Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Bye Cape Town!

Going past the Cape Grace Hotel and under the bridge
Photo Courtesy of Correne Coetzer

Heading out: Correne Coetzer

Photo of Wild Eyes outside Table Bay: Scott Lurie

Wild Eyes and I have made it back out to sea today!

We weren't sure if I would be able to leave this morning. Just the night before, the bridge broke down and the engineer was away working on another bridge. The marina was determined to get me out that morning as planned so they arranged to have the part they needed flown down and had the guys working all night long. As it turned out, they couldn't get the part flown out until 8 o'clock that morning, so they ended up raising half of the bridge by hand, giving me just enough room to get out with out leaving my mast behind.

It was great of them. Everyone at the marina was so helpful and did a lot to get me out on schedule. So far the auto pilot is working great. I only have 20 knots but I should be getting some heavier wind soon enough!

I haven't slept much the past few nights so I'm beginning to get a little tired. With all of the local shipping it will be a few nights till it will be safe to sleep in my bed. It's great to be back out here, I really missed it so much.

Thanks so much to Erik Bjerring from Cape Town for all your help - who knows how much we would have been able to get done without all your help! To Wiltel Marine: you guys have all been great and we are all grateful for everything you have done; for your support and for helping to get Wild Eyes and I out this morning.
Jannie, Tracy, James, Anna, Sanazo, Sisanda, and Trish: thank you for opening your house to us, putting up with all of our odd comings and goings and really making my stay in Cape Town special.
Thanks to the Cape Grace Hotel for putting us up for our first night. I have never been to a nicer hotel! I felt a little strange walking in barefoot and dripping wet in my foul weather gear that first night but, man, that was a great place to spend your first night on land! There was always something to hold onto when the ground started to spin! And there was a big enough bed that you didn't fall on the floor every time a wave hit!
And, of course, thanks to all of my faithful bloggers for your continued support!

Another great video from Jeff Ayliffe:

Good bye Cape Town!


  1. Big Thanks for the update!!

    Thanks for the photos and Video!!!

    All the Best!!

  2. Cool video and pics. Thanks for posting.

  3. Hi Abby,

    Great video and photos!
    I watched your track live as you left via live ships website.
    Chin up! Safe sailing! Good Luck!

    Ray in Alaska

  4. Hola, Abby~
    Congratulations! I will be praying for you as you pick your way thru those shipping lanes.

    You're doing great!


  5. Continued prayers.

    Father, may she shine as a light for You, always.

    Thanks for making us all smile.

  6. Pete and Nancy in Keene NHMay 21, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    Good for you to finally leave Cape Town. We hope you have a great sail. On your video at the end, one of your team yelled to you "Don't stop in Australia". What's up with that. What a perfect chance for you to stop in and say hi to Jessice Watson. You two are in a very exclusive club together. If you get the chance, DO IT !!!

  7. You might have felt bad to say good bye to exquisitely beautiful Cape Town

  8. Thanks for the updates, have fun, and stay safe! Thrilled to be following your voyage -
    Fair Winds!!!
    Seth G, D.C., USA

  9. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!

    Thanks for the updates and a very big THANK YOU to the support team that worked so hard to get Abby back on course again.

    Abby, you are doing a great job, may your grand adventure continue to bring you great happiness and much joy.

    God Speed and may God Bless,

    GO GIRL GO!!!

    John R Willis

  10. Way to go Abby!!! Love the video! I wish you a happy and safe sail.

  11. Great post Abby. I love the video!! Wow, I've been waiting for you to get on your way. What a fine stopover you've had, and what a fine voyage you're facing. Awesome!
    Take care, rest up, enjoy..
    Catch you later.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W
    ps- I like the new eyes too.

  12. Hey girl!
    I'm kinda jealous now, because your rigging travels and mine stays put(in stage theater flylofts). But alas, I travel the world through stories told by the roadies who come to town, and you. ;-)
    (most of the technical terms for the stage were born of sailing...)
    Be great, stay great, and continue to have a great voyage.
    Dave (localstagehand) in Minneapolis.

  13. Good Evening CAPTAIN Abigail,

    CONGRATULATIONS Abs on leaving Cape Town. I can't believe the story about the broken lucky can you be to have that kind of support. But then your well written blog today says it all...what great "new" friends you now have for a lifetime. Good work Scott, Laurence and Zac.

    I noticed all the shipping on "Live Ships" this morning when you left so I can understand your concern about the coastal sure to use your turn signals...ha ha. Sorry to hear you are tired you steer and I'll do the worrying for you tonight.

    Thanks to Correne for the first photo showing Abby and Wild Eyes departing...SHOE CITY should like that one. Is that a hamburger and fries I see beside you? (Bloggers...if you left click the photos they enlarge without loss of quality.) My compliments to the person(s) looking after the blog site daily (mom??).

    Your line today..."It's great to be back out here, I really missed it so much."...says it all to me. I am so happy for you Abby. Big hug.

    Thinking of you and your safety tonight,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  14. You go Abby!! You're really awesome and so experienced for a 16 yr.old. Thanks so much for all the photos, videos from Cape Horn. Your blogs are so informative and exciting. We wish you every success on your venture on Wild Eyes. We wish a safe voyage and God's speed. Our thoughts and prayers go with you.
    Grandma & Grandad from WLA, CA

  15. Dear Abby
    Great news, photos + YouTube video!
    Wild Eyes away!!
    only one correction ... there is always a Welcome for you in Australia ... Sydney, he said selfishly!!!
    Daily I/we are watching you and Wild Eyes with genuine awe and respect!!!!


  16. Look Abby, everybody prays for your safety and success. We definitely wish you will accomplish your brave and courageous attempt sailing round the globe alone trouble free. You're not alone out there, our prayers are with you always. Amen.

    Dad o4d's
    East Malaysia

  17. It is a great video Abby!.. I posted it on another blog site for my friends here in Cali.. Safe trip, can't wait till u try this again!...Everyone is proud of you...

  18. Hey Abby, I've been following your story and you never cease to amaze me! You are a strong and very brave young lady. I'm sure there's not girl out there (young or old) who couldn't find strength and encouragement in your accomplishments. As they said in the latest video clip, God Speed Abby. Sail true and safe!
    Regards, Stacey from SoCal

  19. Keep up the fine sailing. We look forward to your blogs, pics and videos. Adventure for us through your exploits.

  20. Best of luck Abby. You looked great leaving Cape Town. Have there been any changes in your route?

  21. It's great to have you back out to sea again, Abby. Now... get the sea legs back, and wiggle thru those shipping lanes, so we can make full speed to Tas before the icebergs.

    Stay safe and God speed


  22. Thanks for the departure video. We watched it many times and really enjoyed it. We hope you have easy sailing for a few days so you may catch up on your rest. We are looking forward to your blogs. Godspeed Abby.

    Don and Doris
    Landlocked adventurers in Michigan

  23. Hi Abby: Hope you can rest soon. Thanks for keeping all of us posted on your progress and the pics have been swell. I call that a powerful woman who can get guys to lift a bridge by hand! Bravo to you! Best wishes for getting your sea legs back and for the rest of your adventure. We are here cheering you on! Judy in Minnesota

  24. Capt. Abby, tonight we got some big smiles, excitement, awe and some powerful anticipation...and yep, a tear or two or so. (No further explanation is available at this time.) Be assured this family's thoughts and good hopes go with you and Wild Eyes. Thanks Skipper.

  25. So much fun to see you and Wild Eyes setting off on the next phase of your voyage. Safe sailing!

    Lori in MN

  26. Hi Abby,
    Glad to see you are back at sea. Great pictures and video. Seeing these make me feel like we are all on this trip with you. Hope you soon get through the traffic and are able to have some well earned rest.
    Keep safe,

  27. Sean Patrick CarrollMay 21, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    It's good to hear that your back out at sea. Enjoy the rest of your trip! This is a once in a lifetime thing, make the most of it and have fun!!!

  28. Great blog Abby. Thanks to all the helpers in Cape Town. Now you enjoy again the solitude.

    Mast- und Schotbruch as we say in German.
    All the best,

  29. Good luck Abby.... hope all the problems and issues are well behind you now and that you have "clear" sailing all the way back home....


  30. Hi Abby

    Good luck on the next leg of your voyage. Thank you for the photos.

  31. Abby,

    Hope you have a great sail with only little issues to deal with.

    You must feel so good being back out to sea. I have two weeks before I'll be on the water but for only 7 days.

    Have a safe trip and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Kenny B

  32. Great video! I felt right there with all of you. Good luck, safe trip. Hope you don't sleep too many hours in your chair at the nav station, but you're an experienced multi-ocean yachtswoman now and know more about sleeping on Wild Eyes than anyone else. So we will just sit back and trust you.

    Take care and looking forward to your next update.

  33. good luck abby ,have been following you since day 1 . glad to see you on your way again ,smooth sailing in the southern indian and the southern ocean under australia , keep warm . alan f.

  34. Stage 2! No worries, mate! Wild Eyes and you are better prepared than you can imagine, and the second half of the journey should be a breeze! God will look out for you!
    Tray M.

  35. Hi Abby:

    Go Abby!! Go Wild Eyes!! Go Charlie!! It is good to see you head for the high seas again. Looking so forward to your continued adventure.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  36. Good luck, Abby. So happy that you are back at sea. Looking forward to following you again on your wondrous journey. Thank you, thank you, for adding so much to the lives of so many of us. You are a blessing to the world!
    Hank & Pam, Augusta, GA

  37. Hi Abby, What a video....I couldn't help but cry as I watched you leave and it just about did me in when your Dad said goodbye. "Thank You" for the pictures and the video. I was not too hot on this trip from the start, I couldn't beleive that your family would let you take a trip like this but......I didn't know you the way your family knew you and they knew you would be just fine. I now feel I know you and I see the person you are...You are a very smart young women and far ahead of your years, I will still worry about you but my thoughts and prayers will be with you every minute of the day and I know that the good Load will keep you safe. Try and get some rest pretty lady. Gail/Ventura

  38. Beautiful views of Wild Eyes under way. Fast.

  39. It's so exciting to know you're back at sea! What an experience, Abby! We're still keeping up with your trip, and loving every post! Enjoy the next part of the trip!!!

  40. Hi Abby

    Safe journey. I've been following you quietly since Mexico and am an admirer. Take care

  41. Wow, Abby I'm so glad to see and hear the the pics and the GREAT video that was posted and I've watched it 3 times and I'm trying to clear the tears out of my eyes as I was crying thru the video twice and finally have got it under control to type this note to you. Abby you are one incredible young lady and you never fail to amaze me in your ability to get things sorted out and continue on. Some other great words to be said about your family and your Team Abby, they all seemed to be doing exactly what support teams are all about. Stay Safe And Have Fun And When Up On Deck Tethered Always. Also forget what that one team member said about not stopping in Oz, just do it and stop in and see Jesse, cause you know she will really want to see you too. Peace & Aloha..38'43"N/122'67"W

  42. Watched the departing video. . . . and with tears for you and the dad in bidding the goodbyes. With awe an admiration I look forward to your blog updates in the 2nd half of your amazing adventure.
    JR Walnut Creek, CA

  43. It's great to see that you are on your way again Abby. Don't stop unless you have to. Stopping is a good contingency plan only. Also there is an antipodean point for Los Angeles and Cabo somewhere just a day or two's journey east of Capetown. It should not be difficult to locate and sail through either one. Apparently doing this will ensure a great circle trip which no one can argue about. These points are so close to where you probably will be sailing you may even be able to accidentally sail through one of them. Have a safe and happy second half of the journey.From Lynne in Australia

  44. Hey Abby Girl we're rooting for ya!!!! Looking forward to more great posts en route to the Indian Ocean and beyond! Safe sailing dear xoxo

  45. Sail on Abby you are one of a kind. As the caption on the video says.

    God Speed Abby

    I will be following your journey and keeping an eye on you. :o), With all the help and support you have received, no way this can not be a safe, great trip for you.

  46. God speed Abby.

    Go, conquer the world and achieve your dream/s. you are too brave and determined not to be able to do that.

    sail on. be safe all the time!


  47. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Yes, thanks to everyone that were there for you, thanks.

    You guys really are a bunch of good photographers, how come?

    Abby, you somethin'else! :-)

    Go Abby, Go!

    Take care, Be safe.

  48. Abby,

    Absolutely fantastic video. You and Wild Eyes really looked great. And what a beautiful morning for your departure. We could feel the tug of your Dad’s heartstrings, but the next time he sees you it will be a great homecoming. Have a great time every day of your voyage and good luck, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  49. hope you have your hairbrush and a spare? Sail safe and go gently on the speed, you never know what could lurk around the corner.
    All the best, and see you in Australia, but stop in Fremantle and not Sydney, why should they always have the stars???? VK

  50. So nice to have met You, your Dad, Zac and Wild Eyes while you were here in Cape Town. Glad all has gone well with the repairs and that you are back at sea on your way home. You had such a beautiful Cape Town day for your departure. I wish you well for the rest of the trip and will be following closely on your blog. Mike.

  51. Abby,
    We know you are tired, and excited about getting back out to was heartwarming to see you on the video, and we are thrilled to hear about all the new additions to your equipment, as it means you are even more prepared for the next adventure ahead. Our prayers are with you, and keep that great enthusiasm going. We anxiously await getting to keep up with you again. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Kelly and Dave from Santa Clarita

  52. Thank you for this latest update just after a few hours of going back out to the sea. I was surprised to see how quickly you picked up speed as soon as you raised the mainsail and unfurled the jib. You were sailing very fast. All nice pictures specially the one outside the Table Bay, by Scott, that shows a little bit of the curvature of the earth, the top of the mast touching the horizon, and the reflection of the sun that sparkles on the water.

    Wishing you all the best for the rest of your voyage.

    Steve, SF Bay

  53. Hay Abby have fun!! Hi Pete and Nacy i said dont stop in Austrila, there is no need to stop the boat is now 100% and she need to now get to the finnish line in LA, a stop would be very costly and would not help the story.
    Erik Bjerring

  54. Hi Abby,
    Cool video. Glad to see everything is working again. Can you update us on the autopilot issues? Did you repair the original unit(s) or did you opt to replace them with new ones?

    In any case, hopefully the autopilot troubles will fade into a distant memory & the repair/replacements will prove reliable, taking some unneeded stress out of the remainder of your journey.

    Stay safe,

  55. Good luck for you Abby.
    The oceans are yours.
    Great journey and soon your dreams will come true.
    We are all thinking of you.

  56. Bruce from Brisbane AUMay 22, 2010 at 2:18 AM

    Go Girl
    Stay Clipped and stay safe
    Bruce from Brisbane

  57. Dearest Abby,

    Thanks for the photos. You and "Wild Eyes" look so tiny out there.

    You are so very polite thanking everyone. I'm sure that they were all only too happy to help out. You will have many great memories of Cape Town to cherish.

    Take care and keep safe my dear. Big hugs and warmest wishes from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand).

  58. Hi Abby,
    So enjoyed your newsy blog, beautiful photos and video. It seemed there was a lot happening but glad it all came together. Capetown looks amazing nestled at the foot of the mountains. You and Wildeyes are looking beautiful and ready to continue facing the challenges ahead. What a journey!

    It really would be great if you could stop over in Australia somewhere but it seems I'm off the beaten track as far as that goes, nevertheless keeping tabs through here helps me enjoy your journey as do others. Thank you for sharing it all. It truly is interesting - every little detail.
    Looking forward to the next blog, so in the meantime take care little lady.
    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  59. Dear Abby, Lovely to see the videos of you and Wild Eyes under way at last.You are an inspiration to all of us, young and old alike!
    Take care of yourself, you have a good boat, well suited to sailing the southern ocean. I will keep you in my prayers. Go well brave girl, we in Australia love you too!
    Peter, Newcastle.

  60. The mariner

    Once more adrift.
    O'er dappling sea and broad lagoon,
    O'er frowning cliff and yellow dune,
    The long, warm lights of afternoon
    Like jewel dustings sift.

    Once more awake.
    I dreamed an hour of port and quay,
    Of anchorage not meant for me;
    The sea, the sea, the hungry sea
    Came rolling up the break.

    Once more afloat.
    The billows on my moorings press't,
    They drove me from my moment's rest,
    And now a portless sea I breast,
    And shelterless my boat.

    Once more away.
    The harbour lights are growing dim,
    The shore is but a purple rim,
    The sea outstretches grey and grim.
    Away, away, away!

    Once more at sea,
    The old, old sea I used to sail,
    The battling tide, the blowing gale,
    The waves with ceaseless under-wail
    The life that used to be.

    by Emily Pauline Johnson

  61. Abby,

    Been following you with much interest. You have reborn my long dormant interest and passion for sailing.

    Heard on the news today that a 15 year old resident of Big Bear, CA has just yesterday been the youngest person to successfully climb to the top of Mt. Everest.

    Once you complete your voyage, a smart promoter would put together a speaking tour of you, Jessica and the Mt. Everest young man to inspire the youth of the world.

    You are an inspiration, Abby. God Speed.

  62. I Love the pictures..I bet you are tired. But After you're back out of the shipping and into the open sea..ah..relax and feel the wind blow..and cruise with new navigation equipment..that you can trust..Thats gotta make you feel good..And soon you'll be back zigging around in the Pacific. I'm really happy for you having gotten back underway and seeing your Dad and Brother had to be a great emotional boost too..soothe the unhappiness about having to go to port. But just look at the great memories and those photos!! Sail smooth. Stay safe and get some rest! Don't forget to eat..and take care of yourself..fatique can do a number on you and being hungry doesn't enjoy those fresh fruits and veggies I bet you bought while there!! Be Blessed're in our prayers..

    Gary & Jan

  63. Hi Abby,
    Pleased to hear you are back on the water, all will go well from here, I think I heard your Dad say DONT STOP IN AUSTRALIA, Come off it Dad, we will welcome abby as if she is our own daughter. So Ok Abby you had better drop in and say G,day to a few Ausies. Good sailing, we will be keeping track of your progress..... Kel & Margaret Mackay,Australia.

  64. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Enjoy the voyage. God speed! Nancy M.

  65. God speed Abby.. May you & Wild Eyes know fair winds & following seas. Mark - "AFTICA 2" - Smith Mountain Lake, VA

  66. Great pictures and video,I am glad you were able to see your father on your little break. Take care Abby, us from ventura county are watching and rooting for you. Have fun.

  67. This time Wild Eyes will get you around the world. Safe Sailing and have fun.

  68. Hi Abby,
    Wishing you a safe journey.
    From Robin in Sydney Australia

  69. Abby,

    There is now no excuse for you not to stop at the big island (Oz that is) & say G'day!

    And of course we would like you hang around for a while... about four months... :)

    Stay Safe.


  70. Have a great trip Abbey. Great to see you back at sea. Hope the weather is always in your favour. All the best from Brisbane Australia.

  71. May you have fair winds and following seas Abby!

    Love the pictures . . . Wild Eyes looks happy to be underway and so do you!

    Be well . . . safe . . . and clipped in.

    ~ Cynthia (in Nehalem Bay, Oregon USA today)

  72. Hi Abby,

    It was cool to see on your leaving Cape Town video the Wild Eye transition from power to sail. Sailboats are always happiest under sail.
    Thanks for all the coverage from your stopover. Good days ahead.

    Jon in still raining Oregon

  73. It's great to see you again, where you and your dream belong. I pray, may God of Wind and God of Ocean make a safe passage.

  74. Hey Abby!!!
    Congrats on your leaving Cape Town. Good luck and PLEASE BE CAREFUL out there. We're very proud of you. Randy from Ohio.

  75. Good Luck with part 2 of your journey & sweet dreams of your next stop, Oz.

  76. Jeff,PennsylvaniaMay 22, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    Great to hear your back at sea to continue your voyage but i bet the warm showers and real food were great to have while you were on land cape town sounds like a great place with friendly people...keep it up abby your doing GREAT!

  77. Hi Abby
    Great to see you're back out on the water; that must be an amazing feeling now, right ?!!! Thousands of people focus on your journey again now Abby, and seeing that Jessica has made it safely back to port has aided a lot of the 'sceptics' to allow themselves to relax into enjoying everything you can share with us about your own trip now. Keep these blogs coming. We LOVE 'em ! Tell us everything...share your very being with the sea and the spirits of adventure that accompany you out there. Keep safe little one and good good sailing and good luck.
    I am one of the millions in this tired world who, like you youngsters, believe anything and everything is possible when your full heart and being are the driving forces behind the action.

  78. @Richard ... Correction: Jordan Romero is only 13. Amazing young man. He only has Vinson Massif in Antarctica to climb to have scaled the tallest mountain in all 7 continents.

    Abby ... I was hoping to see an update on your chart position but no cigar. Makes me wonder if essential Scott is the chart person also :-)

    Seen any cargo ships?

  79. Home is the sailor. Home TO the sea. I know the feeling. After going to sea in a small sailboat I felt somewhat awkward on land. It is better out there. Enjoy this for all your friends on shore who are stuck watching from the beach.


  80. Abby ... I'm slightly disappointed to know you were kidding about picking up a kitten in Cape Town. Horatio Nelson Jackson, in 1903 became the first person to drive a car across America (for you Chileans I probably should say USA) driving from San Fransisco to NY. He picked up Bud the bulldog (who wore goggles) along the way and Bud really adds to the historic photos of the trip. Of course we all know cats take naturally to water, just like ducks, right?

    Anyway, if you decide or if fate decides you pull into Darwin or Perth or wherever, perhaps you should reconsider. What would make a better photo of you entering MDR than a blonde girl with a cute cat? :-)

  81. 05-22-10 @ 14:14
    Hi Abby,
    Well congrats Abby, glad to see that you are finally on your way, I’m sure you feel good about it to. Funny thing about that bridge…….. I think them Cape Towners realized what a beautiful, warm hearted person you are and didn’t want to let you go….lol… But it’s true. I enjoyed reading your comments of appreciation, right down to barefooting on the rug…lol…
    I’m glad to see that the A/P is working well, and it sounds like you feel comfortable with it. The wind will come, so keep an eye open for the ‘big boys’, stay sharp and alert. I hope you get clear of the shipping lanes so that you can get some rest. Take good care of yourself and the crew, and hopefully it will all be clear sailing……….
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  82. Abby Position:
    Tracking is working.
    Day 103 into CT;
    Day 104 out of CT.
    Icons are not showing
    day numbers.

  83. hi abby i saw your video you looked kinda sad don't worry you will see your mom and dad before you know it. i think your the best
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    and nothing left to get your thrills....

  84. Hello Miss Abby,
    Good to know that you are back to office.
    Thank you for the update, photos and video.
    I like your humor, saying that so far, your autopilots are working well. I hope they will keep on doing the same for months!
    But why didn't you have much sleep these last few nights, as you should have slept well and long???
    Enjoy your Eastbound sailing. Good winds are expected and you should surf fast. Keep clipped on and enjoy your new leg, hopefully leading you back home!

  85. Go Abby!
    Me4sail in NC.

  86. Hi Little Lady,I am so happy that you are back on the way.God Speed and have fun out there.I visited Australia last year,It is beautiful,I hope you can stop and see some of it.Pete from the O.C.

  87. Hi Abby
    Great to see you back at the helm.
    I hope all is well with Wild Eyes and you feel rested and enthusiastic.
    Best wishes and safe sailing

  88. So glad you are on your way again. The photos were awesome. Especially numbe 2! Safe seas, Abby!

  89. Bon voyage and enjoy every moment. Good winds to you

    Quito - Ecuador

  90. Enjoyed the video and pictures. Great to see you back on the water.
    Dale Kelle Taylor and Sierra

  91. Abby, As you departed Cape Town, a 13 year old American boy climbed Everest, setting a new record for the youngest ever to climb the mountain and probably the youngest to complete an extreme event.
    I hope you've sorted out all your problems and can now continue your sail back to the starting point, if not, Australia is not a bad place to spend a few weeks.

  92. God Speed Abby, Nice updadate and video. All the best.

  93. How exciting to be back on course!! We're with you all the way, at whatever speed you go and whatever course you take!! Sail on!!!! - Nancy in Vermont

  94. Hi Abby, good to see you on your way again! I hope the Southern Ocean is kind to you and your crossing is speedy.

    After watching Jessica Watson's homecoming on-line last week, I can't help but think that Sydney looks like a great natural break point to stop and celebrate once you have made it past Tasmania. And Mooloolaba, up the coast where Jessica lives, seems a good place to stop for a visit before heading out across the Pacific.

    Might as well make the most of your ability to stop and see other parts of the world!

    Have a safe journey,

    Ottawa, ON, Canada

  95. It has been heart warming to see you wear your knotted Rosary for all the world to see. I hope that you also pray it as you pass the time at sea. Thank you for that little touch of your faith.
    "Loving Mother of the Redeemer, gate of heaven, et stella maris..., pray for Captain Abby....
    Keep her safe..."
    Deacon Mark Hamlet
    (Sometime sailing skipper, soon to be "Fr. Mark")

  96. @RichieParis ... The reason "our girl" didn't get much sleep the last few nights before she left, is because......

    Ol' buddy, you know the answer to this question as well as I. It is because she was sooooo...excited to get back to Wild Eyes and the sea. It's where she belongs, it's her comfort zone, her goal, her dream, her reason for being here & now. Maybe it's even what God (hard for me to say this) wants her to do. Even old atheists wonder sometimes.

    Onward to Australia!

  97. Good Morning CAPTAIN Abigail,

    @Erik Bjerring...Erik thanks for your comment today regards the cost perspective. In our excitement it can be overlooked. Thanks Erik for looking after Abby and Team.

    And now....Abby I had the opportunity to watch Jeff's video CAPE TOWN MAY 21, 2010 today at my office. Great footage of you getting underway and the first good look at Wild Eyes on the move....she's fast! And Dad's on camera moment was another keepsake for you Abby. I am going to repeat the text of the moment for those that may not have been able to access the video especially if you are on dial-up. Abby I hope dad's reflective words will make it into your book:

    "I am feeling proud......a little sad.
    It's good she's getting out there. We've done a lot of work here. (Emotional) I am better at hellos than goodbyes. It's going to be a few months until we see Abby again but she's looking good...the boat's running well. We're all a bit tired...we were up til 3 this morning...had a couple of hours sleep. So we're a little bit starry eyed and bushy tailed but.. SCOTT put in a HUGE, HUGE effort and the boat's probably the best it's ever been. We're excited for Abby. Once she gets sitting in the groove I am sure she will settle will take a couple of days to start making some very good headway. So I am very excited for her." Well done Laurence.

    Then as Abby moved away from the camera boat a voice yelled to Abby...."12,530 miles (to go)....we'll see you later". (Great line!)
    And another voice..."God bless ....have fun". And so the next leg began.

    But the most beautiful scene in the video was undoubtedly the sight of Abby as she hugged Charlie on board Wild Eyes....sometimes the silent moments are golden. Anyone with a young daughter will know what I am talking about here. Wonderful Jeff.

    So that's it from the "film critics" corner
    Abby (ha ha).
    Cheering you on,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  98. Reading the comments, I'm pulling in the excitement energy of Abby leaving Cape Town. This IS historical!!! A 16 year old girl (but sex doesn't matter except for the .... well it actually does, because we all expect boys to pursue dreams and girls to cheer them on. Well, the Jessica Watsons & the Abby Sunderlands are proving the conventional thinking WRONG. And it's about time!

    Sex is NO longer subjugated to established roles. Old ways are forgotten, new is the future. GO young people, go forward and teach us new things. Evolution is awesomely wonderful!

  99. @john, bay of Quinte ... I second your acknowledgment of Laurence's statement at departure of his daughter leaving the African continent alone on a boat heading into the vast southern ocean. Very eloquent, very loving, perfecto prose. You are quite a dad, Laurence. Abby is very lucky.

  100. felt great to b a part of this blog, good content...

  101. Go Abby Go!!!
    Thank You for all the wonderful pictures and videos. What kinds of foods did you bring with you from South Africa?
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA.

  102. Congratulations! God be with you.

    Enjoyed the video. Say, if you hadn't stopped, we'd have missed the beautiful footage of you and Wild Eyes sailing along before Table Mountain. Quite a view!

    Fair winds!

  103. Hi John
    Thanks for your comments, I really enjoyed making the video's. It was an amazing week for me, I welcomed in a stranger, her brother and her dad, and less than 10 days later, I was saying farewell to a group of people I now consider friends..a wonderful family that have inpired me. Go well Abby, get home safely. Jeff, Cape Town.

  104. That is one good looking boat! And the captain is good looking, too.

    Why can't I find you on liveships? Is that a security thing? Just curious.

    I hope that you get a good night's sleep very soon.

  105. Abby,

    How nice to see you and Wild Eyes once again back out on the High Seas. Though you seemed to have made good use of your time in Cape Town. New Friends, Old Friends, Family Members, New Sights and Sounds. Perhaps that was all meant to be. And now you move back into the familiar rhythms of solitude and open ocean you have come to know so well.


    Chuck G (Seattle)

  106. What a fantastic video! Watching the upclose salt water waves and Wild Eyes sailing them, I felt like I was on the seas! Great to see you and your dad, Laurence. I know you are now on a timetable so the warning to not stop in Australia was for your safety. That was funny, he is so a dad.

  107. Hi Abby!!
    You’re an awesome girl. I’ve been following your adventure a few weeks ago, since you rounded Cape Horn. I’ve had mixed feelings after seeing the video of you and Wild Eyes leaving Cape Town, but you’re back at the sea doing what you really love. Have a safe and happy sailing and enjoy the rest your trip!!
    God bless,
    Barquisimeto, Venezuela

  108. Victor C. PankoukenMay 23, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Hooray,and up she rises, hooray, and up she rises, hooray,and up she rises early in the morning...

  109. Hi Abby: It is great to see you underway again. GOOD LUCK and safe journey. The pics and the video were great. Now it is back to work...Stay safe, stay with the plan, and most of all enjoy the ride.

    Joe Springfield VA USA

  110. Victor C. PankoukenMay 23, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    @Bob from Seattle: From my experience, if Abby keeps that attitude of low sleep up, she will be in trouble once she reaches Australia. The authorities down there advise drivers to be well rested before they go on a long trip. And being under 18 "Hoonwatch" will keep a close monitor on her anyway. So the moment she is straying into Australian waters, they'll come out, check under her bonnet, the tyres and her general attitude, especially why she doesn't turn into Sydney Harbour for a cuppa and pink cupcakes with Jessica Watson...

  111. Hi Abby,I'm happy Wild Eyes is in tip top shape and ready to take on the challange that faces you for the next three month.I was trying to get your location with the tear drops but they are not comming up on the map.
    I was hopeing to meet you with the floatilla of boats as you arrive comming from the west end of catalina direction in late August,but I'm leaving for Italy on August 23rd and I feel bad I will miss your homecomming unless you put the metal to the pedal and arrive early.
    Abby you have a fantastic family and it should be a role model for America.
    I wish you the best of luck on your trip to Marina Del Rey.
    May God bless you and watch over you.
    You're in our prayers.

    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro,ca.

  112. Abby, I have to be honest with you, as I watched the video, when I saw your sails fill with wind, I got a big lump in my throat, and I thought "finally, she is back where she is happiest!" The look you had in your eyes, I have seen many times in my own teenagers eyes, they were saying "lets get going for crying out loud!" So enjoy yourself, we are all proud of you, and we all will keep you in our prayers. Gus

  113. Best to you. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  114. Dear Abby,

    Sail smart, have fun and may God continue to watch over you and keep you safe from harm.

    I wish you the best and pure success on your voyage Abby!

    Warm wishes from Kansas,

  115. God Bless all the great folks in Cape Town who helped Abby! Her fans here in Southern California are very grateful to you for your hospitality. God speed, Abby!

  116. Abby,

    Are you ok? Haven't heard from you in 3 days. Your Where's Abby is behind 2 days. God I hope you are ok.

    Jack in Mesa,AZ

  117. Thoughts and prayers for your safety, Abby. I hope they find you quick. I know you were wearing your life vest and survival gear, so hang on girl!

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