Monday, May 10, 2010

Cape Town Update II

Hey everyone,
Sorry it's been so long since I've written. Its been pretty busy here. We've finished a lot of the work on Wild Eyes and things are moving along nicely. We have found a few more problems, but nothing too big, so we should be able to keep on schedule.

The V&A Waterfront Marina and the Cape Grace Hotel from the air.

Photo: Abby Sunderland

We have been staying at a friend's house, my parents met them when they were in LA. Jannie and Tracy van Wyk have been great, a really big help. Yesterday, Jannie, his son James and I flew out in his little plane to his cabin pretty far out. It was a great day.

The van Wyk's cottage from the air. Photo Jannie van Wyk

View of the South Atlantic from the air. Photo: Abby Sunderland

Jannie and I in front of his ariplane. Photo James van Wyk

We had breakfast at Kersefontein farm near where Jannie's weekend cottage. Kersefontein farm has been owned for 8 generations by the same family since 1770!

We went quad running, and got his little power boat out of the river.

Me with James van Wyk. Photo: Jannie van Wyk

Then we flew to a nearby airport for an airshow.

Then we flew back got home and went to the album launch for an African band called Freshly Ground.

I would write more, but I should really get back down to the boat and get back to work.

Table Mountain from the air. Photo: Abby Sunderland


  1. Great photos Abby!!! It sounds like you are having a blast! That's great! Thanks for the updates, too. Enjoy yourself Abby! You've earned it!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  2. Hi Abby
    Amazing photographs!
    Best wishes

  3. Well, you know, there are some benefits of stopping along the way. Sounds like a lot of fun, I'm envious.

    On another note, was/is wild eyes a little too high tech to make the circumnavigation without a stop? What are you guys thinking now?

    Great pictures.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your stay at cape and awesome pictures. I am glad that you got to stop and do some fun things. Until this, I have not even known the place. I would like to visit there someday.

  5. How does it feel to be back on land? Glad u are having fun w/your friends as well as getting what u need to have done, done...

  6. It's terrific to see the photos and wonderful that you're taking some time for yourself, Abby. What a great opportunity to see some more of that world that you're sailing around.

    With your visit, and Zac's visit with Intrepid in January 2009, the Sunderlands are getting quite a bit of time in Cape Town. I hope you enjoy your visit!

    When you and Wild Eyes are ready and it comes time to leave, I continue to wish you fair winds and Godspeed.


  7. Hi Abby,

    Great to hear from you again. The photos above Cape Town are terrific. I believe we can see Wild Eyes in the first aerial...the second boat directly above the hotel pool. Thanks for introducing us to your friends.

    A few more days as "a tourist" left then back to what you enjoy most. Have fun.

    Take care young lady,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  8. What a beautiful place. So glad you're having a great time!

    Lori in MN

  9. Abby so happy that you are having a wonderful time and getting so experience some of the land. Thanks for the post.

  10. Wow, you were able to pack a lot into a short time! I'm glad you got to do something fun, during your stop. It was probably nice to think about something other than sailing for a while. I'm glad the work on Wild Eyes is progressing well, and you'll soon be on your way, ready for the next leg. I hope they got you stocked up on reading material and yummy snacks, in addition to fixing the safety issues!

  11. It's good that you are able to get out and about and see the sites while you're on your adventure!

  12. Great pictures Abby!! Now, not only have you sailed half-way across the world, but you've been to South Africa, where many will only dream of going. I know the stop may not have been on your "Bucket List" of things to do in life, but if it was, you can scratch that one off!

    Glad the repairs are going well, rather you'd catch the problems now than out at sea (duh). I once got my dinghy line stuck in my prop. I had to anchor down for quite some time before I could get a proper diver w/ tools to cut the line, glad the kelp was easy to dislodge!!

    I'm ready for you to get back on the water Abby, I live vicariously through your sailing, since I'm stuck at this desk in the middle of Atlanta!!
    I miss the open sea!

    Best Wishes!!! XOXO

  13. Dear Abby,
    Oh, I'm so happy for you. To read your news and to see the great photo's and all the fun and most interesting things you have experienced. Such nice hospitality by Jannie van Wyk's family.
    I wish you all the best with the work on the boat. Enjoy everything.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  14. Thanks Abby.
    Nice photos.
    Enjoy your time at Cape Town.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  15. Hi Abby,

    Thanks for sharing. Your photos are beautiful. This is such a memorable time in your life - sailing, visiting another part of the world, even flying in a small plane - WOW.

    Take care and Godspeed.

    Nina from MdR

  16. Hola, Abby~
    Lucky, lucky you...not just sailing the world, but seeing it, too!

    Curious what the contingency plan is since you will be sailing "around and down under" in the off-season?

    Wouldn't it be horrible if you had to stop in Tasmania (do NOT get a "Tasmanian Devil" tattoo!)...or New Zealand (DO buy a good sweater and a pair of Wellingtons!)...oh, and all those exotic little islands (Fiji might be a great place to "winter over")...

    ok, NOW I'm envious :)

    Stay safe, Godspeed, and buy a back-up camera!


  17. Great photos. Glad you are having time for a little R & R!

  18. Capt. Abby, thanks a heap for taking the time out to update us again. You are getting the hang of it nicely. The photos are very descriptive and building now into a valuable album for everyone at our house and across the world. My personal observation is that you appear much more "at ease" & home-girl when located several thousand miles out at sea! Go for it!

  19. Abby,

    Thanks for the great pictures. You’re giving us quite a tour of Cape Town. I’m sure glad that you’re getting some time to see the area and to have a bit of fun while you’re there. What a neat experience. I’m sure that your Dad and Zac are enjoying getting a chance to spend some time there too even if they have been busy working on Wild Eyes. Good luck completing the work and make time to have some more fun while your there, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  20. Nice job on the photos Abby! Enjoy your time there for sure! Thanks for taking the time to post for us all!

  21. Hey Abby! Great photos. Rest up and good luck.

  22. 05-10-10 @ 15:45
    Hi Abby,
    I hope you’re having a good time enjoying the fine food and the scenery, you look very happy, and I’m glad to see that. Thanks for all the pictures, they are really great. Question: Did you get to fly the plane? That would have been a kicker…lol… How are the repairs coming along, that’s a shame that all that gear had to be dried out, but at least you’ll be starting out clean, clear and fresh. So good luck on the repairs and keep up the good work, get plenty of rest and fill your tummy with all that ‘hot’ food…lol…

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  23. I saw your article in Girl's Life!!! Good luck!

  24. Glad you are getting some R&R. I see Jessica Watson is almost home. Good going the both of you. Good Speed - John

  25. Bonjour Abby (& Wild Eyes),

    The pictures you take are always good!

    Enjoy, take care! :-)

  26. Hi Abby, Looks like you are still having fun and Wild Eyes is getting worked on. BTW Abby, you are also a pretty good photographer(is that Wild Eyes just above the swimming pool, second slip in the first pic?)wow nightclubbing too aren't you just the well rounded world class adventurer.continue to enjoy your shore leave, you'll be back on the water before too long....Peace & Aloha 38'43"N/122'67"W

  27. Harmik CarapetianMay 10, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    Nice Abby, thanks for the info and the wonderful pictures. Hope you take a watertight camera with you when you head back out. We love your blogs and pictures. Keep up the good work and see you at MDR in a few months. Harmik

  28. Hi Abby... Great photos, Glad things are going well for you. It seems like you are enjoying your stop. Good for you. Guess this will be my last post to your blog for a few weeks. We are leaving Wednsday. You will be on our minds while we are away. Love you much. May the Good Lord watch over you. Stay safe
    Bud and Charal Winnett

  29. Ok, breaks over, Get back to work!

  30. sounds like your having a blast, but also sounds like your ready to get back out there! get wild eyes going and set sail!! Will you make any other stops now that the non-stop solo is out? Let us know and keep up the great pics and posts!


    Shawn from Texas

  31. Hi Abby, What makes Your Blog different is the Humility, Dignity and Grace U project. WTG

  32. Hi Abby, It's good to see you're having a really nice break, and thank you for sharing it with us. What lovely photos. Time flies and you'll soon be back out there again with Wild Eyes. Glad problems are being found now for fixing. Looking forward to your next blog. Take care little lady
    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  33. you go Abby - so glad you are taking the time to see these beautiful surroundings - thanks for sharing them with us! xo

  34. Wow Abby, you are really having the time of your life!! I knew this stop would be good for you. What good is sailing around the world if you can't stop and see it huh? :-)
    I love all the photos too!!
    My daughter and I are auditioning for the Wizzard of Oz tonight at our local theater. Fun stuff!
    Alyssa from California

  35. Hi Abby - so stopping over hasn't been sooo bad eh!!!!!!!!- so nice to see you are enjoying your stay and so blessed to have such good friends taking care of you - good luck with the prep. of WILD EYES for 'TAKE OFF' - I pray all hidden problems will be found and sorted before your next adventure - have a happy time Abby - bless you - Judy G - Surfer's Pdsae - Qld Aus.

  36. Dear Abby,

    What wonderful pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed them. You look so happy and rested.

    Were you able to visit the all-girl's school?

    Enjoy the rest of your time there and God speed on the rest of your travels.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash., USA

  37. All is well; pictures and activity are first rate! Thanks for sharing.

  38. Gotta keep an eye on those sailors when they hit port after 3 months at sea.

    Have a really great time! This might induce you to make other stops. I'd bet that Sydney is swingin' enough to keep you busy.

  39. hi abby looks like your having fun, but i don't flying i will travel any other why but planes. but i would like to put that jet engine in a car though the fastest land record in a car is 736 mph. now that would be a blast. if i had the money i would go to rome and paris and then maybe italy to but that is a dream that won't come true because i don't have that kind of money.

  40. Wow Abby, aren't you having a time! Sailing, flying, etc. How's your walking on a non moving floor going? Seems like you have lots of time, so that means you have lots of help on the boat, huh? What a deal. Are you eager to get out again, or do you miss it any? I think your pictures are great! Especially of the so. Atlantic from air. Whew..!
    Too fun. You're a lucky girl. Then, again, I'd say you've earned it. lol.. Thanks for the update and the pics. Enjoy
    Catch you next time.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  41. Big thank you for the update.

    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!

  42. Hey Abby

    After seeing what you've been doing on land, I'd say the heck with that non-stop idea. I'd be hitting every good port along the way. You'll get home when you get home. This is probably a once in a lifetime experience...get everything out of it that you can.


  43. Hi Abby:

    I really enjoyed the pics and look forward to more. I can see that you are enjoying yourself.


    Hugs, seattlesid

  44. Marvin and Trina Ventura Ca.
    Wow!!! gorgeous views. Not bad to stop at all. Good thing you did.

  45. that is nice .. i need trip like this

  46. I'm glad you are able to have some fun out of the city. You must be having to pinch yourself to realize this is real and you're not simply dreaming it on Wild Eyes. And soon enough you'll back out alone at sea and all this land life will be a memory.

    Was interesting to read Zac is first alternate crew on the Bounty Boat expedition and one of them almost had enough the other day. Right now they are hungry, thirsty, and covered with sand fly bites. And starting to get on each others nerves. Will be interesting to see if Zac gets the call.

  47. PAAAAAARRRRRRTAY!!! Party Party Party!

    Get your freak on!

  48. Great pics Abby. You just seem to fit in where ever you go. Lucky gal! Its awesome you have been afforded this opportunity to visit and partake. You still have a long journey, but how cool to be all freshened up for it. As always, my best to you Abby. Gary from Folsom, Ca.

  49. Hi Abby, It looks like you are having a wonderful time....alot of fun. The pictures were great, awesome place for you to be. Enjoy, Gail/Ventura

  50. The pictures that you have posted since your arrival to Cape Town are such a treat that I have to make sure that you are resizing your pictures before uploading them to your blog so we can get more of them when you are on your homeward voyage. With the pictures resized, you can post more pictures with more speed and less airtime.

    It has been my experience that regardless of how big (high resolution, large mega pixels) of a picture that I upload to my blog, Google, operator of Blogger, resizes the pictures to a mere 250X350 pixels or less. You can check this by right clicking on a picture that you have posted and then selecting the properties on the window that opens. With the high internet speed on land and unlimited usage, for a few pictures we may decide not to resize at all when posting the pictures; But on an open ocean with internet speeds of more to 20 times slower than land and the expensive air time it quickly adds up for both time and money, therefore it is better that we resize the pictures first.

    The software that transfers the pictures from your camera to your computer, in its menu should have a heading for resizing. Use this option and resize the pictures that you would like to post to about 250X350 (or even less, you can experiment) and make sure to save both the original and the reduced pictures on your hard disk. You can then use the resized pictures to upload to your blog. If your capturing software does not support resizing, use the Microsoft software to do this and use the 240X320 size option.
    This links shows you how:

    For example a typical picture of 5M pixel takes (5,000,000)/(250X350)=57 times longer to be uploaded than an 87k(250X350) pixel picture, and 57X20=1140 times longer in the open ocean using Sailor 250 than on land.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Cape Town.

  51. Wow, Abby, see you have a great time!
    So happy for you!
    Good luck!
    always waiting for your posts,
    Alla, Russia

  52. The photos are great Abby and I am glad you are having a good time and the repairs are progressing speedily.
    You will be moving out soon again! Jessica is coming home and how excited everyone is!
    Take care, enjoy your enforced stop,
    Trudy, Austria/Australia

  53. HAY! ABBY!

    Thanks for the update. Have fun.

    GO! ABBY!

  54. Great photos and I'm glad your repairs are going smoothly good luck on the rest of your journey! :)

  55. Abby,

    Awesome pictures! What a great adventure your having! Can't wait til your back on the water. Keep us posted.

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  56. Great update, Abby. I'm sure you have a lot on your plate. Hope all the problems you found, are workable. Best wishes and God's speed, Abby.
    Norm :-> Sacramento, CA U.S.A.

  57. Great pictures Abby! Thanks a lot! I'm glad that
    things are moving along well and that you are able to take some time to relax. I think this experience of sailing around the world with stops, meeting people and visiting new places will enrich your life very much.

    Best wishes,

    Marina from Turin

  58. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMay 11, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    Abby -- the pictures are beautiful and really seem to depict the warm-hearted people and gorgeous landscape. Glad that you are enjoying your stop and that repairs and reprovisioning on Wild Eyes is going quite well... All my best to you, Team Abby, and your wonderful Capetown frieds! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  59. Have a good time, and please ... you or one of your crew update us on the mechanical issues you are facing and how they are resolved. Do you still like that brand of autopilot, or is it just too dificult to change? What other issues are you fixing?

  60. Glad to hear you made it safely in to Cape Town and see that you are enjoying South Africa. May be you should try to go around a second time and this time visit known places around the globe? :o) Take care and have fun.
    Anita (Norway)

  61. Hi Abby
    Looking at the estimated completion times of each leg & overall (so far) the actual times vs the estimates are considerably longer. Estimates were that you should reach your current destination in 66 days, yet the journey took 105 days.

    a couple of questions:

    Does this jeopardize the remainder of your trip due to seasonal weather conditions?

    Has Wild Eyes lived up to expectations, as far as performance & capability of the craft?

    Since performance gauged by distance travelled ave per day has remained fairly constant, is it possible that Wild Eyes is not being sailed to her potential, either intentionally, or as a result of not having prior experience sailing a vessel of this magnitude, or was the
    speed adversely affected by auto pilot issues etc?

    Now that you have had time to acclimate to the boat, and with the auto pilot replaced, do you expect your overall speed to improve on the remaining legs of your journey?

    Enjoy your stay in Africa, & best wishes on a safe & enjoyable return to California.


  62. Nice pics and good news, Miss Abby! I hope you are not letting your shore team, Dad & Co, working on Wild Eyes without you, while you fly and have fun. What are you planning to do with the autopilot(s)?
    Btw, any way of enlarging your pics? It's too bad they remain so little.
    Don't forget to find hairbrushes...
    Best always...

  63. Its good to see you having fun with your trip Abby, I wish we knew each other. You make me proud, even tho I am a land lover. I have never been too an ocean, but thats ok for now. I have raised three kids and I think I know how your father feels about you. Your outlook on life is perfect, for me do not ever stop! Thank you again, Steve! The guy who has never been too sea.

  64. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Great photo's Look what you would of missed out on if you hadn't stopped.
    Keep having fun,

  65. @RichieParis:While viewing Abby's photos, hold down the ctrl key while tapping the + key to enlarge them. Then you can hold down the ctrl key and tap the - key to make them smaller. Or you can cut-and-paste them to another location on your computer and rescale them. See if that helps a bit.


  66. At teeny tiny boat in the middle of the massive blue seas, then straight into a teeny tiny plane in the massivle blue skies above.

    Couldn't get me to do either of that for any amount of money. :)

  67. HEY! I just wanted to say i could never do what you are doing and I'm glad your doing something you love way to go for your dreams!! I also wanted you to know that i will be praying for you and your journey and that it will be a safe one!!! good luck!

    God bless you!

  68. Beauuuutiful pictures Abby! What you're doing right now is what travel is supposed to be about! Absorb it all...then do it some more the first chance you get! Wouldn't it be grand to do it again, and this time stop everywhere you want?! Please be extra careful that YOU feel like everything is right before you depart. This next part could test Wild Eyes pretty severely so bring extra everything! Be sure to carry as much fruit as you can...if it goes bad, you can feed the fishies!

  69. There you go, Abby. When you told us you had to stop, I said that often times when a plan falls through, something even better takes its place. I know you didn't want to stop but having that one record cannot compare to the sights you are seeing in Cape Town. You are so lucky to have that wonderful opportunity. Enjoy all your shore time. The photos are great and yours of the Atlantic from the air is really gorgeous. I hope all the repairs go well; meantime, enjoy as much as you can see of Africa.
    San Diego

  70. Hi ABBY
    great update ... we lounge lizards do appreciate news on your daily progress ... it is an ADDICTION, so know we do appreciate your news. @RichieParis AGREE Nice pics and "What are you planning to do with the autopilot(s)?" @SaltyDog (that is such a magic name) thx for the keyboard enlarge/decrease info...

  71. What's the temperature like now in Cape Town? Here in Sydney it's starting to feel a bit wintery once the sun goes down, and it's got suddenly colder in all the coastal cities. Are you really sure you want to tackle the southern oceans now with winter setting in? Could be a bit tough! Having seen the epic sailing that Jessica & Jamie were faced with getting around down under Australia recently - when the weather was warmer and the days were longer - personally, I'd be very tempted to let Wild Eyes sit out the winter in Cape Town, and come back in Spring time to continue the journey in more pleasant (?) conditions. Trust your backup team is plotting routes and weather long ways in advance to make sure you get through ok... whenever you decide to keep going. Look forward to the travelogue, thank you!

  72. Ref Ed's comments on speed & size of boat: As a non-sailor, I also interested in the comparative specs. Sorry about the ongoing comparisons with Jessica (don't worry, that'll slow down soon, now that Jessica's almost at journey's end), but when you were both first setting out, I thought read somewhere that Abby's boat was predicted to be faster, but could be more liable to knockdowns. So far, us land-lubbers are intrigued that the opposite appears to have eventuated - Jessica's had more than her fair share of knockdowns. I hope Abby doesn't suffer same fate, or worse!! Or, as Ed suggests, once Wild Eyes gets technical issues solved, then might be able to pick up pace - weather etc conditions depending. Jessica commented occasionally that she was sailing conservatively, and likewise, Jamie also in S&S commented he had to remind himself that he wasn't racing, but out there first & foremost to survive ... though how on earth he does it at all (quadriplegic) is astounding. I'm interested in experience sailor's comments - makes the journey very interesting for us to understand more of how things work. Thank you.

  73. Sounds like you're having a great vacation while there and dealing with the situation wonderfully! Enjoy!

  74. Enjoy Cape Town Abby, you've so deserved it!
    Anita (Norway)

  75. 05-12-10 @ 15:05
    Hi Abby,
    Hey, just want to keep in touch and find out what’s going on. Do you have any set date when you might be setting sail again? How are the repairs coming along? I hope you didn’t run into any real problems, but I know the crew could handle them if they did. So keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves as much as possible, all the pictures are great. Sure would like to hear from you, when you’re not to busy…lol…
    Take care of yourself Abby, you’ll be back out there before long. I just need to practice some “patience”…yeah…lol…

    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  76. Hi Abby.

    Glad to see that you're enjoying yourself and making the most of your stop in Cape Town. As you stated earlier, it would be a pity to sail around the world, and not see any part of it.

    New Jersey

  77. Hey Abby,
    Don't let anybody push you back in the water sooner than you're ready to go. You decide when your equipment is ready and that you have everything you need for this more difficult part of your trip. As others have said, there's no going around the weather south of Oz, but we expect you'll handle the knock downs every bit as well as you Aussie counterpart! Enjoy Cape Town, I've heard it's just gorgeous and lots to do there.

  78. Abby,

    Great pictures! It looks like you're having a blast in Cape Town and I'm so glad for you. Remeember, you originally didn't want to pull in? You've sure packed a lot into a short period of time!

    I hope work is progressing nicely on Wild Eyes also.

  79. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  80. Hi Abbey, Great photos! It is obvious you are having a ball in Cape Town. I'm happy to know that repairs are progressing and that we will soon see a smiling, happy, and contented Abbey sailing off and into the Indian Ocean. By now, I am sure you have done all of your shopping and are hot to trot! Take your time and be sure all is right before you leave. For what it is worth, Jessica Watson had a fuel pump fail on her Yanmar diesel. That would be a good spare to have along just in case. Good luck and looking forward to your next adventure. When you can, it would be interesting for your followers to know what the sail plan calls for from here.

  81. Posted to both of your sites.
    @Abbey and Jessica:
    Young ladies, do you realise what a horrible, negative, effect you two have had on the world economy? Productivity has plummeted all over the world, since you departed on your voyages! People are spending an inordinate amount of time looking for another of your entertaining, fascinating and even gut wrenching updates. This takes place by all Jessicans and Abbekans, probably on average of 10-15 times a day or more, prior to a new blog coming up. Then comes all of the time spent, researching such things as, “Happy as Larry”, “Little Vegemite” and an array of sailing terms as well as learning to read maps, charts and weather charts, studying up on Autopilots, diesel heaters and learning about sea creatures (life forms), all on company time. Then there is energy spent shopping for the best dehydrated meals, Vegemite, smoked oysters and experimentation with all kinds of new culinary delights such as stir fried squid.

    I hear tell that Barack Obama has run out of things to blame onto George Bush and that he is about to lay the lack of world productivity at your feet. Kevin O Seven probably hasn’t made the connection yet, otherwise he would have had his internet police shut Jessica’s web site down by now. LOL! When Anna Bligh (Queensland Premier) heard Jessica was on her way, she hightailed it overseas, supposedly to do the job that I thought Peter Beattie (Former Queensland Premier) was being paid for. LOL again! Now that Jesse has delayed her arrival, Anna has had to return due to the onslaught of criticism about her cavorting around the world. Sorry if I am getting too political here.

    On the up side however, I am impressed with how you ladies have stirred my American compatriots out of their US regional frames of mind. They have in fact, spread their wings, into the rest of the world, to learn geography lessons they never would have achieved in their school days. Without you two they would not have had the incentive to look further than their own shores until you set sail.

    I cannot help but believe that Australia and the USA are wasting a huge amount of money on ambassadors, lolling around in other countries, not accomplishing a fraction of what you two have done for your countries, in just the short time that you have been away. You are indeed our Australian and American Ambassadors Extraordinaire!!

  82. Hi Abby,
    Glad you are enjoying Cape Town. You could try for a faster finish this time with only one or two stops. After all you won't be sixteen for ever. In the future, when you're older, you could try a few fast and shorter ocean crossing trips with stops to enjoy friends and places.
    Lynne in Brisbane Australia

  83. Dearest Abby,

    Fantastic photos. I'm pleased that you are being looked after well in Cape Town.

    Thanks for keeping us posted in all your busyness.

    Take care. Warmest wishes and big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

  84. Hey Abby, I'm happy to see your making the most out of your stay. I think its great your seeing things and visiting with others. Happy to hear your repairs are going well..get it all fixed now it will give you peace of mind when you get going again. Off to work...enjoy have a great day.

    Bob from Boston

  85. Would be nice to get an update soon.

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  87. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  88. Looks like you are going to be glad to get back on board, if only to get some rest! I look forward to it. Bon voyage.

  89. Fantastic pictures, dearest Abby!
    The Sunderlands are a handsome family, and we know they are very proud of you as well as you are of them.
    You are being very blessed there at Cape Town.
    Even though you had to stop, it made the journey all the more interesting and enjoyable.
    All of the people there are being very blessed with meeting you.
    More beautiful memories to last a life time!
    Enjoy, and when repairs are done,

    Sail on Abby and Wild Eyes, sail on.

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  90. Abby, Jessica arrived today in Sydney, she was met by Jesse and Mike Perham who was also stuck in Cape Town for repairs on his trip. She is loving it. The crowd at the Opera House to meet her was huge, she was nearly 3 hours late, yet nobody left, it was a historic occasion, even the Prime Minister was there to greet her.
    I am glad to see you are enjoying Cape Town, if you need repairs, you may as well enjoy it.
    Jessica joked about who would get to a hot shower first, sadly it was you.
    I look forward to following your journey when you've had enough hot showers.

  91. My post got deleted but thats OK. It was simply a line from a Michael Franti song and I didn't think about the legal side when I posted it. The song just made me think of Your Courage. If I was offered a delivery from Capetown going east I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the courage to try it.
    Sometimes I feel that this is really a blog for people under 21; the rest of us are grateful guests. If Admin deletes the negative energy from these comments, thats OK the world doesn't need more hate.It needs more Abbys.
    Anyway, we sure aren't giving up on U, no matter what.
    Thank You

  92. Jessica Watson did it!!!!!! The world's youngest solo unassisted non-stop to sail around the world. And so can you Abby. I think Jessica, Jess Martin and Mike were all correct when they said to be sucessful you need to prepare, prepare and prepare some more, then it is up to luck. You have had a bit of bad luck with your equipment but stay focused and you will be celebrated like a rock star just like Jessica was yesterday. Like so many have suggested why not stop in Sydney and soak in some Australian hospitality. I am sure in the long run you will be happy that you stopped into some ports. Your trip is being enriched by these extra experiences. Think of them as little gifts from God. Best of luck and stay safe.

  93. Jessica Watson did it!!!!!! The world's youngest solo unassisted non-stop to sail around the world. And so can you Abby. I think Jessica, Jess Martin and Mike were all correct when they said to be sucessful you need to prepare, prepare and prepare some more, then it is up to luck. You have had a bit of bad luck with your equipment but stay focused and you will be celebrated like a rock star just like Jessica was yesterday. Like so many have suggested why not stop in Sydney and soak in some Australian hospitality. I am sure in the long run you will be happy that you stopped into some ports. Your trip is being enriched by these extra experiences. Think of them as little gifts from God. Best of luck and stay safe. Little gifts from God? WTF little gifts from God? There is no such thing.

  94. God Speed, Abby. Fair winds and following seas.

  95. Courage Abby tu portes nos rêves also. Votre famille HNE fantastique et Les Enfants me FAITES Penser aux demi-dieux de la mythologie grec.
    Notre coeur avec toi Abby

    Courage Abby you wear our dreams too. Your family is fantastic and the children reminds me of demi-gods of Greek mythology.
    Our heart is with you Abby

  96. Abby mes pensées t'accompagne dans cette folle avanture. Prend soin de toi qui est a l'aube de ta vie . Mon admiration le partage à la crainte des dangers que tu vas affronter. Les 3 mois qui viennent vont nous paraitre bien longs . J'ai hate de te savoir revenue prês des tiens. Bien affectueusement Jacques L
    Abby my thoughts go with you on this crazy adventure. Take care of yourself is at the dawn of your life. My admiration sharing the fear of the dangers you'll face. The coming three months we will seem very long. I hate to know you're back near yours. Big kisses from France. Jacques L