Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well, I made it into Cape Town today.

Everyone had been a little worried because my ETA happened to be right in the middle of a gale. I ended up getting ahead of the heavier wind, but was still in about 25 knots gusting up to 30 and getting pretty rough out. We had been told by some sailors form around here that it can be very hard to get into Cape Town and that 30 knots was the max amount of wind to try and come in with.

The past few days had been slightly unpleasant. I haven't slept much in the past few days with all the shipping and not at all last night. It's been windy, which is great in the open ocean when you can take it at comfortable angles because you don't have any nearby land to run into. Since I was heading into Cape Town I was just trying to get myself there as fast as possible to avoid the gale.

About 5 miles out, soaked, uncomfortable and pretty worried, I still couldn't see land because of the fog. All of a sudden the sun came out, the wind died down to a nice 15 knots and I had just changed course to head in towards the breakwater so I had the wind more behind me and was surfing nicely down the swell. A dolphin came out to play at the bow of Wild Eyes, surfing along with us. With the sun out land was just about visible and it was really a great end to the past few less than fun days.

Eventually my Dad, Zac, and Scott came out with a bigger boat filled with media. It was a little intimidating, all the people and cameras, big boats and such. But I had to laugh at myself a little, I've been half way around the world, had spent the previous nights dodging many large (up to 250 meter long) ships, and this little sixty foot power boat with a few media people on board was scaring me!

Getting in was a little trick, because my one working auto pilot display was down below. Once I entered Table Bay, I started up my engine and dropped my main, then hearing some strange sounds I looked behind my to see black smoke pouring out the exhaust, well, there went my engine.

The guys in Cape Town where a great help. They tied up beside me and helped me in and that all went well. So, now we have another job on our list, but its better things break now then later on when I'm back out in the middle of the ocean.

At the dock I hopped off the boat to the waiting media. They were all really nice people and having talked to people so little in the last few months, I found myself actually enjoying all the questions and people! I got Wild Eyes settled into her new slip, and then went up to the hotel for a nice warm meal and a shower. The ground wasn't exactly stable, it's very hard to walk in a straight line when the ground is moving... and I felt like I was going to fall of out of a chair when I sat down.

That is all for tonight. It's getting late here and I need to get to bed. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow, and I will make sure to post pictures!!!

-- ~♥A♥~


  1. You are inspiring with your attitude and ability. Enjoy your time there.

  2. Well done Abby - Enjoy the short break before you hit the "road" again!
    Pat - Boston

  3. Hi Abby,
    Yay for you!! That is so cool that you received such a great (and well deserved!) welcome to Cape Town. Glad you enjoyed your "celebrity" status with the media!
    We hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your Dad, Zac, and Scott. Have fun, and get some rest too!
    Congratulations on your awesome journey!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  4. Hello Abby, family and supporters,

    It is a wonderful feeling to read your blog as well as your mom's. Finally, you will enjoy a warm shower, soft bed, good food, etc. We pray that everything will be rosy and no more major problems to come your way and Wild Eyes. Enjoy CT and all the people around you...God Bless!!!

    Trina and Marvin Ventura, Ca

  5. Oh, Abby,

    I am so happy for you. Enjoy your family and have a restful time there. Happy that sun came out for you to help guide you in.

    For any of you commenters who might be interested, I have found a good video of Cape Town. Go there, then click on "South and East African Safaris". Scroll down to "Cape Town Video" under Our Top Destinations......It is a beautiful video.

    Once again, enjoy your time in Cape Town, Abby.

    God Bless you and keep you safe as you travel the globe.

    Clare, Spokane, Wash., USA

  6. Congratulations Abby!! You are such an inspiration to us all. I am in So. Cal. and I heard your voice this a.m. on KNX 1070 radio. Take care; get some rest and good food. This is such a precious time in your life.

    Best Wishes to you, your family and your team.

    Nina from MdR

  7. Thanks for the great post Abby. Enjoy your time in Cape Town and confidently continue your adventure. Tons of people are sending best wishes your way!

  8. Hello Miss Abby,
    Welcome to dry land, South Africa.
    Thank you for telling us how was your last day and your arrival.
    Pilot, engine... It was definitely time to stop!!!
    Enjoy your stay and don't go too hard on cheeseburgers...
    Best wishes for some happy Cape Town days!

  9. The little engine thing was a present from the Fates informing you that you absolutely made the right decision.

    Enjoy your hot showers.

  10. Abby,

    You are truly a star and an inspiration to young and old alike. I continue to be impressed with your level-headed, humble, and intelligent approach to the challenges you must face on this journey. Keep up the good work!

    My very best wishes,
    DominoRider1 from Thousand Oaks

  11. All of us at Wayfarer House are glad you're safely stowed. And don't worry -- the land will stop moving in a day or so.

  12. Thank God she's in safe harbor ! Fair winds and following seas.

  13. Congratulations and well done!!

    Don't worry about moving on just yet - for now, just enjoy your family, some good food, a hot shower and a long sleep. You deserve them all!

    I look forward to all your news that's yet to come.

    Ottawa, Canada

  14. That sounds incredibly exciting! Thanks for sharing. I envisioned everything you said in my head and for a brief moment, I was no longer in Ohio. Thanks.

  15. You have been a constant inspiration. Enjoy your family, hot showers, and food. Best of luck for your journey ahead.

  16. I'm so glad to hear that you made it to Cape Town safely. Enjoy these new adventures (after you catch up on your sleep!) and I'll look forward to seeing the pictures.

    Lori in MN

  17. Glad you made it safe and sound! Good thing you came in with that motor going out like that. Definitely better than being out at sea... I follow your blogs all the time, and really enjoy reading about your adventure! Keep it up, enjoy the land time, and hope the repairs go well! d8)

    Carmel, IN

  18. Hello Abby, Congratulations on the great job of getting in to Cape Town. Take a shower, get a long uninterupted sleep and have a great time while your there. Brian. Santa Cruz, CA

  19. Glad the boat and you, made it, safe and sound. Get some sleep.

  20. Nice Abby, hope everything goes fine.
    Have a good time.
    Regards form Portugal.

  21. Great.... Glad your there safe and sound. Hope things go well.

  22. Hi Abby
    Great news! I'm so glad all went well getting into port. When all the excitement is over, you'll probably sleep for a long time, enjoy!
    Many thanks to Mrs. Sunderland (Marianne, Mom)who took the time to update us yesterday and would wish to hug you now. As a parent I know too well how difficult bilocation can be!
    Best wishes

  23. I can see why (media) it may have intimidated you.. You've been essentially alone ... and we all know how the media can be!. I remember the photos of when your brother came back... U definitely need to sleep... glad u made it in safely!.

  24. yeah you made it ...we knew you would... go girl

  25. Bonjour Abby (& Wild Eyes),

    Never a dull moment with you! :-)

    In Cape Town: take care, be safe :-)

    Where's Charlie?

  26. Thanks for taking the trouble to tell us all your news

    All good wishes and you are still a remarkable girl doing a fantastic thing.
    from Winchester UK

  27. Great Job Sailor, Enjoy some liberty and R&R


  28. Awesome! Enjoy your family, Abby, and your little break! You keep impressing us (and we don't view that stop as any big deal). Your still circumnavigating the Blue Planet on your own, and that's VERY IMPRESSIVE!!



  29. Glad to read that you made it safely into Cape Town! Great job on your first 100+ days out! You are terrific!! Thanks for your interesting blogs, inspiration, and courage. Get some rest!

  30. I'm surprised so many things break on that boat, I guess you can never be fully prepared

  31. Abby, I'm sooo glad that you are back safe and sound in the loving arms of your family. I hope you enjoy your stay on terra firma .... but I'll be waiting to follow the rest of your trip! God Bless! Lisa in Bethesda, MD

  32. Holy GOOD TIMING Batman!!!

    Thank God the engine blew while you were heading in and not out!! Man, oh man, one problem after another, huh Abby? I wonder if Zac or Jesse have had the slew of problems? If anything, you can see if there's title for making it around the world with the most amount if repairs??!

    I'm glad you made it to port safely. I look forward to your posts and please, be thankful for your sea legs!! I sure as heck don't have them!

    XOXO - Alana

  33. Abby, outstanding seamanship Captain. Bravo. When you have the right mind set, as you certainily do, even things breaking down like your engine, happen in such a way that it is taken care of for you like waiting to break down unitl you get to port where someone can tend to it for you, instead of the middle of the Indian Ocean. That is called "right mindedness" which you obviously have, and a powerful "law of attraction" of solutions rather than obstacles. Well done. Soak in the time to rest it will serve you well in completing your adventure. Gerat job Abby.

  34. glad you made it in okay! can't wait to see the pics! it's probably hard to get used to being on land after being at sea for a few months. i hope you get everything worked out that you need to!

  35. So happy for you Abby! You made it! Praise the Lord!

  36. The dolphin was your guardian angel! What a wonderful welcome! I got tears in my eyes reading this blog!
    But I will miss your blogs from the open seas while you are in port, but do enjoy getting back your land legs!
    How fun to have your dad and bro there! Whoo Hoo!!

  37. Congratulations on the safe entry! Good luck with repairs and the rest of your adventure :) Hopefully you'll get your land legs back before you fall off something tall...

  38. So Happy for you miss Abby!! I'm so pleased to read your words and hear how your journey to Cape Town was good. Sorry to hear about your engine..but like you said better it breaks down now than Later..Could have been Gods' Grace on Wild Eyes having it fail now..Glad to hear your Dad and Brother are there wish Kath was there as I can tell you miss her so..I know you were happy to see smiling faces that you know..and then to feel the soft splay of warm fresh water in the shower --I know it was a pleasant time and one you earned..So rest now and know our prayers are surrounding you even as you sleep and recharge.. Be Blessed Abby..I'm heading out to Praise Rehearsal..but I'm praising because Abby came to Cape Town well as practicing for next Sunday..Mothers' Day!!

    Sleep Well..

    Gary & Jan

  39. To fellow bloggers. I just read about how the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town brought Abby a cheese burger and is putting up Abby and her team in their hotel. I am impressed and just sent an email to Cape Grace Hotel congratulating them on their hospitality and pledging to them that they've got my business should I ever need a hotel room in Cape Town as a reward for their generosity. Here is their email address if anyone else wants to send them a thank you note:

  40. Hi Abby,
    Glad you have made Cape Town safely. Enjoy your stay and I look forard to your continuing adventure.

  41. Abby,

    I have been following along on your journey as has many others around the world. You are a brave young lady. I pray that you remain safe and keep your spirits up as you continue onward after your stop in Cape Town.

    I hope you have a Bible on board Wild Eyes and can find few moments each day to read God's word. It can be a source of encouragement and refuge during times of stormy weather, both spiritual and physical.

    May God guide you and protect you.


    Greg Ayala
    Bakersfield, CA

  42. I was afraid the ground would be unstable in Cape Town Abby! You'd better tie off to be on the safe side. SLEEP! PIZZA! SHOWER! hehe Oh, and don't forget the camera and be sure to get a new Kindle and something to protect it from the moisture! Have fun! looking forward to hearing all about your stop!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  43. Abby: So very glad you made it. Hip Hip Hooray for you!!! You deserve the rest, a warm bath and some good food. Enjoy Cape Town. You are a special 16 year old to us with what you have accomplished so far. Hope you get all the repairs taken care of. Wild Eyes will get you the rest of the way around the world!!! Love your blogs. Grandma & Grandad in WLA, CA

  44. Take plenty of rest. You need it. Thanks for the post.

  45. Hey captain Abbey , Happy to hear you are well and in port safely. I know you will be busy the next week or so. I must admit looking forward to your return at sea. Engine bust that s----ks. Dealing with one myself but I am not in Africa so I can not complain. As you may know Jessica will arrive in sydney on saturday .Can't wait for your arrival a later date. have fun. Sandi on the bay in maryland.

  46. You must have felt great after you made to Cape Town.

  47. You were tired and exhausted but still you posted it. Thanks for that.

  48. Have fun! :) Hopefully that engine problem will be resolved quickly. :)

  49. Abby, Well you are half way around the world and its going to be very,very interesting the rest of the way but for now its Dry Land,Hot Food,Hot Showers, hat else can a girl ask for at this time and let me see am I correct in thinking your engine blew up or what? ENJOY YOUR TIME ON SHORE WITH THE FAMILY AND TEAM ABBY....38'43"n/122'67"w

  50. Well Ms Abby, nicely done. Do what you need to and get back underway, the sea awaits you.

    Best always.
    Al P

  51. Abby, I have been keeping up with you and also praying for you daily. I would not be at all disappointed if you went home and got in on the last 8 weeks of school. Sounds like everything on Wild Eyes is against you and you have proven yourself to all of us so we are very satisfied. I want you to go home!! With admiration, Marion

  52. Enjoy that shower!

    Steve in California

  53. Abby,
    Thanks for the update! My students and I are glad you arrived safely. Enjoy your time in Cape Town; a place where none of us have ever been.
    Your 5th grade Kodiak friends.

  54. Abby,

    I just wanted to let you know that my 6th grade class is having a great time following your adventure through your website. I'm using your voyage to teach some basic geography.
    We're glad to know you're safe in South Africa! As our school year ends, I'm sure many of my students will track the rest of your trip from home. Enjoy the comforts of the hotel, and have a wonderful and safe voyage back to the States!

    Mr.Dan Glenn
    Wilson Elementary School ~Modesto CA.

  55. May you reward your life with whatever you need or want. I wish I could be there to do so. But it looks like your family and friends and team Abby are doing absolutely perfect. Bsafe, Steve the guy who never been too sea, but who has seen you! Thank you!

  56. Congrats on getting to Cape Town safely. Enjoy your stay.


  57. Enjoy a well deserved rest, hot shower, warm food, dry clothes, and the company of family and friends. It's well deserved!!

  58. If the engine were going to go out . . . you're right, this was a great place for it to happen.

    Hope you enjoy Cape Town and get to see a lot of sites and meet a bunch of nice people.

    - Grant Fjermedal, Seattle

  59. Congrats!! Enjoy your time on land. :) I know your family is glad to see you.

  60. Congratulations on your safe arrival in Cape Town! Enjoy yourself while ashore and I look forward to your continued voyage!
    Ed in TN

  61. glad you made it in safe. Enjoy the warm meal and dry bed.
    cant wait to see the pictures. The ground will stop moving in a day or so
    Dale,Kelle ,Taylor and Sierra

  62. Fantastic Abby!!!! Sleep well, eat well and enjoy your time with family and friends. So glad you're safe and sound!

    The Saints,


  63. How long will you stay in Cape Town, Abby?

  64. How lucky was it that your engine packed up so close to land.
    I suppose a hot shower and comfortable bed will be the order of the day.
    I will look forward to you getting under way again.
    Please keep us posted as to how your repairs are going as I am sure everyone is interested.

  65. Oh my I have not had such a good *laugh* in a little while . . . well not since the side view mirror fell out of the old truck when i touched it.

    Anyway . . . I'm glad the engine waited until you were in Cape Town to start sending smoke signals . . . no better time.

    Be well . . . I pretty much said everything else in my other post.

    ~ Cynthia (Half Moon Bay, California USA)

  66. There are a couple pictures of Abby on her facebook photo page.. someone looks very very very happy in the one :-)

    Cape Grace Hotel eh? Very very nice hotel. Go for a spa when you get a chance!!

  67. Great to hear that you and Wild Eyes made it! Now you and Wild Eyes can rest a little. I have never been on a boat but I am following your blog and I must say it is quite an adventure. You are such an inspiration at your age and an incredible sailer! Thanks for keeping us with you on your journey.

  68. Glad to hear you are in a safe harbor. Enjoy your time on land and look forward to reading more about your adventure. Sleep well!

  69. Exciting stuff. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Don in Cottonwood, CA

  70. Capt. Abby excellent report, thank you. We are aware that write-up required a dedicated extra effort from your remaining stamina. The sleepless excitement and anticipation you experienced the 36 hours or so prior to arrival at C-town is known as "Channel Fever"; those deep water sailors that have done it know it so very well. That Y-diesel got a gulp of watery fuel or else you have let it sit around "un-turned?" For now, "Rest your oar sailor..."

  71. Please make sure they are big full size pics!! Lots of time to upload now!..:-)

  72. "Sleep, perchance to dream"

    Well done! Oh, on your accomplishment, not the burger. Only medium rare for me. And you?

    I can see two books; 1)The Journals of a 16 Year Old Circumnavigator, and 2) A Practical Guide On How To Sail Around the World.

    Have fun in port. Stock up on provisions, creature comforts, and hugs. Love your family, make repairs, and get back out to sea. Maintain momentum...

    Know you have the admiration, support, and best wishes of at least one in Fresno. Oh yea, and tons of people around the world too.

    God Bless.

  73. Sure glad you made it safely. Too bad about the motor (I'd sure like to hear why it failed, or what broke?). I had to laugh about the unstable ground, I've certainly never been out for as long as you have, but I do know that feeling, and I like it. Although wobbly, it means you're back on solid ground, at least for a while. Enjoy your time at the Cape, and don't hurry back out to sea, you've got plenty of time to set the record, you might as well enjoy yourself.

  74. Hi Abby.

    Glad to hear that you made it safely to Cape Town. Sorry about your engine, but like you said, at least it happened on the way into port and not hundreds of miles out at sea.

    Enjoy your time in Cape Town, and try to have fun there as well. The "sea legs" feel should go away in a couple days. I'm sure you'll enjoy the time with your family and also a hot shower, and a nice meal before you head back out.

    I really admire you for what you're doing, and I will continue to follow your blog and progress.

    New Jersey

  75. Phew! You must be very happy to have made it into Cape Town, Abby. Now you can take stock, and get those repairs under way.

    The earth used to move for us after just a few days at sea....I can't imagine what it's like after 100+ days afloat. By the time you get your "land legs" you'll be putting out to sea again.

    Enjoy your visit with Dad & Laurence, and don't work too hard.
    ~Phill & Brian
    Vancouver, BC

  76. Abbey so glad you made it safe, it has been awhile since I was last on, but I am glad you are safe and sound, have a nice break before you get back out there!

  77. Hi There Abby...

    Glad you got in OK and have some time to enjoy the cold drinks and hot showers...
    You are in good hands!
    Hey what is it with the Sunderlands and boat engines? Another Yanmar?? Wanting to know, so I know what NOT to ever own!!
    You have done an amazing job Abby and we are all very proud of you. You are one brave lady!
    Best to ya,
    Bob in OKC

  78. As one who is having some issues in life, you, Abby, are an inspiration. I hope to be among the many in MDR welcoming you home and thanking you.

    God speed.

  79. Hi Abby, I have really enjoyed following your amazing journey and would like to wish you safe travels in the future. I am 43 years old and you have inspired me to take sailing lessons on Dillon Res. in Colorado this summer. I cant wait to feel what its like to be on the water.

  80. I've really enjoyed following your adventure. Stay safe and enjoy your time on land with family and friends. You're doing great! Looking forward to seeing some at-sea photos.

  81. A job well done Abby. Enjoy your time there while they fix everything with Wild Eyes. I have enjoyed reading your adventures every day since you left Mexico. Still half the world to sail and I know you will do well. Praying for you. Esther in Costa Mesa.

  82. Well done, Abby. I've heard that Capetown can do what it did for you ... all dirty and nasty and then suddenly it turns on something beautiful as you approach the bay. And the dolphin welcoming committee must have been fun.

    As for media packs, friendly or not, I'm sure they're intimidating initially at least.

    Pity about the engine, another job. I do remember that experience of the earth not 'standing still'. Sometimes it would take me a couple of days to adjust ... no doubt looked like the proverbial drunken sailor ... without the fun of a drink! Be careful when you go out, you might get arrested for being drunk and under age! :-) And I remember that the walls used to sway around a bit, too. And, no, I really hadn't been drinking!

    I hope the repairs go well and you're back out there in a flash, ready for the rest of your adventure. Remember it is a mighty achievement regardless - about 6,000,000++ people on the planet couldn't do what you're doing, even if they had the yacht, the time and the suppport.

    Best wishes

  83. Good job Abby. I know people have heard about getting your sea legs but they don't all know about getting your land legs too. It is very disconcerting. I had a hard time eating after on land when we had been at sea for some time because it actually made me queasy to walk on a surface that wasn't moving. Kath

  84. Abby glad you made it in with no problems. Great adventure so far. It has been a pleasure following you on your voyage. Hope your repairs go well and you can continue on. Best of luck and keep us informed. Its great to be along for the ride.

    Dave O USA

  85. Good work on a safe arrival to Cape Town.

    Still worried about your attempt and choice of boat.
    You have had nothing but problem. Tecnical problem is a common thing off shore but your list is little to long for me to like.
    If its not to long its foreshore major problem.
    Electrical problem....
    Autopilot problem....
    There went my engine....

    Sorry to say but i had this gutfeeling from the very beginning.

    Dont give up hope now and let your shoreteam take all the responsibilty.


  86. Black smoke from an engine is oil smoke. If you haven't been running the engine at all this may simply be oil and sludge in the cylinders. When you get back out, be sure to run the engine every now and then to prevent this.

    Have a great time in CT. I can sleep soundly tonight knowing that you are safe, well fed, rested and clean.

    Then, on to Australia!

  87. Thank you so much Abby for your post!! It is a relief to us bloggers to know that you are safely into Cape Town, that you had fun with the media, and of course seeing those wonderful familiar family faces! Hope all of your repair work goes smoothly and speedily, but, while you're there, be sure to have a good time seeing some of the sights! We are all so very proud of you! Well done, Abby, well done!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  88. Great job ! I love your fear of the media...stay safe


  89. Hey Abby,I'm so happy you made it in safe and sound. Sorry about your engine though. The main thing is, you're safe. Hope you send out plenty of pictures of your voyage. I've really enjoyed all your blogs and info. Job well done girl! Rest up while you can and good luck on your journey.

  90. Abby,
    We are just so excited to hear that you made it to Cape Town...and your amazing talent continues to be apparent! We can only imagine how wonderful it must be to have family with you, and to have some simple comforts, that you have probably never enjoyed more in your life. We truly appreciate you caring enough to let us know how you are doing, and your thoughts,hopes and fears. Your journey is truly blessed, so obvious in the signs...the dolphin, the sunlight showing you the way, the subsiding of the wind and water conditions, and the timing of all being just right. It is almost toooo much to imagine, but I know this is how life works when someone is truly deserving like you. Can't wait to hear the next chapter! Have a great time there in South Africa. You'll be on your way before you know it!
    Kelly and Dave in Santa Clarita

  91. 05-06-10 @ 03:42
    Hi Abby,
    Congratulations on reaching Cape Town, and other than the engine dying, you had a good entry into the port, with a tad bit of assistance. See now, you’ve got all that entry stuff behind you and your feet planted firmly, I hope, on the ground.
    Hopefully you’ve got all the problems out of the way in the first half, now the second half should be all sailing with no problems. You’ve had your share of “Mr. Murphy”.
    Good luck on all your repairs, I hope they all go smoothly, can the engine be repaired, or is it a total.
    So enjoy your downtime with the family and if you get a chance, could you give us a rundown on your plans for leisurely sailing of the next leg???
    Got a very nice blog from your Mom the other day, very enjoyable and ‘telling it like it was’.
    Looking forward to your itinerary, if you will publish it????
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  92. Dear Abby:

    Congratulations on your safe arrival! What's done is done, now go out and make the best of it. Enjoy everything and everyone. What a trip of a lifetime!

    All the best,
    Wayne Wild I. Moraga, CA

  93. Wellcome on land Abby! :)
    Hope You will get enough sleep.

    Kisses from Hungary

  94. ♥ Bless you ♥

  95. Simply nothing to add to all that's been said before me. But you really will have to accommodate people like me who think you're something special to say the least Abbey. May your God go and be with you.

  96. Abby I am so happy you made it in okay. Now enjoy your shore leave and get Wild Eyes fixed up. I'll stick with you all the way back to California.

  97. Hey Abby..Congrats on your docking at Capetown, sounds like the weather turned for you at the right point, to allow you safe passage into port. Sorry to hear about your engine though, but like you said better now than out at sea. Oh yes..."Sea Legs"...tough to get your balance on land when you have been rocking and rolling for a 100 days. (shhh...whispers thats what its like being drunk) hehe. Well have a good visit enjoy the family, get your repairs done..and get some sleep! Cheers!

    Bob from Boston

  98. Welcome back to dry land. From a sailor to another, your legs will feel better when you're back at sea. Funny how that works! Good luck to you and smooth sailing!

  99. ABBY:

    Good sailing. You make it look easy.
    Thanks for the post. Enjoy Cape Town.

    GO! GO! ABBY!

  100. Its pleasure, to see your dream nearing fulfilling and becoming a History for the posterity on the annals of Adventure.In India we can't think of this. I pray 'Samudra Devta' i.e. God of Ocean to make safe path for rest of the adventure.

  101. Congrats on your journey so far!

    It's such an intriguing story, please don't stop blogging.

  102. Good you made port safely. For us, it wasn't just the ground kept moving around, it was the shower made it all the worst.

    fair winds, calm seas and quite halyards.

  103. I guess it's good that your engine blew now than somewhere out in the middle of the ocean! You are a brave girl and it goes to show you definitely made the right choice. Great job! You go girl!

  104. Abby,

    Great job, and you right to pull in with the engine going it shows you decision was even more prudent. I hope when my child grows there as mature and confident as you are.

  105. I'm sitting here in my drab cubicle with tears in my eyes... You are one awesome person Abby!

  106. I look at the picture of you and then I read your words. You are an amazing girl. I am hopeful of my children being as strong against the world. All my best for a continued safe journey. I will continue to pray for your safety and wisdom.

  107. Hi Abby,
    It was good to see a picture of you again. I thought you were going to look real skinny, but you look good.

  108. Abby,

    So glad you made it in! I know it's a bummer that the engine went out, but you are right in saying that it is better it went out now then while you were at sea. Enjoy Cape Town... it sounds like a cool place!


  109. Hi Abby!
    You are such a sweet, tender, adventurous and amazing young woman. You are so blessed to have the support of your amazing and incredible team and family. I just want to hug you right now. My little hero! Get some rest so you and wild eyes can continue your adventure after being refreshed so the rest of us can continue to enjoy this amazing adventure along side of you!
    God bless!
    Laura from Illinois

  110. Great going Abby - I enjoy following your adventure and can hardly wait for you to get "back on the road again."

    Keep it up and know that you have a bunch of people pulling for you.


  111. Hey Abby-
    Im glad you got in safely. its great to see the pictures of you, your Dad and Zac. Wow.... you made it half way across the world already! You should be proud of yourself. what an amazing accomplishment. Have fun fixing up the boat this week.

  112. Well, despite what you have endured the last couple of days, you look like you are in great spirits in your photos, Captain Abby! Please tell your Dad, Laurence, to post a blog after you depart Capetown. Everyone loved his last posting about your departure from Baja. As usual, Godspeed!

  113. Congrats to you! Now that I hear your engine burnt out, I am glad you had made the decision to stop...despite my and a few others urging otherwise. Enjoy your stay.

  114. Congratulations Abby!! Glad to hear you made it into port fine.... Now to get things fixed and head back out. Must be nice to have a break. Well take care and my family and I will be checking in to see when you head back out...

  115. Hello Abby,
    the photos are great and you look so well, so does Zac! Congratulations on making it to Cape Town safely.
    How lucky for you, that the engine can be repaired/replaced right there, so when you need it next, it will work A1!
    Good luck with all the repairs, enjoy the respite, so that you are fit and rearing to go, when the time comes again to leave.
    Thinking of you with positive support,
    Trudy, Austria/Australia

  116. Capn' Abby,
    I also hope you enjoy the bit of R & R, 'cause after all, you have been working. So glad you came in safe and successfully. We'll be watching and journeys!

    Mark Payne Cincinnati

  117. Nice work!

    While the boys fix the boat. I might suggest you practice your culinary skills and get your galley all pimped out. I sure enjoy baking a pizza in my galley oven. or cranking out stir frys out of my wok. Master the art of cooking rice and pasta. Take a tone of freeze dried stuff for rough weather days simple cooking. But on light air days.. thats when you put on your chef hat. Trust me on this,im a chef. better food will improve your journey. imho you are doing everything else right. My prayers are with you and your support team. Fair Winds and calm seas. btw that fog in the video in front of cape town looks scary. I almost got hit by a ferry once in a foggy sailboat race. I was single handing and scared witless. it missed by about 100 feet. thank god for radar. :-P

  118. You are truly a blessed young lady. One has to admire your positive attitude, resilience, and work ethic. I am glad you made it into port safely. I noticed someone earlier who commented on the fact that even though you were tired and had to deal with all the things going on around you, you still took time to post an update. We appreciate that, for we know we did not deserve it. I hope you rest well, and are back on the water soon.

  119. Lol Abby ~ your comment about finding your "land legs" brought back memories of a canoe trip in the quetico, canada - 17 portages in 5 days - at night in my sleeping bag I swore I was still rocking gently lol...and we coined a new term - "canoe butt" - from sitting so long and paddling hard through nasty swells...nothing compared to what you have achieved! So enjoy the hot food, hot water and big bed ~ your ocean will wait patiently :)

  120. Good to hear you made it safely into Cape Town. I am sure while you are on land, you will catch up on sleep and enjoy some good food. Take Care.

    Keri from San Clemente, CA

  121. Wonderful Abby,

    Sleep, eat, and enjoy beautiful Cape Town ... then Go, girl, Go! It's a big blue round world. (But you know that better than any of us do.)

  122. HA HA. The ground not stable. I haven't been on the ocean much except for the scuba dive boat and every time I've got off the ground wobbles too. Thanks for mentioning that. I was wondering how it'd affect someone who has been on the water more than me.

    Steve in SD

  123. Congratulations. Wonderful work so far!!

  124. Abby,
    Just read about Jessica's return home and some of the harrowing 40ft seas. Wow, I will keep praying for your safety and Wild Eyes' complete recovery as you prepare to leave So.Africa. My neighbor just called to see if I know where "our girl" is now. I love that he cares about you also. He is in his 80's and a former Coast Guard man, so knows first-hand how amazing you are. You are inspiring many people and I'm sure will teach kids to reach high when you write your book. Thanks for your log which comforts me...or scares me into praying! Love, Delores (a grandmother)