Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cape Town - Final Days

Repairs are going well. The new auto pilots are working very well and this time they are the type that can have two heads attached, one inside and one outside. It will help a lot not needing to run up and down everytime I set it. We also put the auto pilot brain boxes in a place a little easier to get to so I won't have to crawl into the depths of what has affectionately become known as hell, or should I say unaffectionately? (the small compartment in the back under the cockpit) Even if I do have to pull them apart, put them together, switch everything back and forth, re wire, or whatever problem might occur with the new two pilots, at least I will be able to see what I am doing.

Erik Bjerring, Me and Scott
There are new DC lights everywhere so I should have better lighting for the times I am up at night. Of course now that I know how to do just about everything with my auto pilots and now that things are set up a little easier to get to they will probably work fine.

Fiberglass repair to water ballast!
The wind generators are both on the back and are working well. They are a little different from my last ones, they put out better amperage in lighter wind, and from the looks of things the blades are a little bit stronger. They don't get so thin at the end so I hopefully won't have to worry about the blades breaking so easily.

Wild Eyes gets a new eye

I'm sorry I haven't written much while I have been here. As nice as it is to be on land for the time being, it's not at all a vacation. We're all pulling hard to get things together and get me back on the water. I had planned to leave this morning, but as things turned out, my dad and Scott had a 20 hour lay over in Johannesburg, so they just changed there plans and are now leaving late Friday. Now I will be leaving early Friday.

Yes, I do know all the superstitions and about how you're not supposed to leave on a Friday, but as things are right now waiting a day or two to get out of here could bring a whole new set of troubles weather wise. I know that a lot of people have been worrying about my next leg with how late it is in the season.

But hey, people said I wouldn't be able to get around Cape Horn because it was getting late in the season. It is about picking weather windows and knowing ahead of time about fronts that are forming so that I can alter my route to avoid them. I may not be able to avoid everything but with my weather router and Wild Eyes' speed I should be able to avoid the majority of really bad weather.

I will stop again if I need to but I'm not racing out here. I'm taking things slowly and if I can avoid bad weather, I will. Wild Eyes has been around the world before, she's been in 60 knots, she's been knocked down, she's a great boat and as safe as they get. As long as I stay on her, I'll be safe as well. The next leg is probably going to be harder then any thing I have done so far in my trip, but I am ready for it and so is Wild Eyes.


  1. Great job, enjoy the launch Friday.

  2. Awesome! You sound super upbeat, prolly as you write and tick off the repairs and improvements and plan of action! YES! weather windows + fast boat is what it's about! That's how the "big boys" do it :-))

    Photos are out of control. Wild Eyes always appears to be super clean. Happy to see the eye fixed. Very important that. The picture is stunning, the water's like glass in the marina. Can make a poster out of that particular picture with the eyes.

    Good Luck on the next leg. EYES, LEGS & ABLE BODY + MIND.

    You got it all. :-)

  3. Abby,

    Godspeed on the next leg of your trip (however long it may be)and keep on enjoying the experience!

    Kevin in Chicago

  4. Good luck on the rest of your journey what route are you taking from now on North or South?

  5. Good luck, and be careful...

  6. Wow it sure seems like you had a lot of damage how did it all happen? Can you list all the things you fixed? Stay safe out there.

  7. You will defy that superstition...Best of luck and Wild Eyes looks good!.

  8. My class and I are excited for you! We look forward to tracking you and Wild Eyes as you continue following your dream. Thank you for all your updates and letting us share in your experience. Godspeed Abby!

  9. Interesting post. Never heard of the Friday departure superstition, hmmm.... wonder where that came from. I'll have to research it. You sound confident about the new pilots & generators. Good luck; time will tell. Thanks for addressing the weather window concern. I was going to suggest putting in at Perth, flying home for a month, catch up on the school work, fly back to Perth and continue past mid-winter which should decrease the chance of bigger storms. But based on your progress so far, unless your speed picks up, it doesn't appear you have a months leeway to idle about to get back to the start line by October 16th. Stretching a string on my globe, I see there is no reason to go back to Cabo San Lucas as LA is nearly the same distance from Tasmania.

    Onward to Australia!

  10. Dearest Abby,
    With the stars as your night canopy once again
    With the wind in your hair, and the glow to your skin
    With the rock of the waves,
    And the challenging days
    May you and Wild Eyes be blessed from Above
    As our thoughts and prayers go with you in love

    Sail on, Abby and Wild Eyes, sail on

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  11. Abby, you never cease to amaze me in every way. You are truly one amazing person, not only in your maturity and knowledge but also your ability to articulate everything in your writing. I'd venture to say that there are few, if any, young adults your age that write so well.

    When it's time for you to make career choices, I can see that being an author could be one.....or one of many that suit you well.

    Best of luck on the continuation of your amazing journey, I (like so many others) will anxiously await the updates to your blog. Over the past few months I have found myself checking for updates to the blog a few times a day, it seems I've become a devoted Abbican.

    I'll continue praying for a safe and rewarding journey.

    God bless you Abigal, God bless you!

  12. Abby-
    Im glad you got everything taken care of. You should be very well prepared for your next leg. You will do great out there. Have fun and enjoy the beautiful ocean!

  13. Abby said: "...they are the type that can have two heads attached, one inside and one outside". Can anyone shed some light on the definition of "head"?

    Also when she says "auto brain boxes",is she referring to the electronics? Hard to believe the electronics wouldn't have been on the nav station rather than down in "hell" so I'm confused.

  14. I'm anxious and a little nervous. I'm glad you have your wits about you and are thinking your departure through.

    You didn't happen to install a clothesline, did you? That would help in drying out your gear, clothes, boots, ect. Hope you picked up a few more books/magazines, or maybe even got a new charger for the Kindle.

    I'll check on you again tomorrow to make sure you had a safe departure! Always in my thoughts, Abby!!


  15. I'm glad the repairing is going well! Nice picture series!
    Keep it up!

  16. Oh no, leaving on a Friday! Kidding, kidding.

  17. Abby looking foward to reading your exciting blog on your homeward leg of your solo voyage ! Best Wishes keep us posted !

  18. hello abby!!! I know this might sound weird but..i had a dream about you lastnight. I believe God works in our dreams sometimes. So, in my dream you and i got to meet and we were with your team. And i was telling you how your blog is the first thing i check in the morning ...and then i told you that are not a are encouraging..and allow yourself to be surrounded by people who will do just that..encourage..uplift you. And to remember to give God Glory for everything...and to enjoy your time out there. But the big thing was...YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. and that was my dream...but i really felt like i needed to tell you this....thanks Abby. And i pray for safe travels in Jesus' name!
    God Bless,

  19. Well, littlw girl... You are back in my prayers!! May the Love and presence of the Lord guide you, and bring you through whatever He plans for you, to His glory.
    Thanks for the update. God Bless you richly, and keep us updated. Grat pictures. You appear a bit shy!

    Prov 3:5-6.

    In His Love,
    Ron in Colorado

  20. Interesting article on sailing on Friday:

  21. Gods speed Abby, and fair winds.
    Cpt'n Spetsioti

  22. Will you be going north or south of Austrailia? Have fun and maybe you can make it back to start school in the fall!!

  23. Go Abby! Can't wait to hear more of your adventures out on the high seas!

  24. I'll be following the rest of your journey from the foothills of Colorado, USA. Safe travels!
    LaNell in Lakewood,CO

  25. I'm glad you're taking the attitude that you are. This is not a race. Your safety is the most important thing and if you have to make detours or even stop somewhere, that will be the right thing to do. I'll be just hanging out over here waiting for you to leave Friday. Can't wait Abby!!!!

  26. Thanks for the update!!

    Great, Great, Great photos!!

    Thanks again.

    Thanks to Abby's Team.

    All the Best!!!

  27. dear Abby,
    I hope you are staying healthy and I am very extited about you going back on the ocean blue.
    sencerly Brielle Claire Gamble

  28. Hello Abby Sunderland I heard you have a great time at Cape Town. Wait. You are leaving Cape Town. You did'nt have food and drinks for three days. From Halsey at Riverview School.

  29. Good work getting things back together! As a fellow circumnavigator (with many stops and years) I always loved to test the "Friday" rule and start as many passages as I could on a Friday. I wrote an article about all the crazy superstitions involved in boating... don't eat chicken on a boat, don't ever whistle on a boat, but you can whistle in the direction you want the wind to come from, no mops allowed on a boat, and of course one of the craziest... no women onboard, but a naked women is said to calm the seas (busty bowsprits). Ignore the superstitions but just plan, sail... and ENJOY!! I sure miss it!!
    I'll keep following your blog and rooting for you.
    Scott (you can click the boat photo for more sailing photos)

  30. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes!

    All set, looking good - thanks Team Abby!

    Go Abby, Go!

  31. Hi Abby, great Photos, i wish you all the best for your journey!

  32. You go Girl!!!!
    One day at a time....

    Can't wait to read your blogs from the Seas again.....

    Big Wishes from Little Delaware.



  33. God speed Abby. "Go in peace, the journey on which you go is under the eyes of the Lord."

  34. go abby. may God bless you always.
    i know that with your determination, you will succeed not only now but in your future endeavors.

    you are one courageous and determined girl.

    can't wait to hear stories of your adventure when you're back again at sea.

    sail on girl. be safe always.


  35. Have a great trip. Looking forward to reading your experiences as you sail on.
    Gary K, neighbor from Newbury Park, CA

  36. Strong, resolute, Abby, the intrepid sailing girl! It's like a deja vu of sorts to have you in Cape Town amidst magnificent Table Mountain, as I recall Zac's time spent there when he was on his voyage.
    It's also nice to see Eric Bjerring again as part of your team. I'm sure you know that you are forging and building relationships that will last a life time!
    Be safe! Your and Wild Eyes are in my prayers.

    That is one wicked looking boat!

    Melanie in Torrance

  37. You are one great young lady and you make your family proud to have you and your brother for what you both have done, and travel with Gods speed and bring you back home to America,, just stay far enough out to sea to stay away from the bad guys

  38. Abby, as long as you stay above 40S there's NO weather to shake a stick at for a you can leave anytime you're ready!

  39. Abby - Thanks for the updates and the pictures. I really enjoy reading your blog. I am looking forward to "riding along" for the rest of the trip. Keep your wits together and good luck.

    Tim from Seattle.

  40. Been a lurker and follower of your blog...Wanted to tell you how admirable what your doing. You're inspiring a lot of people of all ages and background. Keep it up and be safe!

  41. 05-20-10 @ 16:01
    Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the up-date and the great pictures. Glad to see that the repairs went well. It also sounds like a lot of planning went into the location and the operation of these A/P’s. Hopefully you won’t have to do any work on them, but at least they will be more accessible.
    Glad to see that “Wild Eyes” has an new ‘eye’, she looks pretty again.
    Good luck on your departure, and I hope you will be able to leave this time….lol… Looks like you almost had a stow-a-way, just caught him in time….lol… I like the idea of the helmet hanging on the side, hope you never have to use it but…….
    Take good care of yourself Abby, sail safe and true.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  42. Hi Abby, Wow you are headed out, Good for you and it sounds like you and Wild Eyes are rarin to go and get on with this trip and you said that this is not a race so stopping is an option that you should avail yourself if any problems, but with that said, I strongly suggest that you stop in OZ and see Jess and get afew more supplies before the Pacific leg. Stay Safe and When Up On Dock, Always Tethered. Peace & Aloha 38'43"N/122'67"W

  43. Hi Abby,Now that our girl Jess is back safe here in Australia we will be willing you to a safe finish as well.My early morning ritual is cup of tea and click on to find out how things are going with you. I hope it strengthens you to know that you are thought of so much by so many.

  44. Thanks Abby.
    God bless you and your boat.
    Will cheer you on as you
    pass Australia.
    Smooth sailing.
    Richard (QLD) Aus ♥

  45. We're pulling for you here in Maine!

  46. It sounds like you have thought it through and got your mind made up..Good for You!! It looks great the work that you've shown us and I'm sure its a great confidence builder to know you can access the auto pilots easier. As a Marine Electrical Inspector I know what you mean about how they hide some of the most meanigful equipment in the most difficult to access places! Take your time Abby..Everything will fall into place. Praying for smooth seas as you prepare to leave in the morning...

    Gary & Jan

  47. Gillian from AustraliaMay 20, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    Hi Abby,Now that our girl Jess is back safe here in Australia we will be willing you to a safe finish as well.My early morning ritual is cup of tea and click on to find out how things are going with you. I hope it strengthens you to know that you are thought of so much by so many.

  48. It's so cool what you're doing. I would never have the guts to go around the world alone. And you're so young. I didn't even know that was possible. You are so couragous. You are definately one of my rold models.

  49. Everything sounds great Abby. And, so do you! All the upgrades sound really good. I'm not a superstitious person, so I too would leave on a Friday, if I was ready. Good luck on that, anyway. (lol..) It'll be fun to follow you on the water again. I'm looking forward to it. Catch you in a day or too.
    39*50'N, 86*9'W
    btw - the pictures have been really nice.

  50. Pete and Nancy In Keene NHMay 20, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Any plans on stopping in Sydney and sating Hi to Jessica ???

  51. Abby, your adventure has become ours as well. Both my husband and I check your blog and share our toughts and opinions (he's the sailor!). I am happy that you are getting underway soon...I feel your eagerness.

    Be one with the wind and experience the joy that God has put in your heart for it is that smile of yours that is in our eyes. We will be with you all the way. Happy sailing!

    Your friends "Me and My Sailor"

  52. My dear captain, I hear your confident voice in regard to sailing the South Seas at this time of the year; I can rest easy now.

    Happy Journey

    Steve, SF Bay

  53. Hey Abby,

    I think you are blogging a lot while ashore and they're as great to read as those at sea. I have left port on Fridays any number of times to use predicted sea conditions. As I recall those departures were some of my best voyages. Go figure.

    Jon in Oregon

  54. Captain Abby,
    What about bringing along another hat in case you loose your favorite one. After watching the video, you should name your new wind generators Barber and Chop. Those blades do not look very forgiving. Have a safe voyage!

  55. I think we can all feel the excitement building :-)

    What's interesting to me is you'll be bac trac'ing zac's route (almost) and he got a clear pass. Someone :-) back then assured her after she expressed nerves, that he's entering into the bosom of the Mother City -- as Cape Town is known. Rounding Cape Point or Cape of Good Hope while historically as dangerous as all the other Great Capes (actually Agulhas is the Southern most tip but don't tell the tourists, cause there ain't much there), it's sailing. Seth Effricans :-) been day sailing around there morning noon night winter spring summer fall, day in and day out, you name it. You'll be fine all the way through to the next waypoint. That character down there under the water liked Zac, and he'll like you too. :-))

    This is like black diamond downhill skiing or race car driving/rallying. How in the world can do you drive so fast in the snow, how in the world can you ski down that slope.

    sail boat wind ocean one and the same, road snow speed one and the same. For the oldsters out there it's cruising and leusire, or the bunny slopes. For the youth of today it's old hat just knowing how to do it, the task is to push it. Just like computers of yesteryear, don't touch that sonny, that's a computer a very sophisticated device.. Do not touch my new television remote control honey, you do not know the power of it and what it can do. BAH !

    What will one say in 10, 15 or 20 years when teenagers scoff on backpacking around Europe or North America in their gap year, when instead it's 'yo pops gonna circumnavigate the earth with the girls for the summer. Mind if I borrow yours, mines not big enough'

    The Zacs the Abby's and the Jessica's set the trend.

    The old ccurmudgeon's will still waffle from behind their computer's and their day sailors, well in my day we didn't have all them gadgets, well I coulda shoulda woulda sailed around Cape Horn but i was busy' ..yeah right ROFL, 'it's irresponsible, you could get killed.. Cape Horn is for real men not children you are inviting doom' 'only real men are permitted to go around there' ' you insolent youth do not know what respect is and dare to laugh in the face of death'...

    Yeah yeah yeah old man...gybe this b ! tch :-)))


  56. God speed, Abby. We're all with you!!!!

  57. Praying for a safe and uneventful departure.

    - Bobby

  58. Hi Abby,
    Thanks for the update. We are praying for you as you leave Cape Town and begin Part II of this awesome adventure. Can't wait to hear more great stories!
    Go get 'em, Captain Abby... and God Bless!
    Keith and Kathy Wargo, Lynchburg VA

  59. Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the things you did do. So throw off the bow lines, Sail away from the safe harbor. You have the world behind you! Wild Eyes will sail you safely home! Gods speed Abby!

  60. Hello Abby

    Good luck with the next leg of your journey Abby. Hope you added some hand warmers and extra wooly winter clothes as it is going to be hold down the bottom of Australia. At the moment we are having really crisp nights and cool Autumnal days.
    Again good sailing

  61. About those new DC lights so you can see at night . . . can they be switched to blue, or are they white ? White lights can wipe out your night vision in a hurry, and it can take upwards of a half hour to reacquire enough night vision to see much of anything.

    Just curious.

    As I tried to post earlier, we "Abbicans" are all here, waiting for your adventure to continue.

    Fair winds young lady.

  62. Hi Miss Abby,
    Thanl you for the news. Departure today, then.
    The repairs seem to have been well and cleverly done, for the autopilots, this time, you look ready. A pity it hadn't been done like this in MdR.
    OK for going now... I understand that plan A is Ahead, plan B being using speed to avoid the systems, plan C trying to get through if plan B doesn't work, and plan D to make a new stop if plan C doesn't work either.
    I like the intense confidence you irradiate now, and I wish I shared it totally. I am not far from it, but I keep a few reserves for the season. I wish I shall be wrong.
    Anyway I shall follow your voyage with much attention and all my well-wishes are flying in your sails.
    Happy sailing, Miss Abby... even on a Friday!

    PS Thank you Bob, about the Friday sailing on. There are many superstitions in the naval sphere. In the english speaking salliling world, do you have the french taboos about saying the words "rabbit" and "rope"? Frecnh sailors never say one on board. It is always something "that long-eared rodent" or "a piece of tying stuff".

  63. Good on you Abby, you're a legend.

  64. Hi Captain Abby, You are an awsome
    skipper. I totally like your safety
    first mind set. Having confidence
    that Wild Eyes will bring you home
    is so important. Some really good
    pics. Be Safe! Be Happy! Godspeed!

  65. I certainly admire your courage. Just stay safe out there the Southern Pacific can get wild this time of year. God's speed.

  66. Capt. Abby, yeah heard that "no Friday sail-dates" long ago maybe 1953, maybe before? Then saw that warning violated (on sea and land) many times without noticable calamity. I am so proud of us "Abbycans" - can anyone "certify" the correct/acceptable spelling? I am building something and want that challenging word engraved on it... wonder what Abby thinks is the best spelling?

  67. When I was a young boy another young boy was sailing around the world in a small boat named the Dove, and I read his story in National Geographic...I was amazed at his courage and the stories he told...You are truly as amazing and I am looking forward to reading all your stories...You are an insperation to young people everywhere..If you dream it you can do it...
    Gods speed

  68. Good luck for the re-start Abby. We will follow the rest of your journey withj interest. Well wishers from Pakuranga Heights, Auckland, New Zealand

  69. Hi Abby:

    Looking forward to the departure and your successful sail. Enjoyed the update and was really pleased to read about the auto pilots and the relocation of the brain so that you have better access. Enjoy your continued adventure.

    The pic were great. I saved the WildEyes pic and will blow it up to make a wall photo.

    Fair winds!!!!

    Hugs, seattlesid

  70. Abby, thanks for more great pictures. Best wishes for a safe departure and fair weather for the rest of your journey from CT. Stay safe.

  71. Abby,
    That was a great update. Sounds like Wild Eyes and you are in great shape to set sail. The adrenalin is flowing with all of us anticipating your departure. My only small concern is the Friday departure. And I’m not even a superstitious guy, but I guess that one goes back to my commercial fishing days.

    @Bob from Seattle: Thanks for the article regarding the Friday superstition. I’ve never known its origin, but when I was commercial fishing years ago, fishermen would not leave port for a fishing trip on a Friday. There was also the thought that the keel of a boat should never be laid on a Friday nor a boat launched on a Friday. There are plenty of nautical superstitions, for instance you should never have bananas on board a boat. Don’t know where that one comes from either.

    In regards to Abby’s autopilots, when she refers to the heads she is referring to the control heads. A control head essentially is the small autopilot control panel where Abby makes adjustments to the autopilot. During the first part of Abby’s trip, I believe her control head was inside at her nav station. Now, in addition to that control head, she will also have one in the cockpit so she will be able to change autopilot settings when she’s on deck or when she’s down below at her nav station. The brain box is basically the computer portion of the autopilot system.

    Abby, you have my best wishes on your next leg of your voyage. Good luck and have a great time.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  72. Capt'n Abalone (term of affection!),

    Just wanted to thank you for your post and pictures. Here's wishing you the very best. Be safe and stay focused. May you have fair winds along the way.

    By the way, Friday is just another day... phooie on superstitions. Superstions are simply man-made bunk! Go for it, Abby!! I'm looking forward to your next post!

    Capt'n Mudgie
    Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

  73. Abby hooray-yippee-woohoo!!! The time is almost here and off you and Wild Eyes go! Just love to read the blogs from you what with all your enthusiasm, maturity, expertise, knowledge, honesty, and interesting information all nicely rolled into the message. You write so well and you make this amazing journey sound so easy! I have given up on trying to sound like --yeah, I know what I am talking about there mate-- (much less trying to pronounce some of the "sailor" words) when I tell my girls about your updates about your exciting adventure! We all love hearing about how you are doing, what you are doing, and where you are. I am so happy all is now well with Wild Eyes and that you both are rested and ready to go or rather rare-in to go! With all the repairs, re-dos, and upgrades it will now make the rest of your dream trip smooth sailing as they say--however the smooth sailing is only for you on the water Abby because as you know some of us here on dry land often may worry a little about you out there all by yourself--except I have to tell you a secret-- I now know for sure there is a "guardian sailing angel" right there with you all the time! Well Abby Dear be safe be well and let the dream chasing begin wherever it may take you! Look forward to the next post! Electronic hugs to you and a pat pat pat for Wild Eyes! The Best is Yet to Be!
    Gramma Lee

  74. Well, your return with new pieces and configurations to earth's bathtub renews anticipation and excitement.

    You gave me a sense of place and story with your pictures and sharing of the process restoring you to the journey of your dreams.

    You affirmed my wondering about weather possibilities and your priority of "staying on her".

    Savor the memories of this stop as you ply new waters. I pray for your continued strength to follow through when the going gets rough, and the vigilance to safe living. Enjoy. Will be with you in spirit.

  75. Abby, thanks for the updates and the pics. You and Wild Eyes are ready for the next leg! Looking forward to your updates as you continue your journey. Take Care! Be safe!
    - Craig, Fair Oaks, CA

  76. Hi Abby, Good luck as you leave tomorrow morning. I will be looking forward to reading your blogs. My prayers and thoughts will be with you and may God keep you safe. You are one awsome young lady. Gail/Ventura

  77. Abby,
    Good luck with the next leg, it seems that you've got everything pretty well sorted (don't forget to get that man out of your water ballast tank though).
    I'm looking forward to the next part of my second computer chair voyage around the world.
    Bill (Australia)

  78. Good Morning Captain Abigail,

    (Drum roll and cymbal crash please)
    I T ' S F R I D A Y...let the next leg begin!....just kidding. "The next leg is probably going to be harder then any thing I have done so far in my trip, but I am ready for it and so is Wild Eyes"....I like your confidence. Nicely written entry today Abs.

    The photo of the "new eye" in a reflection was cool. I have noticed that the blog photos enlarge without loss of quality if you left click on them...that's a nice enhancement to the site and makes for great desktop pictures.

    Thanks to Erik and Scott for their help in Cape Town and to Mom and Little Katherine for their support from home. Safe trip home for Scott and Laurence.

    And I must say Abby that looking at yesterday's photos...the first one with you at the helm with your dad sitting behind you is...very special. To me it's the kind of photo you will look back on years from now appreciating the wonderful father/daughter relationship you have. How proud is dad!

    Cheering you on,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  79. Very good and informative updates with great pictures Abbey. Wild Eyes looks great and so do you. Funny Wild Eyes should get a new eye. So did I. Had a cataract operation on Monday. Now I can follow those bloody golf balls again! I love your attitude about those stupid superstitions. If you couldn't cast off on a Friday, the charter companies would be hurtin' for certain. Make sure the heaters are working OK as those cold, wet winds will be quite uncomfortable and will get colder by the day. Great effort by your team! Be careful and have fun. I will be right here, with all of the other Abbykins, Abbycans or what ever we are, all the way. @GSonship: Nice touch!!

  80. Abby, stay true to yourself, your adventure and your family! Take time to enjoy the journey...

    All the best on moving on to your next steps, and thank you for allowing us to share!

    -Charlie, So Cal

  81. Dear Abby,
    Thank you for a very interesting update. Now we know a lot more what you are up to out there.
    I wish you all the best and I do hope that you can avoid the bad weather systems.
    It sounds that you are in good spirit now and sail safe Abby.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  82. I know that it is going to be a great feeling to haul up the main and feel the boat come alive with the wind.

    What you have in front of you is the same as what is behind you, the eternal sea.

  83. Hi Abby
    great photos and news. Leaving on a Friday never bothered us, nor did it bring any problems. Not being prepared and Alert, did bring problems.
    You, Wild Eyes and your team are prepared and hopefully always Alert!
    Go For It Girl and with the best wishes for all of your Blog Family ;o))

  84. That's the spirit my dear

  85. Good Morning Captain Abby~!
    I really like Photo #2 of Eric, You and Scot with the boat Name "OBSESSION" in the background~! Well Done~! That might also be a fitting name for your Book, "My Obsession With The Sea".
    All of us are looking forward to your next Photos and maybe even some Video of you Sailing on the High Sea.
    Dave H., Tampa, FL

  86. Good luck Abby

    May God be with you as you continue your journey around the world. Now you have Jess and the rest of us Aussie's behind you.

  87. I woke in the middle of the nite and decided to check in on our Abby. According to Cape Town AIS tracking, she cleared the port at 0953 local time. Right now (0305 PDT) she is about 4 miles out

    Steve L in Modesto

  88. I see by the AIS you have left , so best of luck and be safe!

  89. Great Photos Abby! Enjoy the rest of your trip. I am glad you got to see some of your team and Family. I am sure it gave a boost!

  90. God speed Abby! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy...but stay alert!! Marsha Tampa Fl

  91. So you are set. The repairs are done and everything is ship shape. All you need to do is hold on and enjoy the ride. Great... have lots of fun and cherish every moment.

  92. good luck stay safe

  93. I have a landlubber question for you Miss Sunderland. I am a folk musician. My band sings some sea chanties and buccaneer songs, and I am trying to write a song using sailing as a metaphore. My landlubber question is, "When you tie something down on a sailing vessel (sails, hatches,etc.) do you need to keep the knots REALLY REALLY tight. Someone who is not a sailor told me this, but I wanted to ask someone who knows sailing. I have been following your progress and rooting for you and Charlie. Good luck and good weather to you.

  94. Good Afternoon Abigail,

    WILD EYES and ABBY on their way...YES!!

    @ Steve L. in Modesto....I have been tracking Abby's departure this morning too...but after my last false start fearing I'd have to eat my life jacket if I got it wrong this time....I will follow your lead.

    The last info at 12:07 was 2.9 kn/230 degrees...3 to 4 miles out from Bantry appears to be out of range of the receiving station. Lots of traffic out there careful.

    Enjoying the ride Abby,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  95. Superstitions do not apply to you, dearie. You're under a different Hand. ;.)

  96. is there a way we can find out what brand/model of autopilot and wind generators you put in? Maybe there are business reasons you cant say, but I am one of the people following you who interested in the maintenance issues you face and their solutions.

  97. HI Abby,

    I just watched the video of your departure out of Cape Town..All looks well... Nice boat the way she sails..

  98. I just read about you and your journey to sail across the world in GL (Girl's Life). I think you're awesome to do what you are doing and accomplish your dream head first. Good luck with the rest of the trip with Wild Eyes (make it safe, too)!

    God Bless

  99. Hi Abby,
    Just read you have started your journey again and I will keep you in my prayers, as always.

    @US Antigoon, Can you tell me how to watch the video of Abby's departure out of Cape Town? Where to look for it? Would really appreciate that. Thanks.

    Clare, Spokane, WA. USA

  100. Your living a dream... Good luck... Godspeed...


  101. Jim from Perth, Western AustraliaMay 22, 2010 at 4:08 AM

    Hi Abby - thanks for the great pictures, sounds like you've had a great time in Cape Town and you received superb hospitality and your team and everyone has been fantastic pulling for you to get away under that bridge on schedule, all the best for the remainder of your journey and a safe and victorious return to Cabo or MDR not sure where your finishing.
    Jim from Perth, Western Australia

  102. The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.May 23, 2010 at 6:16 AM

    Hey Abby

    I have only blogged you once when Jessica mentioned that you were starting out. Bad luck about having to stop but great to see the pics of you heading out to sea. You are now heading into my Ocean the Indian and heading toward my city, Perth. So I will stand on my verandah that overlooks the ocean and do what I did for Jess. I will go out every night and sing out. Fair sailing Abby see you soon. Look forward to you heading our way.

    Cheers. Lyndall from Perth.

  103. Abby, where's your half-way point? Somewhere in the Indian ocean? And are winds expected to be stronger from this point onward?

  104. Abby, Have a great trip home and with Jesus' protection from harsh weather. Anyone who can walk on water will easily keep things cool! Can we go on a sailing date when you're 18? LOL! God speed, Abigail!!!

  105. Lamblot Jacques from Europe FranceMay 31, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    Awesome Abby to have pictures of you who are so far away. I am very pleased with the news that you give. You are a fantastic girl.

  106. good luck and don't give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Abby this is how you don't give up keep trying and never give up.
    keep trying till you get there Abby.
    or you can try to do it fast so it go's really fast!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good Luck Abby !!!!!!!!!!!