Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cape Town


  1. Abby:
    Way to go!!! You made it!!!

    Relax and enjoy the time you have there. It really does not matter if you leave tomorrow or the next day or the following day. After the fact people will say "well, if she..." or "she should have..." BUT YOU are there and you may not be there again, relax and enjoy the time. I was in the Army for 20 years and many, many times I was someplace and I was stuck on the mission that I missed many things and I never got back to that place again. Please follow your heart, you are doing very well, just relax and smell the roses; then.....

    GO GIRL GO....

    John R Willis

  2. YAY for Abby - Good job!
    Have fun, and a good rest too!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  3. Welcome to Cape Town.

    You deserve to sleep for two full days.

  4. I've been a lurker but just had to write to you. You've done a great job. Your boat will be spanking new and in good order when you resume your journey. Enjoy South Africa, replace your Kindle with an iPad (ask your brother what it is) and continue to have fun.
    Ray Conboy., Los Angeles and Lancaster

  5. Congrats making it into port.

    Prayers answered.

    We'll pray you get back out into the open sea soon!


  6. Abby, So Happy for you, God Bless you and Congrats on this part of the journey! Enjoy this time!!!!! Love from the Foresta's, Flossmoor Il.

  7. So u missed all the big ships huh! Great job Abby!!! Now go find a shower! Lol :)
    lots of love and keep us informed on your little vacation!

    Shawn from Texas

  8. Fantastic! You're an amazing young lady.

  9. Enjoy your stay and visit w/your Dad and brother!.

  10. Bonjour Abby (& Wild Eyes),

    Take care, Be safe ! :-)

  11. Congratulations Abby....what a are such a brave loving your blogs and trip.....Stay strong and will be enjoying the ride until you are home.....Stay save, A Gramma from Michigan....

  12. Great job Sailor, now enjoy the Liberty and get some R & R in.


  13. Dear Abby,

    Hurray for you! You have done another fine job of not only navigating yourself through some very dangerous waters for the last several days and making your way safely into Cape Town, but your post had me riveted to my seat!

    I love your updates, I love how you write all the little tiny details that make it so vivid and easy for us to imagine that we are right there with you seeing and experiencing everything that you are seeing and experiencing and I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

    You have a wonderful rest, visit with friends and family, and eat lots of wonderful food and ice cold beverages while you are in Cape Town.

    I can't wait to see pictures, and to hear more on your progress with the boat repairs and your adventures while you are in Cape Town.

    You are safe and sound and I can take a rest from my worrying for a while :) Prayer is a powerful thing Abby! Never forget!

    Warm wishes from Kansas,

  14. We are so proud of you Abby! We have been praying and we Praise The Lord for giving you the ability to make it safely to Cape Town! We love you!

  15. Hello Little Lady,
    I am so happy that you are safe.sleep,sleep.Fresh hot food and family,what else can a girl ask for.Enjoy. Pete from the OC.

  16. Have fun!!

    We can see your sea-hands at work. You missed posting this entry under its title! :-)

  17. Well done Abby!
    Thank those people who have prayed for your safety and success; your parents, your friends, the people of the world and most of all, don't forget, thank God!
    I pray your onward journey goes well and you be given the courage to face come what may, with God's will, you will achieve what you have always dreamed of, go for it brave girl.

    Dad o4d's
    East Malaysia

  18. Wonderful description of your arrival, Abby!! Thank you for taking the time and making the effort... we're all listening/interested/wondering...

    All the best for your days on land!!

  19. AWESOME!

    Get some rest . . . have some fun . . . tease your bro' . . . and fix the autopilot . . . have some more fun . . . then rest . . . and start out on the next leg!

    You're just awesome you are!

  20. Been following you on your Blog and love it. Keep us informed cause I look every morning anxious to read your entries. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  21. Awesome update Abby!! I'm laughing about the floors moving. Too funny! I'd been waiting to hear something like that, about going in. Floors that move or don't , too many people, too much smell, etc, etc. Lol....
    I'm really happy for you and I've been following since you left CA. Thanks for sharing it all with me.
    So, rest up, get your work done, have a good time, and get back out there.
    I'll be watching for you.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  22. Hi Abby, I am so glad that you are able to spend some time with your Dad and brother. You will be eating good and sleeping well so take advantage of it because it won't long until you will be back out there.......enjoy and don't work too hard, let your brother and Dad do the work and you enjoy being on dry land. Take care and my thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  23. 05-06-10 @ 02:52
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to see that all the anxiety is done with for now. I had faith in you and you did a good job bringing “Wild Eyes” in. Now for some good food plenty of rest, somehow I doubt that, you’ll be into the work up to your elbows…right…yeah!!! There’s nothing wrong with that, sorry to hear about the engine, more bad breaks, but better at Cape Town than in the middle of the Ocean somewhere. So knuckle down and keep them guys hopping….lol…
    May God hold her in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep her sails full, and I, I will be praying for her.
    Her faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  24. Abby you are just incredible after reading this latest post you just amaze me and then hearing the interview of you and your Dad, really you brings tears to my eyes just thinking about you and this voyage you're on it is the experience of a lifetime and you are only 16, Abby you are AWESOME. enjoy the Land and the Food and the People and Hot Showers, Get some well earned Rest. Peace and Aloha. 38'43"N/122'67"W

  25. Bravo Zulu Captain Sunderland!! Your taming of the unpredictable seas is a testament to your skill - with all the mess going on around the world your shining light is a fine example of courage, fortitude and a beautiful example of what the human spirit can do.

    Thanks for your example.

    Ron Knox
    CDR USNR (ret)

  26. Hi Abby, glad to see you made Cape Town safe and sound!

    Considering all of the people in this world that say they want to do something, it's a joy to see there are still adventureous young people who are actually doing it! "Do or do not do, there is no try"

    Enjoy the R&R and good luck on the rest of the journey .

    Steve Chamberlain
    SV FlightDeck
    George Town, Grand Cayman

    P.s Keep a close watch on the yard working to get you on your way again there or you may find out someone has shoe horned a 400 hp Kubota into your hull! The folks in and from SA are great, no better frineds to have :)


  27. Dear Abby—
    Thank you for being you. What a gift. For years I have loved Mark Twain’s comment: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Who’d have thought that after all this time a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl would actually come along and do it! A triumph of the human spirit that is exhilarating and exalting. While about seven billion herd humans living lukewarm, convention-bound, dull, plastic lives, sailing the Seven Sad C’s of “Conforming, comparing, complying, competing, classifying, capitulating, and cowardice,” never living but always intending to live some day (which never comes), you come alone and blow it out of the water in a stem-winding triumph of the human spirit.
    You make my heart sing. My appreciation, awe, and gratefulness come straight from the life spark of my core.
    Love and blessings,
    Dr. B