Sunday, May 16, 2010

Congrats Jesse and Still Working!

Work is going well here today. We had planned to go for a test sail today but ran into a few small problems, should be able to get those fixed up soon and maybe get out on the water this afternoon.

Before I go into everything we've done today, I'd just like to send a BIG congratulations to Jesse Watson! She has done an absolutely amazing job and while to be perfectly honest, I am a little envious, she deserves the record. She sailed around the world, alone, non-stop, and unassisted. I know how difficult that is to achieve. I can understand that you need to be fair to the last person to break the record and respect the fact that they followed certain guide lines. But in my book, Jessica Watson is the youngest person to ever sail around the world, and she should be given the credit she is due. It is hard to watch someone else accomplish what you have dreamed of for years and to be thinking, if I had only done this or that things may have turned out differently. But things are the way they are. Records, whether they are on paper or not, are made to be broken and it most likely will be one day, but Jesse is amazing, what she did is amazing, and that will never change no matter who holds the record.

Well, back to the work down on the dock today. I went up the mast earlier this morning to take some pictures but when I got down I found that it hadn't been working right so a friend went up with his camera and took a few. I'll try to get them up later. I'll probably go up the mast again later today. I keep looking for excuses to go up and taking pictures seems to be a good one, so I will get you guys some pictures!

I will describe the autopilot repairs in a few days. They have been installed in a new location but still need a few test sails to calibrate them. There are so many different variables with them that I will wait until the job is finished to explain everything.

I have gone through all the gear on the boat and cleaned it all up. And I now have two new water proof cameras so you guys shouldn't have to go with out pictures again! :)

Well, back to the dock!


  1. Patiently waiting for the pics, Abby. Complete YOUR journey, in YOUR way ! It will still be a momentous achievement. You go, girl! Rog

  2. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful comment, beautiful person.

  3. Thanks for the update Abby. It's good to hear that repairs are coming along.

    We're anxious to get you back out there...and with lots of pics now. I hope it's still a go for Tuesday, but we'll see.


  4. Hi Abby this is just my second comment on your blog - you continuie to impress everyone with your class - demonstrated by your congratulatory remarks for Jesse Watson. No matter how things have gone for your attempt at non stop unassisted solo around the world you will still be a champion in more ways than one. Hope you are back on your way very soon - safe voyage to home. Brian (ex pat Aussie now in Seattle)

  5. Thank You Abby for the update and the message to Jessica was sweet and it is so true how you put it was just very nice of you to compliment her and you really ought to stop off in Sydney and see her because you know she would like to meet you also. It will be nice to see some more pics when you get the time to tale them Peace & Aloha 38'43"N/122'67"W

  6. Wonderful post, Abby... You have a lot to be proud of as well!. I bet u have grown in many ways from this... Hey, there is NEXT year!. No boundaries for you- you've got the guts girl!.

  7. All sounds good! Thanks for the update! Good news about the new cameras. Hope they work well! Like they say, photos are like a thousand words...

    Yes, Jessie did a great job! And so are you! You guys made the correct decision on going into Cape Town for repairs. Abby, there is nothing more important than your personal safety! Keep the chin up..:)

  8. Well said with your comments on Jesse Watson. Yes, official world record on not - she did it! And once the critics realised she didn't care about the world record thing, they were silenced!

    You two young ladies are equally inspiring. Glad the repairs are going well - we can't wait for you to get back out there so we have someone else to follow!

    Hope your dream is also achieved!

  9. Keep up the good work. I'm betting your itching to get back out on the water and finish your trip. Look forward to hearing about your adventure and how things are going.

    - Doug

  10. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    OK back to the dock! :-)

  11. Dear Abby,

    RE: Jesse Watson

    While being "first" is an admirable goal, Jesse's accomplishment will not diminish your achievement.You are emphasizing safety by making certain all your equipment is working properly. You still have a long way to go and now that you are rested and energized, you should easily make the remainder of your voyage safely.Keep sending those pictures!

  12. Bravo, Abby! Very well-said. You are doing such a wonderful job, and your attitude makes me glad that my children, and so many others, are watching you, and learning. Thank you for your clear testimony. Thank you for being honest about your feelings, and for dealing with them in such a great way. You are living your dreams, and you are doing it with integrity! Thank-you.

  13. Abby you are just a wonderful person to congratulate Jesse like this. You too will realize your dream and take over being the youngest to sail around the world solo. Go on down to that dock and crack the whip as they say. We need you back out on Wild Eyes. I'm starting to get my land legs back. We can't have that happen. Send photos!!! Love and hugs from Florida.

  14. Hi Abby:

    Happy to see you acknowlege Jessie Watson. She did and great job and I congradulate her as well.

    That being said you to are doing wonderful and have accomplished so much. Congradulations to you as well !!!

    Look forward to seeing the pics and hearing about all the adjustments to the newly installed auto pilots.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  15. Hi Abby,
    Well done you, you are gracious & courageous, and soon you will set sail again and complete your solo journey. Enjoy your time on dry land with your family, friends and crew!
    Cazz, Sydney

  16. Hello Abby in Cape Town :-) Good to hear your repairs are progressing well. Make sure everything is in the best condition possible, even if it takes a bit longer in port. I can tell you are looking forward to setting sail again, this time with no hassles. It was lovely to read your generous congratulations to Jessica Watson. Even though your achievement will be slightly different it will be no less amazing.
    Jules on the Gold Coast, Australia

  17. Thank you Miss Abby for this update... I was starting wondering about what was happening. I hope the few small problems will be solved and for good, not to see them coming back after a couple of weeks.
    The autopilots are certainly one of them. I would like them to be reliable. A new location may help, but even without, I don't accept easily they can't be trusted more than for an average run.
    Thank you and congratulations for your tribute to Jessica. She actually did a prodigious job, and is holding the youngest solo non stop unassisted around the world record, as it is a matter of fact and not of paper. And you are on your way for the youngest solo around the world, which is also a huge performance. Just going for it is an act that deserves hats off, so having accomplished California- Cape Town is, by itself, an achievement, even for adult and experienced sailors.
    Go on the good work and I hope that all the problems will be fixed soon. I am not happy with the way some of them (even small) seem to resist, and I am not happy with the season going by. When I see what kind of weather Jessica had to battle under the Australian Great Bight, thinking you will be there two months later than her is not far from frightening me. I know that you have great "routers" and that your Dad is watching out for you, so if they see that it is going to be hell ahead of you, they will ask you to stop in Perth for a while, waiting a few weeks for a better weather. I don't care if your journey takes you one more month, but I don't want you to take mad risks for what is an adventure and a challenge, and must not become a deadly game.
    Be careful, Abby, we are like an extended familiy; your blogging followers love you more than any speeding.

  18. Well Abby, things don't always go our way, but being the second best is not something easy to achieve. Have faith in God, pray, He will always be with you and always keeps you safe and sound and eventually you will achieve what you have always dreamed of. Your well wishes to Jesse is a sign of thanks to God; it's so nice of you Abby, the fact is, the more you give the more you get, that's God's way. Amen.

    Dad 04d's
    East Malaysia

  19. Such nice comments for Jesse Watson. She had completed an amazing feat. I too congratulate her. Abby, you a such a fine young lady. Your parents must be very proud of you and all your accomplishments. You'll be out there soon. Nancy M.

  20. Abby, It is with awe and admiration as I have followed you. You have set the bar so high for any followers. Gods Speed in the second half of your journey.
    JR, Walnut Creek CA

  21. Well said Abby - a beautiful comment from one champion to another.

    Here in Oz we sat glued to our TVs on Saturday to watch Jess cross the finish line and I dont think there was a dry eye in the country.

    Now the focus is rightfully back on you. Never mind records, just keep going on your magnificent voyage.

    Godspeed youngster.

  22. After the controversy with Jessica's route, I have made a calculation on your route, if it fulfills the requirements from WSSRC of 21,600 nm orthodromic track. According to my calculation the length is 21635 nm, according to WSSRC rules.
    It seems like my calculation gives just above the required distance. But someone should redo this calculation in case I made any mistake.

    The real route sailed is not important for the rules, only the shortest path between start and back and past only one single waypoint. I used Marina del Rey as start and Cape Town as waypoint.
    If the route is too short, or if there are doubts, you should go around the antipode of Marina del Rey at 33°57’S 61°33’E.
    Note that the planned route from Cabo San Lucas non-stop was too short according to what I calculated, only 21,025 nm.

    You will have a great homecoming too Abby, regardless of the formal rules, but someone should redo the calculation, because it seems close to the limit and I am not sure I interpreted the rules right.

    /Ben Larsson, Sweden

  23. It is good to see things are moving along for you. One thing Jessica said in her news conference is that the main thing is to have fun. I personally think that stopping along the way is more fun than non-stop. You got to see a lot of Capetown and got to see family again (plus the warm dry bed, hot shower and good food). Not a bad deal in my eyes. You are doing so well and you are half-way there.

    I am concerned that you are hitting the Southern Ocean so late in the season, but I am sure you and your team know more about it than I do and are taking all the necessary precautions.

    Good luck on the rest of the voyage. We will all be riding along with you in our hearts.

    Steve in California

  24. Hello Abby, can I get a copy of your future book autographed please? Steve the guy who never been to the ocean.

  25. Well said and generous words for Jesse. She's done the whole deal now, and our prayers for her safety are fully answered.
    You better than anyone else knows what she faced, as a teen and young woman, simply because you are taking on the same challenge. Well even more of a challenge because as you traverse the Great Bight south of Australia, it'll be well into wintry weather and more storms. We are sooo sooooo glad you have taken the time to repair and refit in Capetown. We could not be more proud of you.

    So Abby, keep up the great work and maintain your positive attitude, no mattter what. We know there are fears along the way; just stay focussed and you're going to make it just fine. God Bless and wishing you good air for the rest of the journey back to Cabo.
    -John and Louise in Redding CA; great grandparents to 9 and praying for your safety and happiness all the rest of the way.

  26. glad that things are going well with repairs! congrats to jesse! have you met her before?

  27. Sounds like you're getting everything nicely in order. Don't forget about your broken kindle!

  28. I'm sure you are anxious to get back under way. Hope your repairs are completed soon.

  29. "If I had only done this or that things may have turned out differently."

    Goodness, Abby, a critical piece of equipment failed, I can't imagine what you could have done differently to prevent that from happening! You and your team chose the only logical option, and you'll be so much better off getting everything repaired and restocked. Now you can get back out there and finish this thing! :)
    Hurray for Jesse, but now it's GO ABBY time!!!

  30. 05-16-10 @ 20:10
    Hi Abby,
    What…no pictures…OK, OK, OK, easy, go easy, I’m just teasing you, really,….wheew, that was close, mercy, mercy…lol…Just trying to get your dander up, but I think that could be a dangerous game…lol… Let’s try again, Hi Abby, and how are you doing today, busy as usual? There that’s better….
    I’m sure that Jessica will appreciate your note of praise, especially coming from someone her own age, who understands the eccentricities of the seas, and is going through her own share of difficulties. Very nicely said, Abby. You girls really have a way with words, makes reading your blogs so enjoyable.
    Well Abby, good luck on your test cruise, hope everything goes well for you and you’re able to get some good pictures…lol… couldn’t resist!!!!
    I am anxious to hear about the autopilot repairs and I hope that will be the end of those and all your problems.
    I remember the video where your Dad was explaining about getting all the gear cleaned up, looks like you had quite a job doing that. So take care Abby, and keep the faith, will you still make it on Tuesday??? I hope so!!

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  31. Capt. Abby, you are making us all so very proud of your accomplishments. I can't think of a thing to fault you on. You have your own record, and have earned it fair. I am ready for you and Wild Eyes to be back out at sea. According to my calculations you should probably set an easterly course such as 270 +/- but it might not be the same looking at it from over there where you are. I'll check up and get back to you.

  32. Hi Abby, Thanks for the blog....I hope you will still be able to leave on tuesday. I hope all the problems that you have had will be repaired and you will soon be on your way but until then have fun and enjoy being on dry land having good food and get plenty of sleep. Take care will be looking forward to your pictures and next blog. Gail/Ventura

  33. Hi Abby,

    You are doing great. The repairs will soon be done and you will be on your way. It may not be the trip you planned, but it is the trip you've got. And we all know you will make the most of it.

    Jessica made it back 3 days before her 17th birthday, so as long as you make it back by/before October 15 you will still be the youngest solo circumnavigator. 5 months is way more time than you need because you have a very fast boat, and you are also a great sailor.

    So you will both achieve your dream. Her achievement will still stand and so will yours. (The whole stop or non-stop, or WSSRC rules debate - well who really cares, when all is said and done.)

    You will both have made a monumental journey at the age of 16.

    And for the rest of your life you will know that you did something that 99.999% of the population will never do. You will know that you are setting a magnificent example. You will know that you are a skilled and determined person who can achieve anything you set out to do. And along the way you will have inspired thousands to re-examine their own life and to start to pursue their dreams, and become better than they were before they followed your remarkable voyage.

    Go sailor!! We need you and Jessica. You are the future of this world. It will be in good hands.

    Love and Best Wishes.
    We are with you.

  34. Ha-Ha..! Nice update Abby. And, I agree totally with about Jesse. I've followed her all the way and it's an awesome accomplishment. That surely doesn't diminish yous, in any way, in my book. Great news about the cameras too. I'm already looking forward the pics. Hope all keeps going well, and I catch you next on your way out.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  35. Abby:
    First and foremost, GO GIRL GO!!!!

    I want to express my respect for your kind words for Jesse, she did what most of us dream of but never do. She followed her dream and crossed the finish line.

    Now for you, Abby, you also have a dream, follow the dream and you too shall cross the finish line. The race is not to the fastest nor to the strongest; the race is to those that dream and then do. You are doing very well in the 16th year of your life. Most people live and then die without ever dreaming of the challenge that you are undertaking much less actually doing living the challenge. Do not worry about the naysayers or the doubters, they are shallow people that can only think in small scale and grow by throwing stones at others. "Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans...You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

    You are the dream of millions, do not doubt your destiny.

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    John R Willis

  36. Good to hear that the repairs are going well and more importantly your not rushing back out there just for the sake of it, be sure to double check everything and then check it all again you have a tough road ahead as i'm sure you know and all the good preparation you doing will hold you in good stead! A few of the posters have touched on the fact that the Southern Ocean in winter is more that a nasty place and represents by far the greatest challenge you"ll face , But your team really does seem to be ontop of these issues and if things look to challenging i'm sure a stop over in Perth wont be the end of the earth ( It's really quite a nice place).
    Be safe Abby


  37. Hello Abby,
    It's good to hear that work is going well and hopefully you'll be back on your way in a couple of days. Your response to Jessica's trip is delightful. Of course you're entitled to be a little envious of her achievement, but it doesn't in any way reduce your effort. I hope, first and foremost, what you're doing is an adventure for you. It can't help but be a great learning exercise as well, in many ways. And both of those are what is most important. Records are for everyone else, it's what the journey means for you that matters most.

    Fingers crossed you're back out to sea in a twinkle.

  38. Hello Abby,
    Well said, from one champion to another!
    It sounds to me that you have a great team and are making good decisions.
    Our future looks bright with young people of such character as you and Jessica.
    You are making America proud!
    This is your rite of passage, so sail safe and have fun!
    I'll be following you with supportive thoughts.
    Here's wishing you all the best and Good Luck!
    Ray in Alaska

  39. Abby, it was wonderful to hear you congratulate Jessie. Don't discount youself ever. You also will accomplish much much more then people even dream. Please be proud of yourself!
    Robert, Seattle, WA

  40. Thanks for the update Abby. I was beginning to wonder what was happening there. So when do you suppose you will be getting on with the voyage?

    Thanks to Australian channel Ten-HD, we were able to see all the TV coverage of Jesse's arrival and welcome home in internet feed. It was a lot of fun to see, but what really impressed me was the enthusiasm and the size of the welcome. They are saying around 50,000 people lined Sydney harbor and there were about 3000 boats in the spectator fleet and also about 10 helicopters. Everyone was so enthusiastic about their new hero. Jess deserved it all, but it makes me wonder about our fellow Californians. Will you get a similar reception in MDR? I hope so. You will deserve it too.

    I am happy you got some new cameras and can send pore pix for us along the way. We all will be looking forward to that. God Bless you.

    Steve L in Modesto

  41. Hi Captain Abby, I loved your response about Jessica's achievment. You are a wonderful
    young woman. O.K. You had some out of your control mechanical issus.You will achieve
    your goal. Be Safe! Be happpy! Godspeed!

  42. You go, girl. I'm sixteen as well and I just want to say you are awesome for even trying something like that. WOW. Way to follow your dreams!

  43. Take your time Abs; you have some big sailing ahead.

  44. Sean Patrick CarrollMay 16, 2010 at 7:55 PM

    Hey, I just stumbled onto yours and Jesse Watson's amazing accomplishments by chance, and it re-sparked my own dream of sailing around the world. I wanted to do it when I was fifteen, but I didn't have the support I needed. I'm just so glad you're doing this to prove to the world that all dreams are achievable. I am still planning on sailing around the world, so I was just wondering how you went about getting all the sponsorship needed for your trip. I know there's no way I'd be able to pay for it all on my own seeing as I'm only 22, and not a millionaire. But if you could help me out with any info on how you got sponsored, and who's best to talk to that would be awesome.
    I really hope you Enjoy your time in South Africa. I have a buddy from there that I met while I was in England. Keep on going, you a true inspiration. I don't know if you get tired of all of these messages you must get, but I want you to know that we're all rooting for you! Have Fun and don't listen to dumb people!

  45. Hi Abby
    Glad to hear from you but am anxious for you to be back at sea as winter is setting in hear in Australia and we can have some fairly foul weather at times in the Great Australian Bight.

    Thank you for your congratulatory comment for Jessica.
    Hope you can achieve your final dream soon and have a welcome home suitable for the heroine you are.

    Take care and god speed
    Evie from Bendigo

  46. You are a very articulate and compassionate young woman. Keep up the good work!!

  47. I didn't know about this other young lady until this week. I'm not a sailor, but I've spent plenty of time in the Pacific on my surfboard. Not sailing like Abby or Jesse by any stretch, but I can somewhat appreciate time at sea.

    I'd just like to say I'm so glad to have stumbled onto Abby's adventure, and I look forward to reading all of her thoughts as she completes this epic task. Nothing she has done, is doing, and will do is diminished by Jesse's achievement.

  48. Hello Abbie,

    yes, Jessica came home to a heroine's welcome, and well deserved too, as you would know very well, also in pursuit of your dream to sail around the world.

    You remarks are very mature 'things are the way they are' and in hindsight one is always the wiser! That's the nature of our life.....first the experience than the analysis!
    My thoughts are always along that line too, If it were to be different than what it is at the moment, it would be different! So everything is at i should be at the moment! Relax and enjoy!

    Good luck with your repairs and soon you will be on your beloved sea again, keep safe,

    Trudy, Austria/Australia

  49. Hi Abby,
    Of course you are disappointed having to stop for repairs, and how refreshing that you are so honest about it. You gave it your best, and circumstances beyond your control had the final say. But as you said, this way each one of you achieves a different "record"... AND, you STILL will have circumnavigated the world solo --- and you beat the boys! :) Tee Hee! That is an amazing achievement for anybody, and especially for someone your young age.
    Now there's no pressure. Safety first, always. I know you have a window of time for the southern oceans, but it will be summer north of the equator, so the weather will be milder I assume... not being a sailor. Enjoy the rest of the way. It will be nice to have everything in good working order, and you got to take a break from all the freeze dried food, and now you get to stock up again on fresh foods! I agree with Richie... a stop off in Australia to meet Jesse and perhaps even Jesse Martin and Mike Perham (if they're all there) would be so fun for you...and it's on the way home!
    I'll continue to follow you, and be wishing you all the best.
    Susan in Oregon

  50. Hello Captain Abigail,

    Well written entry today.

    My source tells me that Wild Eyes DID go for a test run outside the harbor Sunday afternoon. You started at approx. 1500 and finished at 1645....your top speed was 7.3 knots at 1609 on the return leg. Nice circle skipper. I hope the test results were good.

    Abby I have the highest respect for what you are doing...and no matter how you do it...your safe arrival back home is your dream come true to me.

    Later super sailor,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  51. Abby,
    your maturity belies your years... your achievement is not diminished by stopping.
    I worry about you taking on the Southern Ocean so late... take care.
    Robert from Melbourne

  52. Dear Abby:

    Yes, I guess congrats to Jesse are in order like you said but I don't know if sailing around Antarctica constitutes sailing around the world. The latitudes are a lot smaller around the south pole than at the the equator. You're still the sailor I admire the most...

    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  53. Hello Abby: I sense the frustration in your writing but as time passes you will realize how few people go out to attempt things like you and Jessica, and how even fewer have the luck to have everything turn out as planned.

    You have shown the tenacity and grace of someone far older. Keep after it. You are an inspiration for people around the world. Have fun too. You will look back fondly on this journey when it is all over. Wow! I am so jealous...

  54. Hi Abby,
    You shared lovely celebratory sentiments about Jessie's voyage. We were able to watch her arrival in Sydney via Channel Ten on the internet. What joyous greetings she received from the waiting throngs of boats and people.

    Your voyage is different to Jessie's, but the thing is, it's YOUR voyage, and YOUR experience, and you will get from it what YOU desire. Now that it's become abundantly clear that an official record for youngest isn't on the books, you must feel that the stress of time has been lifted and you can live each day of your voyage without racing to the finish line.

    I am so pleased that you made the wise decision to stop in Cape Town and get the autopilot repaired. You will be able to sail out into the Indian Ocean knowing that you won't have to lash yourself to the tiller for the next 3-4 months.

    Abby, dearest, we think of you often and check your blog daily, so keep the blogs coming. We'll be with you every nautical mile of your wonderful voyage.
    Clear skies,
    ~Brian & Phillippa
    Vancouver, Canada

  55. Abby,

    What a nice comment to congratulate Jessica. That shows a lot of maturity, dignity and class. Those are qualities that you will be remembered for long after the record books have faded.

    Thanks for the update on Wild Eyes. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and to hear the next update regarding the repairs. Take care and enjoy the rest of your stay in Cape Town.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  56. Jeanp, AustraliaMay 16, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    Afternoon Abby, your very generous congratulations to Jessica show just what a Lady in the true sense of the word you are. Gracious and dignified. A great credit to your Parents. Your own journey although different is no less courageous or dangerous. It is a true test of a champion to face danger and adversity and still press on. Take time to make all of your gear and safety equipment is ready and then enjoy your trip. Regards, Jeanp, Australia.

  57. Abby ... What Jesse did was remarkable and your record attempt if successful will also be remarkable and even comparable if you and Wild Eyes are seen battling through the 10 meter seas of the southern ocean. You are even younger, a mere 16, and attempting something which requires maturity, courage and skill. Very few people, man or woman, would consider such an endeavor. You are going to get a chance to show your stuff, to prove you are a first class yachtswoman in the company of the Jessica Watsons of the world. You will be routing around weather systems as much as possible but the more difficult your trip, the greater the accomplishment becomes in the eyes of the following public.

    Those were appropriate words for Jesse but now it all systems go, no looking back and no regrets.

    You will do it!

  58. Thanks Abby.
    You are beautiful.
    Your words reveal what you are really like.
    "From the abundance of the heart,
    the mouth speaks."
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  59. If you start now from Cape Town, can't you still make the non stop record ?

  60. Abby
    While you are stopped and in a well equiped port it's a good idea to slip Wild Eyes and de-foul. you've only been out three months but it's surprising what you'll find has grown on the bottom. a nice clean hull will give you one or two more knots of speed once back at sea and it makes all the difference on days with little wind.
    Jesse rejects an offer of a $250,000 birthday party for tomorrow 18th May.
    Sailor boy Mike Perham claims a relationship with Jessica but I know her manager personaly and he told me they're friends only but he couldn't resist making money from a magazine for a story.
    I think Jesse is to grounded to go in to any relationship when she has such a bright future. I also like the way she has turned down offers of money from smutty magazines, denied being a hero and just wants to be known as someone who had a dream and set about making it happen. she has even told the knockers she wasn't after a record or fame and she is talking about what good she can do with the money she has made from this voyage.
    Jessica has a real good heart and I can see some good things coming from her in the future.
    Abby I can't wait till you get back in the water so we can have your blog busy again and I'd like to see you get around the southern ocean before the nasty winter weather sets in.
    Cheers Baz

  61. Oh, dear Captain Abby, how gracious a grads you gave Jessica. It was so humble and great of you.
    Nothing wrong to be invious by any means. But your a strong person and will finish your dream as well.
    Good luck with the repairs and hope you're sailing with the ocean waves soon. We all pray for your safe return again.
    Dee Thompson, Santa Clarita, Ca

  62. Hi Abby,
    Another great blog. Yes Jessica had a great welcome home, but so will you when you finish your amazing adventure. Make sure your boat is 100% and set of on the next leg. I will be following you every day as I did Jesse and have nothing but admiration for you both.
    Just enjoy yourself,

  63. Dearest Abby,

    Oh what a beautiful young lady you are. So complimentary to Jesse Watson, you should be so proud of who you are Abby. You will achieve your own record my dear and as long as you arrive home safely, that is the most important thing. I know that it must be a disappointing that you didn't accomplish what you first set out to do, but you are still in this till the finish line and you still have that goal of being the youngest to sail around the world.

    I hope that you have had a lovely time with Zac. I'm pleased that you have now got two waterproof cameras. I'm looking forward to lots of lovely photos again.

    I'm pleased that the repairs on Wild Eyes are going well. She will be ship shape in no time. I bet you Wild Eyes is rearing to go, just like you.

    Take care my dear and enjoy the duration of your time in Cape Town.

    Big hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  64. Hi Abby,
    Hope you are starting to feel refreshed from your stop in Capetown and more confident in your boat as well. I have just checked passage weather and the wind and waves seem to have moved closer to Antarctica leaving a better gap of lighter winds and waves closer to South Africa and Australia. It can still move close to the African and Australian continents but the worst seems to be centred further south now. It could stay that way for a couple of months now. I like your chances of being able to get through to the tropics more easily now. You may have to travel slowly one or two days however it appears there will be better gaps between weather systems now. I know that pirates can be a problem if you go north near Indonesia. Though I suppose you could keep closer to the Australian coast line to try to avoid them. Looking forward to your further travels in the coming days.
    From Lynne in Brisbane Australia

  65. Kath, Qld, AustraliaMay 17, 2010 at 4:57 AM

    Hi Abby,
    happy to hear that things are going well with you & look forward to following you when you set sail again.
    Lovely words for our Jess, thank you for that. I am one of her avid followers from before she even started so I am so proud of her, but am now having Jess withdrawals :), I've spent the past 7 months checking her blog daily so am missing hearing about her adventures. That said, it's thanks to her that I know about you as she mentioned you in her blogs, I have posted here many times & will continue.
    Jess deserved the wonderful homecoming that she & her little pink boat received, so many thousands of people on the shore & water, millions watching glued to their telly's, she had Australia mesmorized, she's an amazing young woman to have accomplished what she has. You are also an amazing young woman Abby, you have accomplished so much already, so much more than many.
    Anyway, I'm wishing you all the best for the rest of your journey, hope you get to stop in 'down here' to see Jess, would be an amazing photo op ($$$) for you both :). I'm guessing that the powers that be have already thought of that hehe.
    Stay safe .X.

  66. Hi Abby.I Think a stop in Sidney wouldn't be out of the question.That should be worth a picture or two.And you still made the right call.Joshua.

  67. Hi Abby,

    I was looking the weather forecast for the next days in passageweather and i was thinking, what route will be the best option for you now that you are entering the indian ocean later than planned. Are you going to take the same route as Jessica did? or going as north as possible in the indian ocean and then sailing the north of Australia can be an option? rememember that your safety comes first and minimizing risks is the best option. Best wishes,


  68. Way to go Abby! Good sportsmanship is in short supply quite often! thanks for the update!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC


    Despite the "record" hoopla, you girls have done an amazing job that anoyone would be proud of. You have proven that life is short, and if you want something, you have to go out an get it. No ones gonna just give you that record!

    Glad to hear repairs are going well, no sense in having to stop again.

    I have told my boyfriend that we need to plan a trip to CA to welcome you home. I can't follow you around the world and not be there when you get home?! Plus I can use you as an excuse to go to CA and sail again, Atlanta doesn't have too many options!

    BEST WISHES ABBY! Keep up the good work!


  70. Abby, You are doing a great job with "the cards" you were dealt, and don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. To accomplish what you have, then proceed on to the "finish line" as planed, is an accomplishment in and of itself. "Atta-Girl" Abby, and anyone who should matter to you and your great team, will agree. The other aren't worth even thinking about. Looking forward to your further Blogs and pic's. God is blessing you Abby. Norm :->
    Sacramento, CA U.S.A.

  71. Hi Abby,
    Wishing you the best for your journey. God Bless. Trina and Marv Ventura

  72. did you get a couple of Kindles?? Reading that you were without (many) books was one of the most upsetting of any of your news.

  73. Beautiful inside and out you clearly are. You have an amazing head on your shoulders. Keep at it, you as well are truly deserving of completing your journey. Best of wishes!

  74. @ Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA Jessica Watson sailed north east from Australia and crossed the equator before heading diagonally across the Pacific to Cape Horn. I wouldn't call that sailing around Antarctica. Abby, is it possible to go up the west coast of Australia, instead of across the stormy Southern Ocean and Great Australian Bight? There are Australian Navy patrols across the top end of Australia, so it might be worth considering. Love, Jules on the Gold Coast, Australia

  75. I enjoyed the video and blog comments. I follow your blog daily and wish you the very best as you continue your sailing. It's good to hear that you have some waterproof cameras. We will all be looking forward to pictures whenever you produce them. Best wishes and God bless you, Jerry.

  76. HI abby,
    i am from sydney, and have watched jessie complete her voyage. She has done remarkably well.

    I hope you set out soon and are not kept too long before you continue your journey- for thats what this is also about - your journey.

    take care

  77. Dear Abby

    Thank you so much for your gracious comments to Jessica, they are very much appreciated by us Jessaholics. May we wish you all the best for the rest of your voyage, and now that the non-stop part is no longer relevant, consider stopping at Melbourne, we would love to come down and meet you.

    Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave, Vic, Aus)

  78. Hey Abby - Great blog. Loved the video. I know that is not your typical sail, but it looked so peaceful. Hope you have lots of those days and not so many rough seas as you head back out. Follow YOUR dream. Since I'll never be able to sail around the world (I get terribly sea sick!) I'll be following you around, just admiring your courage and enjoying your pictures and blogs.

  79. Gidday Abby

    Well said. It takes a special type of person to stand back and recognise Jessie's accomplishment when you have had some bad luck. Sometimes it is just bad luck.....but hang in there and realise your dream of circumnavigation. You can have a few stops now so drop in to Mooloolaba, a great place and spend some time with Jess as she has the greatest admiration for you. There are only a few people who will know what you have been through.

    Good luck

    Dave and Una...Beaudesert........Qld....Australia

  80. Abby, I wouldn't worry too much about records, they will always be broken, even your own record of being the youngest unassisted solo sailor to round Cape Horn. All of these amazing sails become etched in history and that's forever.
    Hope to see you back on the water when you're ready.

  81. Hi Abby,
    I have been following your blog since you set off since the USA and thought I may make a comment.
    You said some lovely words about Jessica and as an Australian I am happy you are so positive to her.
    Sailors should always support other sailors because it is a lonely thing that sailing is when solo and we all do it for the joy that sailing brings.
    Faye and Max, it was great meeting you in Sydney with other Jessaholics and I think supporting Abby is a very good cause as well, because she is living her dram just as Jessica did and that needs to be appauded.
    Abby , I hope you get underway soon and my your journey be safe and you arrive home safely as Jessica has.

  82. You have great sportsmanship! :)
    PS I just read your article in Girls' Life magazine. When I saw the page, I thought "I know who that is! I've been following her blog!" :D

    You are very strong

  83. Good on ya Abby, don't give up. Hope all the sea trials go well. Aust.

  84. Well done Abby, you had nice words for Jess and that says a lot. All the best for the rest of your journey.

  85. Hi Abby,I am from Newcastle, Australia just north of Sydney. I was privileged to be on a ferry on Sydney Harbour to welcome our girl Jessica home after her voyage around the world.We are very proud of her.
    Abby I am no less proud of you.I have followed your blogs from the start and can see that you are are a couragous and capable young woman. You have a similiar dream as Jessica.
    Iam a Christian and believe in the power of prayer and I will make sure that you will be in my prayers. God bless you and keep you safe as you travel the southern ocean and beyond.
    Peter, Newcastle, Australia.

  86. Hi Abby,
    I admire the way you handle things beyond your control. You are a strong person. I wish you good luck in the continuation of your journey. God bless.
    Michael B. C.
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  87. How wonderfully magnanimous!