repairs are going and when you intend heading off again. You have done an extraordinary job thus far. Did you know more people have landed on the moon than what you have done? So to any one out there that thinks this girl does not have the right stuff....think again.
    Kind regards, James and family, Berowra Heights, NSW, Sydney, Australia.

  69. Your doing awesome Abby!!!! Enjoy your time on land. See u on facebook (it's easier to post on there haha)
    Laura Bermuda Dunes CA

  70. Thanks for the update Mom, we all are concerned for her safety, but know she's intelligent enough to make the right decisions. YOU'VE TAUGHT HER WELL!

    Hope Abby has loads of fun in the Cape, can't imagine how much excitement there is going on with her arrival and the World Cup preparations!

    After a good rest, long steady shower, and ice cold beverage, let us know how you're doing ABBY!!

    xoxo - ALANA

  71. Thanks for the update Mom....My prayers and thoughts are with Abby...... Abby, enjoy being on dry land and get plenty of rest and good food. I know your dad and brother are looking forward to seeing you so enjoy! God Bless, Gail/Ventura

  72. Hi "Mom", Thanks for keeping us updated. We, as many other have " Adopted" your fabulous daughter. Our hearts go out to her as if she was really our own. How proud you must be and what a great job you two have done raising such fine outstanding childen. My hat's off, to you both.

    Hi Abby, By now you are pretty close to docking for awhile. Rest up, enjoy Capetown. You deserve the rest stop. We shall be following to your safe return home. May be missing posts for a couple weeks as we are heading to Cape Cod to visit Grandchildren and great Grandchildren, but will be following you as best we can. May the Good Lord watch over you and keep you safe
    Love you much
    Bud & Charla winnett

  73. Hi Abby,

    When you finally get to sit down at that 5 star restaurant of yours try ordering a filet mignon with bernaise sauce and a stuffed potato. Some sauteed veggies with a nice salad to accomodate.....hmm hmm good!! I'm a chef and the other day I went to my local store and picked up some mountain house food (I had the lasagne with meat sauce) and actually it wasn't bad.... My wife was like " your a Chef eating dehydrated food for dinner!?" I told her I wanted to know more a bout what you had to endure everyday. Keep your spirits up and eyes open pulling into cape town. I guess you won't be there to catch the opener of the world cup but a good Ole Ole, Ole Ole! May cheer you up.

    Blessings from Shawn in Texas

  74. Thanks for the update Mrs. S. As usual, we are keeping Abby in our thoughts and prayers. We hope she has an uneventful stay in Cape Town. Looking forward to future posts. GO TEAM ABBY!!!

  75. Marianne

    Thanks for bringing us up to date especially since we hadn't heard from her for a few days.

    She'll love Cape Town. Hout's Bay, the V&A wharf, the penguins at the Cape of Good Hope, the seals.

    Cheers and continued safe travels!
    Alice on the coast of Maine

  76. Bonjour Mom Abby (Marianne), Team Abby & Abby'Friends,

    Thank you all.

    Go Abby, Go!

  77. Looking forward to the father-daughter reunion in Cape Town and some much deserved R&R for Abby.

    Yes, this is so reminiscent of when Zac stopped in Cape Town. I remember the dramatic photos of Table Mtn., all the new friends that he made. I even remember his talking about possibly returning to S. Africa and look how fate brings everyone back to beautiful Cape Town!

    Melanie in Torrance

  78. Thanks for the update Mom. I just heard Abby's voice on KNX 1070 radio this a.m. She sounds great. The radio report says she ate a cheesburger and fries when she got in. I am so hapy for Abby and for your whole family and team. Best wishes to all of you.

    Nina from MdR (Cat. 42)

  79. Count your blessings Abby, you have a GREAT Mom!

    I think many of us could detect a growing frustration with Abby over the equipment failure and her inability to fix it at sea. We don't want "our girl" upset and down so the stop, beside fixing the faulty auto pilots and wind generators, will be a good thing to recharge her positive attitude. I'm sure when she sees Dad, Zac, & Scott her heart will leap in joy and all will be right.

    Hope the replacement equipment arrives quickly.

  80. Happy Mothers day to you and what a wonderful present to see your chosen one arrive safely to Cape Town. Many thanks to you for the update and team Abbey. Can't wait until all problems are solved and Abbey is again at sea. Sandi on the bay.md.

  81. Thanks for the update Mom!

    I've been following Abby's adventure and find myself biting my finger nails every time I read her blog, lol. I'm a Hollywood stunt woman. I flip cars and do falls, hitting the ground for a living. Things don't scare me much but, thinking of ever doing what Abby is doing scares the crap out of me! lol.
    Good luck with all the repairs Abby! Get some well deserved R&R while on your stop. You are a brave young lady taking on this huge ocean by yourself!! Sounds like you have a great family and team!
    Lots of prayers to you!

  82. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment! While you're there in Cape Town please feel free to pick up on the $5,000,000 grant that's waiting for me. They keep sending me e-mails but I just don't have time to look into it......so when you find it, it's all yours....and much deserved.

  83. Good Morning Mrs. Sunderland/Marianne/Mom,

    Followers...here's a map showing Abby's first projected docking area. Once the map comes up place your cursor on the red dot for V & A Waterfront and a more detailed map should come up of the harbor: copy/paste


    Thanks to Jannie van Wyk of Media Film Services for helping Abs. Having worked in that industry in Toronto I can appreciate the assistance the Team is getting.

    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  84. Thanks mom, and Happy Mother's Day!


  85. Curious to know what that “cold drink” is going to be.

  86. Thanks Marianne/Mom, your contribution is such very welcome news. Update us how you are getting along too when you get a chance ?...this is such an exciting moment in the voyage for all of us Followers. Your Abby is so very special to everyone of us.

  87. Hello Abby's mom. You have raised an exceptional daughter and I'm sure you are so proud. I hope she gets a good rest and an excellent meal before resuming her journey.

  88. Hey Abby!

    It's the RV Gang from Cape Cod, MA. We are so excited to hear you are going to have some 5 star food. We hope you make it safely through the big boats. You are amazing!

    The RV Gang

  89. Ok, stupid question for the day . . .

    With Capetown putting the kabosh on the non-stop aspect of Abby's adventure, doesn't that eliminate the need to return via Cabo ?


  91. Thanks for the update, home team! And as someone else wrote, thanks for raaising such capable children and giving them support to follow their dreams.

    Enjoy your time ashore, Abby - just don't overeat at that fancy restaurant or you might regret it! A nice fresh salad with some lightly grilled meat-specialty-of-the-region should hit the spot. That and a super tasty chocolate dessert!

  92. Abby,

    I think it's fantastic that your mom is willing to help you out and blog for you. Thanks pretty awesome that your brother is willing to meet you when you come into cape town. I can only imagine the sibling rivalry going on there. lol It's great he's so supportive though. Keep up the amazing work, and if you see any cool wild life you should totally add it to your blog. I love reading your entries. Good luck!

    Crofton, MD

  93. 05-05-10 @ 15:11
    Hi Mom,
    Thanks for the up-date, always nice to hear from you. It looks like Abby has everything pretty much under control. Which doesn’t surprise me, she’s an ace, always looking ahead. But I was glad to see that she has a back-up plan.
    I hope that the traffic remains light, but I’m sure Abby will handle it well. Glad to see that she’ll have lots of help, and I hope the repairs can be done quickly before she gets used to walking around on solid ground.
    Very nice of Erik Bjerring to be of assistance, sounds like a good friend, and kudo’s to Jannie van Wyk as well.
    It’s always nice to hear from Abby, but why don’t she just relax, get all rested up, enjoy herself and the family, and catch up with us all later, she’ll have plenty of time when she sets sail again, well at least I hope so….lol…
    Thanks again Mom, I hope your doing well, I can see where Abby gets her writing skills from.
    May God hold her in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep her sails full, and I, I will be praying for her.
    Her faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  94. Abby has a pretty great mom!

  95. Thanks Marianne, and GO ABBY!!

  96. Mom, thank you for the update. It's good to hear Abby's had a steady run and I hope it stays that way. Shipping is a bit of a problem it seems. I was reading Jamie Dunross' experience sailing into Sydney. He had little sleep for a couple of days,and had a close call with a big ship even with his radar and AIS as well as physically watching out. So please ask Abby to take care and may her arrival at Cape Town be an easy one.
    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  97. Those who would denigrate and detract from the superb efforts made by Abby and Jessica ought to keep their sharp-tongued remarks to their own insignificant selves. They are the types who lounge fat dumb and happy in their EZ chairs looking for the records they'll never achieve, only too eager to spout that THEIR ideas of records are not being upheld! Jessica's Travel team is right in saying that she has sailed around the world. The sailing tracks are indisputable. Abby has shown excellent wisdom in putting into Capetown. Safety first IS GOOD SAILING! Both girls have given THEIR very best and deserve the accolades they will receive.

    With all respect due to WSSRC (not much in my book) there is no official record that could have been beaten by either young lady. Again, SO WHAT! The media are always first to exploit the negative side of any story; negativity gets more audience. They have a chance to honor 2 superb acheivements...and are blowing it).

    But we, citizens of this world (and avid Jess & Abby followers) know the worth of what both girls did, what an awesome task each has accomplished month after month. Congratulations to both WOMEN.

    Could WE FOLLOWERS achieve more? I couldn't begin to! These young ladies have set a standard for all of us. DREAM IT, PLAN IT AND DO IT! They have! IN SPADES!!

    Much love and hugs from all of us now in our late seventies.

    -John and Louise in Redding California

  98. Thank you for posting on behalf of Abby. I love reading how she's doing and feel like I know her. I'm not a religious person, but I pray for her safety. I would be a basket case worrying if she were my kid!

  99. Hello Abby's mom. You have raised an exceptional daughter and I'm sure you are so proud. I hope she gets a good rest and an excellent meal before resuming her journey. WTF,I'm sure Abby will get what she wants and not because you "hope she does".

  100. Thank you for posting on behalf of Abby. I love reading how she's doing and feel like I know her. I'm not a religious person, but I pray for her safety. I would be a basket case worrying if she were my kid! You what, pray? and your not religious.

  101. Followers...here's a map showing Abby's first projected docking area. Once the map comes up place your cursor on the red dot for V & A Waterfront and a more detailed map should come up of the harbor