Thursday, May 13, 2010

More From Cape Town

On the Docks
Work has been going well today. The diver found a scratch on the forward hull while she was looking at the bottom. We weren't sure how bad or deep it was but wanted to haul Wild Eyes to be safe and just check on it anyway. The problem was that with Wild Eyes' 10ft draft there wasn't a cradle big enough at the boat yard that wasn't already being used. We asked if they could just lift us out of the water as their last boat of the day, leave us there in the straps over night and then put her back first thing in the morning.

They said they couldn't do that so we settled on another way to get her far enough out of the water. We looped a line around her keel and ran a halyard from the mast to a cleat on the boat next to us. We filled up the water ballast and then I ran back and forth winching in the halyard and the line on the keel. We got Wild Eyes tipped right over far enough so that we could get a closer look at the damage.

After a good close look it was obvious it wasn't too serious. The scratch wasn't that big or very deep. We filled it in anyway just to be safe. We were getting a lot of strange looks from people walking by, and there were quite a few people standing by the windows of the Cape Grace Hotel next to us watching. Wild Eyes did look a little like she was sinking, but surprisingly it's not uncommon for boats like Wild Eyes to be tipped over like that. It saves so much time and money and is just as good as pulling her all the way out. So, all of that made for an interesting day yesterday.

Today is Zac's last day with us as he's flying back tomorrow. The work is almost done and we are keeping our eyes out for a weather window for me to get out in. It's looking like Tuesday is probably my best bet on getting out as the weather has been pretty stormy recently. We have been in good communication with my weather routers who have been routing all kinds of boats around the world for more than 30 years. We have a plan for my next legs and feel confident that I can make these passages safely with their professional guidance. I am very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and experienced team of meteorologists on my team.
Scott Lurie: Team Abby

Val Carsten from Environ Skin Care with a Gift Basket


  1. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMay 13, 2010 at 8:17 AM

    Great update, Abby! I enjoyed your descriptions of the work and how you rigged the boat to see the bottom, but it was great to have the pictures throughout to really see it. Wishing you and the team good luck to finish up the repairs and reprovisioning, good travels back home for Zac, and good weather for you to get back out there on the ocean! Take good care! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  2. Abby,

    You're a trooper, and a real inspiration to young women and men. Wishing you the best on the next leg of your journey!

    Steve in San Diego

  3. Good update! and good to hear that the scratch wasn't anything serious.

    Funny story about all the looks you were getting from the hotel windows while you had Wild Eyes heeled over. *laugh*

    Have to tell you that even tho' I'm too old for him . . . your brother is a cutie!

    Good luck with the remaining repairs and your weather window!

    ~ Cynthia (in Guerneville, California USA today . . . on the road)

  4. Great photos, thanks Abby.

    Jack in San Diego

  5. Glad things are working out for you...Your bro looks a tad older and I am sure wiser from last year!. I know u had a great time w/him as well as your Dad...Careful on your way out of Cape Town...

  6. Great pictures - I saw them on Facebook with no description and had to check your Blog. Now I know why Wild Eyes was tipped over. Glade to hear there was very little damage. Wishing you God's blessing as you head out again. From a want-to-be cruiser aboard Locura, Patty in San Diego.

  7. Even ashore a sailor has to be inventive and creative! Glad the scratch wasn't anything serious.

    Thanks for the photos and descriptions! Praying for all to go smoothly and a safe trip for Zac.

    Lori in MN

  8. Sounds like all is going well with the various fixes on the boat. Will you be doing a short test run before leaving CapeTown?

  9. Thanks for sharing with us the tipping of Wild Eyes plus photos and glad to hear the scratch was insignificant. How have the rest of the repairs progressed? Looking forward to your departure from Cape Town and wishing you the best as you again head off alone on your circumnavigation.

    Real cute photo of you Abby.

  10. Nice, can't wait to see ya get back out there!

  11. Good pictures, dearest Abby,
    thanks for them, and we know everything will go well with the repairs.
    Praying that God will keep you, Zac, and your father lifted up as you set off for your journey, and they set off on their way home.
    When the time is right:

    Sail on, Abby and Wild Eyes, Sail on

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  12. Hi Abby,
    Glad you are almost ready to continue your journey. I am confident in your competence in moving forward with your sea adventure, as well as your team. Wishing you fair winds and smooth seas.
    Trina and Marvin Ventura, Ca/Philippines

  13. The word that comes to my mind is fantastic.

  14. I'd be interested in what was wrong with and what was done to/with the autopilots? To save time were both just replaced, or the existing units repaired? Anything done to prevent the same failure from occuring again?

    Also, it sounds like someone needs to design a small clothes dryer for small sailboats, but one that requires very little power :)

    Are you going to try to give a call and congratulate Jessica Watson, she arrives in Sydney on Saturday?

    Best of luck on the remainder of your journey!

  15. Don't forget you can compliment your remaining dehydrated food supplies with South African products to create some variety for the rest of the trip. Also lots and lots of tetra pack CERES fresh fruit drink for your vitamin C's!! Ceres brand not the other. Vaccum packed biltong too!!

    Great photos, every one looks happy. Take it scratch means gouge? :-) Any idea where that could come from i the middle of the ocean? Something big or sharp or hard enough to gouge the front but misses hitting the keel as you went over it. How about that one eye seems to be the same side of the scratch from the way the bit's leaning. Did you fix the eye? Maybe paint some sunglasses over where they are. Need to have all eyes open on the rest of the trip!!

  16. Looks like you have had a lovely welcome from South Africa. Did you have any chance to notice/see all the prep work getting ready for the World Cup?
    Best of luck to you, wishing you sunny, safe and smooth sails.

    Kerri from NorCal

  17. First I have to say that you are a huge adventurer by trying to go around the world solo! And by reading your updates, well i feel like jumping to a boat and sail a few miles! hehe

    Have a safe trip,
    Miguel from Azores Islands

  18. Glad the scratch wasn't serious!

  19. Abby, Amazing photos! What was the deal with all the deleted entries from your last post? What did we miss? Someone questioning going out into the southern seas during winter would be a guess considering your comments on weather routing?! Bring lots of delicious food!

  20. Your posts are my socond most favorite morning ritual . . .

    after a hot cup of coffee!

    Good Luck from Ohio,


  21. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Go Abby, Go! :-)

  22. Hi Abby,

    Great to read the update and to see the photo's.
    You have really been working hard with the boat.
    Enjoy your stay and I wish you Godspeed when you start again hopefully on Tuesday.
    Regards to your family and team.
    Bye for now,
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  23. Big Thanks for the update and photos!!!

  24. Abby
    enjoyed the pics and update. Be safe when you head back out there. Good luck girl!

  25. Abby, Glad to hear that you found a way to do the repair. Enjoyed the new pictures. Can not wait to hear about the new adventures when you start up again! "catch the trade winds inyour sail... EXPLORE,DREAM,DISCOVER" Mark Twain. Gods speed, From Flossmoor Il. The Foresta's

  26. Hello Abby

    Thanks for the updates. As I watched you Wild Eyes leave from MDR - I thought - how fragile that boat looks.

    My feeling is that you are entering the most difficult part of the journey now. I pray that Wild Eyes is up to the task.

    My greatest concerns are with the electronics and the frayed Yanmar belts.

    If Wild Eyes fails again then please take the rest of the journey in smaller steps.

    My Guardian Angel is always at your helm

    <* ((((((>< Mariner Walt – Marina del Rey, CA

  27. Oh, that's why the boat was tipped over. Sitting there on the boat must have been just like sailing along close hauled, maybe.
    What will your course be from now on. I guess the austral winter is an issue for routing you south of Australia. Is north of Australia an option? Not really, I guess.
    Do you want to comment on the discussion if Jessica did or did not break Jesse Martin record?

    All the best,

  28. Sailorguy from Hampton, Va hopes that you are looking forward to the next leg of the trip as much as I am. Great luck Abby! You're a winner!
    Bon Voyage.

  29. Hi dear Abby, I am so excited your still able to go on with your trip. I'm sure all of us out here were all praying nothing too serious was wrong with Wild Eyes, that would of kept you from continuing. Oh, blessing for that.
    With all your adventuring out with the 2 van Wyk's, then time with Zac and dad, sounds like your stay has been a great one. How fantastic to adventure out over the great So Altantic in a plane like that. You got to see more I'm sure.
    My blessing for your send off again, and prayers for the rest of your trip. Will, keep a eye on your blogs for sure.
    Dee Thompson, Santa Clarita, Ca.

  30. Thanks Abby.
    I hope the weather improves for you.
    Richard (QLD) Aus ♥

  31. Hi Abby - thanks for the update - great pix - glad repairs have gone smoothly and you are getting ready to sail off again - I bet you are looking forward to that - Jess sails in tomorrow - would be so great if you could call in for visit with her - happy days Abby - God bless you - looking forward to read of your next adventure - with hugs - Judy G - Surfer's Paradise - Gold Coast - Australia.

  32. 05-13-10 @ 18:37
    Hi Abby,
    Sounds like everything is going well, glad the scratch wasn’t serious or anything to worry about, but it was good to fill it so it wouldn’t get any worse.
    You look pretty chipper and happy, hope you’re getting well rested and eating well so you’ll be ready to give it all you’ve got when you get back out there. Well, I hope Tuesday rolls around pretty quick for you. Have you had enough of shore duty yet??
    Jessica wrote up a list of all the things she’s gonna miss when she gets back, and I imagine you’ll be the same way. I understand how you girls can love that kind of life, but you still have to be mentally and physically strong and courageous. God Bless You both. I hope all your repairs go smoothly for you and you can return to the ‘high seas’.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  33. Hi Abby:

    That was ingenious way to get Wild Eyes heeled over to take a good look at the scratch. Luv it.

    Looking forward to your continued sail around the globe. I hope the weather settles down soon so the you can have a safe departure and further journey.

    Hey, where is the pelican, would like to see that guy again.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  34. Great blog, Abby, very interesting to see your photos - thanks for sharing. I bet you are itching to get underway again. Will you be taking the same route as planned? Take care, and good luck!
    Jules on the Gold Coast, Australia

  35. Great update, Abby. I bet you're anxious to get going again.

    Boy it sure looks cold and gloomy there. I always imagined Cape Town as hot and dry.

    Take care, looking forward to reading more from you.

  36. You are just doing what sailors have done for thousands of years. They let their boats dry out at low tide -- careening it -- to work on them on the beach. What you are doing isn't all that different -- you're still tipping the boat under control in order to work on it.

    Incidentally, this is where the expression, "There'll be the devil to pay" comes from. Old wooden boats, as you know, Abby, had seams that had to be caulked, and sealed, or "payed" with tar. The last seam, the one next to the keel was called the devil.

    Why? Because it was the last seam to uncover while the boat was laid over on the beach, and the first to cover up again. So they had to work fast to get it done.

    The meaning of the phrase has drifted somewhat since the days of sail, but its original sense of urgency and dire consequences remains.

    Happy Chandlering!

    Bill Smith

  37. Hey Abby.

    I have just spent the past few hours reading your blog from start to finish and I have to say, you now make me want to go sailing!! I wish I was as brave as you are!!

    My heart sank for you when you said your autopilot had gone down! Although, from the look of your pictures, you have had an amazing time in Cape Town - just adding to the memories!!

    I really do wish you all the best of luck from the UK. I am now hooked on your blog and will be checking back every day for updates!

    Quick question - how do you stay looking so good while out at sea? I would look a mess but from your pictures you still manage to look stunning!!

    Good luck for the rest of your journey - you are in my thoughts :-)


  38. Capt. Abby, thanks plenty for the clear & concise update w/photos too...somebody said "fantastic" - I surely agree there! -- but please skipper, share some repair details, list items done unto and the fix or if replaced? You will never believe how interested many of us are in the most mundane and everyday matters that are likely to bore you so... ask Scott Lurie, he just might do the duty? Just a few words, not asking for the entire installation manual okay? Okay, this charter member of the "never satisfieds" gonna hush for now. Thanks Abigail.

  39. Abby...thanks for the great update and pics.

    We're anxious to see you back out there again.


  40. Thanks for the pics, Abby. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    - Craig - Fair Oaks, ca

  41. Abs, what about those balky autopilots?

  42. That was a great update, Abbe! Your description of the work and photos were great. I hope it all goes well and you are able to get out when the weather is decent. Have some fun in Cape Town. Best wishes.
    San Diego

  43. Abby. Good to hear the repairs are almost done and you are getting ready to head back out. Jessica has 1 day left and she'll be in port. There's talk on her blog that when she is safely back home that everyone put their attention to supporting you on the rest of your voyage. You better tell the people that handle your blog and website to expect a few thousand more people leaving messages. Please seriously think about making a stop in Sydney. You'll be amazed at the welcome they will give you and I'm sure Jesse will be glad to see you. Don't forget to have her load you up with chocolate and Nutella for the trip. No fair trying to smuggle Jessie Martin on board Wild Eyes. You might not be doing the non-stop thing but you are sill going for the solo catagory. Hang in there California Girl. You make us all proude. Love and hugs from Florida

  44. Hello Abby,

    Glad the damage to the boat is not serious. My prayer for you is a safe leg and no storms or trouble.

    Have a safe trip.
    Glad you had a good time in Cape Town.

  45. Thanks Abby for the great pictures. I hope everything is a go for you on have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some good food and sleep before you get back into the water. Take care...keep sending pictures, I really enjoy them. Gail/Ventura

  46. A cheer-up song for Abby:

  47. Good Morning Abigail and Team,

    I was sorry to see the state of WILD EYES (photos 2 & 3) after the on board "good-bye party" for Zac. Scratch?...I'll bet!

    Environ Skin Care....they sure know beauty when they see it. (Abby...are you blushing?) That was kind of Val to present you with the gift basket. Nice photo.

    I have been doing some repairs myself Abby....purchased a new wireless keyboard and mouse for the second half of your circumnavigation. I've cleaned my room, installed a fan for ventilation and I've added a seat belt to my computer chair just in case you pick up the pace starting Tuesday.

    Abs I am really looking forward to hearing about the next legs of your trip. Again thanks for sharing it with me.

    Here's wishing Zac a safe trip home today.

    Talk to you soon super sailor.
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

    PS Hi to Marianne/Mom keeping it together on the home front.

  48. Abby: As usual reading your blog opens my eyes so wide through you. The photos are the icing on the cake. I can't wait for the next part of your journey home. I continue to keep you, Wild Eyes and your team in my thoughts and prayers. I have next Tuesday marked on my calendar. I hope the press does something that makes it back here to the states :)
    Hugs and prayers... Look forward to your next blog....

    Hollywood, FL
    (between Miami & Ft. Lauderdale)

  49. hi abby i was getting worried about you, i think of you every day you know i'm glad your ok. by the way the picture of you on the dock you look great. i would like to go sailing with some day if i could, i would help you out on the boat i don't mind. my new home theater that i'm getting it would sound great in your boat. yamaha 7.1 surround and paradigm speakers, sub alone 10'' sub 250 watts a total of 1200 watts. i'd like to travel to but i like this system a lot, i have one now but it's just a small one, the other one is going to rock. my cousin has a cd out it's call gypsy small town fables you can listen to two of his songs on you tube one song is called final destination. you will see him playing bass. here are the words to one of the songs.

    well i met you on the bridge you had to jump for the thrill of it
    you had to set your own soul free well i'm homeward bound
    i'm homeward bound well i'm homeward bound i'm homeward bound
    said you were searching for a little sanity and a coffee and a cigarette
    and when you spoke so softly how could i forget

    well i finally figured out
    what it was she said to me
    you got to take your life for granted
    to finally feel release
    well i'm homeward bound
    i'm homeward bound
    well i'm homeward bound
    i'm homeward bound....

  50. Abby---All of us here at home are very proud of you. Keep up the good work and enjoy your time at sea. You will remembr this all your life.


  51. Abby,

    It’s nice to hear that the work on Wild Eyes is going well. Saving the haul out probably saved a day or two. It would have been too easy to find more work to do while she was out of the water. Best to wait for a good window of weather. You’re not in a sprint, it’s a marathon. So take all necessary precautions. We want to see you and Wild Eyes safe for the rest of your trip.
    Thanks for the great pictures, Abby. Take care.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  52. Abby You are doing a great job and Wild Eyes is loving all this attention that she is getting from You, Your Dad, Your Brother Zac and Team Abby are all doing great. that was a pretty nifty way of getting to the bottom of problem (sort to speak)and it was interesting to hear that people were surprised to see how you did it. On another note I hope you don't have to stop anymore on this adventure but Sydney would be a nice port of call and you could meet up with Jessica and that would prepare you for the Pacific. i would like to say Hi to Cynthia who posted at 8:33am today about being in Guerneville, Ca. today well lady you were in my neck of the woods inasmuch as I live In Santa Rosa , Ca. and I hope you had a wonderful day here in the Wine Country of Sonoma County. Abby Peace & Aloha to You. 38'43"N/122'67"W PS Abby Give that great looking brother of yours a big hug from all of us girls out there that have been drooling over him (just kidding about the drooling)

  53. Abby-

    Please let us know what has happened with the autopilots. We are all very concerned about that issue.

    Very cool that you got a ride in a Cessna 210. It is a good airplane and I have flown just about every model since 1960 with over 500 hours in type. It was my first paid flying job. Stable instrument flying platform, beautifully harmonized controls, reasonably fast.

    You can take up flying later; the second half of the world awaits you.

  54. Hi Abby
    Interesting photos. Hope the repairs go well and you get everything ship shape and bristol fashion. lol.. Enjoy your last few days ashore get as much rest as possible.

  55. Abby,
    Good to see that the team is leaving "no stone unturned" - including "Wild Eyes", in an effort to get you back out there with the best possible equipment to finish your trip. Hope you are underway again soon and safe sailing. Wave as you pass Australia.
    All the best,

  56. Hey Abby, thanks for the update. As usual, you were thinking outside the box. Just another example of your positive attitude and determination to accomplish the task at hand. Keep up the good work!

  57. Good to know all is well and working again. Someone else had asked for an update on the AP's... I'll second that. Would love to know the solution. You didn't say when you dad was leaving so I'm guessing he'll stay until you go back out? Blessings to them on their journey home and to you on your continued trip around the world.

  58. Great, Abby, that everything is going so well! Wild Eyes does look pretty funny on her side! Whatever works!

    Everything is set for Jessica's homecoming tomorrow! Sydney put on her Sunday best!

    Soon it will be your turn!
    In the meantime good luck, keep well, happy and safe, Trudy, Austria/Australia

  59. Sounds like your getting there.. I enjoy the photo's of the topsey turvey Wild Eyes......

    All the best departing on Tuesday....

    BIG wishes from Little DelaWHERE :-)

  60. Hi Abby, great post. Sounds like things are going your way, and I like the pic of Wild Eyes laid over. Cool! Well, I'm anxious for you to pull back out on Tuesday. I hope you are. I'm looking forward to your continuing adventure(s). ENjoy all you can and I'll be watching for you to pull out.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  61. Abby, I see the Garmin zodiac next to Wild Eyes - were you having GPS problems as well? Claude

  62. Good to hear all is going to plan Abby,We look forward to joining you on your blog when you resume your fantastic adventure. Take care ,stay safe, Terry and Patricia Melbourne Australia

  63. And the list of experiences continues. My goodness Abby, what memories you will have for the people in your future life. God has truly blessed you. Hang in there Abby, He's always with you. Norm :-> Sacramento, CA U.S.A.

  64. You have shown a clever way to intentionally tilt a sailboat. I will try this technique next time I need to clean the bottom of my small sailboat to save "time and money".

    Waiting till next week to "watch" you in full action on the water.

    Steve from SF Bay

  65. Nice article and photos for Jesse fans:

  66. Hey Abby, This is a re-post b/c for some reason it didn't take this morning. I've been at 40 degrees south and 140 degrees east in February and I consider myself truly blessed to still be alive. Call me chicken or call me wise, but I can't believe you're actually going out again next week and you'll be where I was but in June or July! You are a WHOLE LOT braver than me. The best of luck to you. Craig Sampson

  67. I'm behind, I heard about this you starting this voyage back at the beginning of the year & am just now getting to follow along. I'm glad you're getting to do this. It looks a its been a great adventure so far. I hope to check in on future updates and hope the rest of your trip goes well. Cape Town, Africa looks pretty cool.

  68. I imagine Abby is absolutely itching to get out there. It's like buying a new high performance car, you relish driving it every day, then you have to stop driving it for a couple of weeks, and cannot wait to get behind the wheel again. 3 months on Wild Eyes, learning it in and out to suddenly stop, for sure she wants to get back behind the "wheel" and continue taking it for a spin :-)

  69. Hi Abby,

    You really are a wonderful role model young lady.

    I'm glad that you and your team are leaving no stone unturned with regards to making sure that Wild Eyes is ship shape.

    You are truly an inspiration to young people all over the world.

    Looking forward to joining you on the remainder of your voyage.

    Mary from Sydney.

  70. Weather is more predictable in the Winter than it is in Summer. The Indian Ocean is the warmest ocean of them all, some 22 degrees C. You'd be hard pressed to find any icebergs out there.

    Sailing in summer and hiding in winter is cruisers. ;-)

  71. So perhaps the Team can explain what was done to correct the auto pilot--that was your reason for docking at the Cape. Lots of folks are interested in the fix. Thanks, and best to you on the rest of your journey. Richard

  72. Just an FYI, Jesse is home safe it seems, 3 cheers!

  73. Nice pics Abby. I just read where Ms. Watson has made it home. That's great, but some people just never cease to amaze me with their personal 'needs' to cast meaningless doubt against others who have admirably met the challenges of an incredible feat, such as yours and Jessica's. The blogs are currently a'blaze with such non-sense and weak opionions, trying to promote concerns over her trip's validity. The bottom line is she did it and so are you. To heck with the skeptics! Hope all continues to be well with you little lady, will chat again soon, Gary from Folsom, Ca.

  74. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the photo's and update on Wild Eyes condition. Sounds seaworthy to me. I'll be watching as you set sail one more time to continue your fabulous journey.

    Do take care and as someone said get well rested and eat allot of good food prior to departure. And as always; 'Sail On Captain', you are one of a kind.By all means keep that smile going it will make things allot easier.

  75. Good Luck Abby for the rest of the voyage

  76. Hello Miss Abby,
    Thank you for the update, ad the always great pics!
    Interesting way to check the scratch.
    But what are the other repairs going well? Autopilots? Something else?
    I wouldn't like to see you stay too long there, because the Winter will come soon and even with the best routers in the world, sometimes you may be caught in a very nasty system.
    Take care of yourself and double check all on Wild Eyes, the repairs, the refill, the goods (hairbrush! pens!). Yourself, i insist.
    Jessica made it a couple of hours ago and I have been lucky enough to find a way to watch her arrival in Sydney: a wonderful, huge welcome, very emotional. Hundreds of boats, tens of thousands of spectators, firemen's boats' hoses with big sprays, pink carpetI wish you the same at the end of your journey...
    Take care and sail soon... but safely

  77. 05-15-10 @ 02:22
    Hi Abby,
    And how was your day young lady, I hope it was rewarding and that all is going well with your repairs.
    I just finished watching a very happy Jessica enter into Sydney Harbor, I could only watch it on AIS maps, but I was able to follow a little Pink Lady (a marker) from the ocean and into port. Then I finally was able to pick up an Aussie station and watch her get interviewed. I hope you were able to watch it also.
    So, hopefully you’ll be back out on the water in a few more days (3) … yes???…good. I do hope that you had a good time in Cape Town and that you will be stopping in other ports to enjoy yourself, but I would imagine that could become expensive. With all the pictures that you would be requested to take, that could turn into a lot of film, or chips or whatever you would be using. The old Box Camera has come a long way ‘baby’…lol…
    I hope you were able to get all of your gear dried out, and now you can get off to a fresh start. How’s Charlie and Mr. Doggie doin’, are they ready to go?? Take good care of yourself and sail safe. Looking forward to your next blog, when you get a chance……….
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  78. I would have suggested the picture of you that was taken on the docks in the marina as a design for a book cover not the zodiac covering most the hull of the Wild Eyes. You may consider the picture retaken with the zodiac moved away and the picture showing your full body length and obscuring the logo for Shoe City. It is the only picture in this set with higher resolution, when magnified adds so much more to its beauty.

    Steve from SF Bay


    After more than a week being on land, do you still need to hold on that pole with two hands for stability? :-))

  79. If you want to see TV coverage on Jessica's arrival: All is available on

    Abby, one day you will have a great homecoming also. Have a good voyage!

    Ben, Sweden

  80. hi there abby,kindest regards from north queensland australiafrom this 59yo fart.asyou probably know jessie got home to a huge welcome at sydney today.we hope that the rest of your adventure goes well without any further misshaps.take care& kindest regards to YOU , your family & your sponsors , like i said to jessie girl youve got guts.enjoy yourself but do it safely & if ive got it right VAYA CON DIOS ABBY...GEOFF & FAMILY

  81. I suppose you've heard by now that Jessica Watson has completed her voyage.
    -Geoff, 54 (Melbourne, Australia)

  82. Sarah (Sydney Australia)May 15, 2010 at 12:57 AM

    Hi Abby. This is the first time i've posted on your blog but i have been watching and reading daily! I look forward to reading Jess's blogs as well as yours...

    I'm sure you know by now Jess has arrived home and is on land. Now we need you to get back on the water and get home!

    Hope all the repairs are done and you get back on the water ASAP and it's smooth sailing from then!

    Happy sailing and i can't wait to read more blogs...

  83. HI Abby,
    Hope all your repairs are going well. Look forward to seeing you back at sea.
    Jessica arrived back in Sydney today to a heros welcome. We are all so proud of her. We look forward to following your adventure and the welcome you will receive when you return home. Best wishes,

  84. Best of luck to you! Will follow you to the finish. We will be checking on your progress from Northwest Indiana!!

  85. Hi Abby,

    Good work on getting Wild Eyes ship shape again, even in a rather innovative way!! You must be looking forward to getting back out to sea on the next step of your dream.
    Clear skies,
    ~Phill & Brian
    Vancouver, Canada

  86. Abby best of luck on the remainder of your trip.. but i was reading a ad on msn this morning and is says a 16 yr old girl from Australia completed her around the world journey sailing.. to set a record... how does this affect what it is ur trying to do

  87. Great photos.I hope you all good!!!

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  89. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    Waiting :-)

  90. Ahoy, Abby,

    I'm pleased to see that all is coming together for you, and, as the others, hope to read more of the autopilots and their resolution. But a major concern is that you haven't mentioned taking on chocolate to last through the rest of your voyage. Perhaps you have assumed that we would all know that chocolate stores were filled to the gunwales, but I'd be more assured to know that you're not at sea and a half-world away from chocolate.

    While your early blogs showed the maturity that made me feel you had the grit to successfully complete your voyage, your stop for repairs proved your maturity. I'm looking forward to following you all the way to Cabo. I thank you for sharing, and thank your parents for recognizing that you were ready.

    Stay strong, stay smart.

  91. Some of the most interesting things about ventures is when it comes time to put a "fix" on things that go wrong, especially the improvisation. Here's hoping that the rest of your trip is smooth sailing, Abby.

  92. Dear Abby, Glad that you have had a great time in Cape Town. When you are ready to leave like many others I will be glued to your blogs. I hope that you have a trouble free trip and enjoy every minute of it. Regards, Jeanp, Australia

  93. Hello Abby,
    Glad to hear all is going well and soon you'll be out there enjoying the ocean once again. The pics are great to see because it shows those of us who don't know much about sailing, what you mean. Even tipped over Wild Eyes still looks beautiful. Looking forward to your next blog.

    Wishing you a safe journey out of the busy sea highway, so take care little lady.
    Sunshine Coast, Qld. Aus.

  94. Hey Abby. Good to hear the fix is going well. Thanks for the updates and the pics of Cape Town.

    Alessandro Di Benedetto is now somewhere off Rio de Janeiro in his little yacht and Jessica and EPL have made it safely back to Sydney.

    You'll be back aboard Wild Eyes and your way across the Southern Ocean again sometime this week hopefully. All the best.

  95. Gidday Abbey
    Im glad the repairs are going well and I hope you are back on the water soon.
    The photos are great and I hope that you can send a lot more while out sailing. It adds so much more to the blog.

  96. Jessica made it back. There's nothing wrong with stopping, going around the world is a dream adventure.

    Be careful. It's getting to be winter down there. You might want to sail northward into the 20s-30s latitudes.

  97. 05-16-10 @ 12:00
    Hi Abby,
    I hope that you’re doing well, and I figure you’re pretty well ready to go… yes??… I thought so, patience, patience, patience…and all of a sudden you’re sailing along looking back at where you came from, never fails…lol…
    I know it wasn’t on the top of the repair list, but did they happen to fix “Wild Eyes” port side right eye??? It looks like it was just folded over, or was she winking at the camera…lol… Just wondering. I enjoyed the picture of you on the dock, with “Wild Eyes” behind you, and so I selected it and it completely filled my 22” screen,….it looks great!!!…You too!!!…lol…

    I hope the rest of your repairs are going well for you, and that you were able to get everything else taken care of. Tuesday is not to far away so I hope you‘ll be ready to go.
    Looking forward to your next post, hint, hint, when you get a chance. Take care of yourself and crew.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  98. I don't alwaze get to read every update here, but I try to catch up when I can..and I thank you for sharing this journey with us! You're an amazing gal! :-) God bless & safe passage!

  99. Hi Abby. Just stumbled upon your blog and I have to tell you, I am so impressed. A young woman with such courage and spunk! Your boat is beautiful and I wish you continued safe-travels and much-success. May God Sail With You Sweet Girl!

    Blessings, Love & Summer Sunshine From The State Of Georgia, Terri Smith

  100. Hey Abby - will be waiting to "see" you resume your adventure. I hope the weather cooperates. Godspeed - I'll be waiting for updates!

  101. Abby;
    My wife and I have been following your progress every day since before you left the US. It is great that you are back at sea again. You are an inspiration to us. We pray for your safty and for favorable weather. Enjoy your adventure I hope it is everything you imagined it would be. Thank You for allowing us adventurers at heart to share in your journey!