Monday, May 31, 2010

Photos from the Indian Ocean

Today was a very quiet day windless day. It has been a long time since I've jumped up and down over a 5 knot gust! It should be picking up soon though and in a few days I'll have 30-40 knots. Really looking forward to that! For now it is rest and prepare...
No wind - but sun!
The sun!
My gigantic main sail is a real pain getting that thing all the way up but I love it in light wind
I don't get to see the sun very often down here so it is quite a big deal when there is a clear day
Thrane & Thrane: the wonderful people that make it possible for me to send blogs and photos from sea!

A nice night, not much wind but good weather for getting some deck work done

Me at the nav station

Sunrise - first morning out of Cape Town


  1. The photos are very nice!
    You look happy, and that makes us happy.
    Looks like a very nice place for a cruise sailor, but maybe not for a race sailor.
    Take some high res photos also for your book.

    Ben, Sweden

  2. Its always amazing to see pictures from your journey. It would be astonishing if you could upload sometimes with better resolution, because some pictures are just great for wallpaper.

    Best regards,
    Miguel from Azores Islands

  3. Great pictures Abby.... keep the blogs and the pics coming on your journey... we love seeing what you are seeing and doing...

  4. Dear Abby,

    Thank's for all the very good photo's. I love the sail photo, it's very good.
    Nice to read that it's rather calm out there, and it must be wonderful for you to see the sun.
    Keep the spirit high and sail on safe.
    Best regards,
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  5. Nice pix Abby. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe!

  6. Beautiful photos Abby! Thanks so much for letting us enjoy it with you!
    Kevin, Aiken, Sc

  7. Wonderful pictures, Abby. Thank you. Stay safe.

  8. Hi Abby,I hate to repeat myself but now is the time to have the jig out when your doing 6 knots.Now don't forget when you get a strike (bite) kill the auto pilot and make a sharp left or sharp right turn depending on which side the jig is and by turning it will reduce the speed of the boat even more and you will pick up the fish on the side of the boat.I usually put my jig on the port side and make a sharp left turn.
    I would love to see you catch a nice bluefin tuna and have a nice fresh meal.
    I hope you have a good stick with a hook at the end to get the fish aboard,but if you get big 100 pound fish or bigger its going to be very hard to get the fish on the boat.
    It's very nice to see your pictures,keep the comming.
    Take care of yourself and don't take any chances.
    God Bless you.

    Libby Di Bernardo
    San Pedro Ca.

  9. Your photos are the best Abby!. your mast shots are awesome... as well as the sun hitting the water.

  10. It's great to read about your adventure, but even better to see some pictures! Congrats on getting it all to work, and don't forget to take the high res photos too!

  11. Abby:
    You look happy. I am happy for you and that you continue to face every day with optimism and as a life learning experience. Stay strong. Have your heart lead will never steer you wrong. We are always with you, even when you feel alone. The spirit of Brasil will always guide.


  12. Hi Abby, thanks a lot for sending out and share your photo's with us.. glad to know that youre okay...
    stay safe and God bless you..

    Shesilia - Jakarta, Indonesia
    P.S is there any chance that you will stop by Jakarta?

  13. Wow, Abby, great photos! Beautiful sunshine, and I love the one of the sunrise! And your sunny smile, too. Keep the photos coming, when you can! We love them!
    How warm is it out there?
    Great to hear from you again, and it sounds like all is going well now. Safe sailing, Abby! Be blessed !!
    Mimi in Redding, CA

    To the blogger who asked if I had noticed the "nautical terms" section on the website: Actually, no I had not. Thanks for calling that to my attention. It still would be good if a glossary of terms is included in the book, so as not to have to get on the computer every time you want to look something up.

  14. Abby:
    GO GIRL GO!!!!

    Thank you for the pictures, it is really nice to see how you and the boat are doing.

    As you wait for wind, do the routine clean up chores and other maintenance details involved in living on a boat while cruising. You and Wild Eyes are looking great. I cannot wait for the next update.

    Happy Memorial Day,

    GO GIRL GO!!!!!

    John R Willis

  15. truly spectacular! ( you, your journey, and the pic's)

  16. Those are really nice photos, Abby, you have a good eye. I am loving being on this journey with you and the photos make me see what it would be like to be there for real. It sounds like things are going well and I continue to wish you more of the same. Have some fun out there but be careful and stay safe.
    San Diego

  17. I love the pix, Abby. Keep em coming. Enjoy the nice weather while you can. High winds are coming.

    Steve L in Modesto

  18. Gorgeous photos. I'm glad that everything is going well for you now. Be safe!

  19. Abby,

    Great pictures. We’re the ones who should say “Thank You” to Thrane and Thrane. I don’t know what we would do without your blog. It’s something that all of us look forward to and so it would be a big loss to us if we couldn’t keep up with your everyday experiences. That sunny day looks fantastic. Make the most of while you have it. Thanks for the pictures, Abby. Have fun and stay safe.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  20. Ahoy Captain Abigail,

    Abby...the photos were well worth waiting for. The reproduction is excellent, composition outstanding...and the CUTE SAILOR "at the nav station" going straight to my desktop. Sunrises and sunsets...they're always worth pausing for to enjoy the moment...especially with a great photo. Oh...and don't forget the sunscreen Abs to maintain all that "cuteness" in the years to come. have made my day. Thank you.

    Thinking of you and cheering you on from
    the shores of the Bay of Quinte on beautiful Lake Ontario, Canada

  21. Hi Abby,
    Amazing pictures, as some said the mast shots are spectacular as are the self portraits.Thank You for the update and please stay safe, enjoy all you are doing. Sail On Girl.

  22. Hi Abby
    Happy Memorial Day.
    Great photographs - that mast looks tall from the deck, I'd hate to be on top looking down!
    Best wishes

  23. Nice pictures and happy memorial day. Take care

  24. Virginia in Miami,Fl.May 31, 2010 at 10:51 AM

    Really nice pictures and weather. What is the temperature out there now? Please don't forget to use sunscreen Abby and stay safe. Really look forward to reading your blog and pictures. Thank you.

  25. Beautiful girl. Beautiful smile. Beautiful sunny day. Thanks for adding to the beauty of my day on our glorious planet.

  26. Yeah I'll be redundant and say it too cause its true...Thanks so much for sharing the journey and photos with us. Your voyage keeps my thoughts open to the possibilities-seeing how you take each thing in stride and with positivity. You do look happy and that smile says it all..though I'm pleased you write so incredibly well that I can almost feel the spray on my face! What a way to spend Memorial Day..there in the Indian cool breeze on your face, sunshine and enjoying the sweet moments. bnI'm really glad to hear your reports on the equipment and safety. I was curious about the 'small leak' since there seems to be a bit of understatement in your missive. But obviously you aren't worried..since you're dancing..and so...we move on...Take care and know you are being prayed for daily.

    Be Blessed and keep on enjoying the cruise..

    Gary & Jan

  27. Hi Abby... long may this calm last, nice pics... nothing better than calm seas and sunshine, pity about no wind though. Take great care and God bless.

    Tom - Cape Town

  28. Thanks Abby.
    Good photos.
    Love ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  29. Excellent composition on those shots, Abby. Stay safe and travel with joy. -Lee in Vermont

  30. Great Photos!!

    Big Thank You!!

    Always the best!

  31. Thanks for the pics Abby! The journey you are on is an amazing one for you and those of us living it through you! The pictures are amazing and I agree with the other bloggers in saying hi res would be great backgrounds for our desktops!

    Hopefully you won't need that huge main sail very often. Be safe you are still in our thoughts and prayers in Ohio.

  32. Lovely photos. What an adventure you are having!

  33. Thank you for sharing your posts and photos. I know I'll never see the places you are experiencing. The internet is truly a wonderful thing.

    Stay safe.

  34. Great photos. Thanks for taking the time to send them. Slower speed may mean you'll catch another fish - a nice big meaty one - and be able to bring it aboard for fine dining.

    Best, Tony in Burbank, CA

  35. I love the pictures,it give one a chance to see how you see it where you are and most of all you look happy,great. You are brave girl going solo...alone at sea is not for heart fainted!Hope you have wind in your sails soon. God bless on your journey and keep up sending us those beatiful pics and of you on the boat.
    [South Africa]

  36. Yep, get your rest, I'm sure you'll be wishing for rest soon! :P

  37. Love the pictures. Happy Memorial Day!!!!

    - Doug
    USA, MI

  38. Hi Abby:

    I thought the pics were wonderful. It must be kind of cool down there, you were all bundled up in the one photo.

    Looks like you are having the time of your life.
    Looking forward to the next photo session.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  39. Great photos! Abby, especially good to see you smiling, Thank you!
    Enjoy every moment...

  40. Thanks for taking the time to take those beautiful pictures. Have a great week!!
    Alyssa fron Irvine, CA

  41. Thank You for the pics and keep em coming when you have the time and also take the hi-res pics for future use but keep up the low-res for us to save on Sat.time as we do understand your family is not wealthy and there is No reason that we have to get the pics in hi-res. On another subject It looks like you are really enjoying this trip what with that sunny smile of yours and you look like you are getting some much needed rest. Sorry bout the fish getting away. As Always Stay Safe & Have Fun & When Up On Deck Tethered..Peace & Aloha 38'43"N/122'67"W

  42. Thanks so much for sharing the photos, Abby. Amazing and beautiful.

    Lori in MN

  43. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    "Thrane & Thrane: the wonderful people that make it possible for me to send blogs and photos from sea!"

    Thanks Thrane & Thrane!

    You have done it again Abby: great picures!

    Waiting for the wind to pick-up! Go Abby, Go!

    Take care, Be safe.

  44. love the pictures! i hope you include a lot in your book :) love the night shot

  45. Thanks for the pics Abby. It is great to see the environment around you

  46. Nice pics!!.....Glad everything is working well!! Martin....Slippery Rock, Pa

  47. Ref: If you Catch a Large Fish (100+lbs.) and can't pull it out of the water and if you don't have a Gaff Pole with a big Hook on the end....grab any handy Line, make a Loop and tie 2 Half-Hitches....put the Loop around the Fish's Tail and then Pull 'Abby's Big Fish' Onboard! And while you're doin' all that... take some Pictures of it!
    The Pics of YOU, the Sail & Sunrise are Super! How about a few when it's
    I'm looking forward to buying Your Book!
    It is Simply AMAZING whatall You can DO~!!
    Enjoy your Adventure, Captain Abby~!
    Dave H., Tampa, FL

  48. 5/31/5:15 PM CDT, USA
    Hi there Abby -- Many thanks for the photos! They have a way of helping us 'picture' more of what your life is like on the sea. Hope you will keep them coming!

    Glad to hear the winds that are more to your liking are on the way! ....Stay alert, sail smart, sail safe!!

    Janell in Oklahoma

  49. Hi Abby! Your boat looks cool. My 15 year old zero'd in on the eyes. She loves the eyes! The first thing I saw was how the boom extends all the way to the stern. Same as a boat I used to have. As you mention here: GREAT for power on any point - but also easier to broach in a gust! :-) Reef early. Have fun. Go fast!

  50. Abby
    I admire your spirit. For a young lady you have what it takes to complete your journey.
    remember in light wind it is a good time to relax and read your Bible and thank your creator for what you are able to see and do.

    Have you been able to see a green flash at sun rise or sunset? It is amazing what the creator has for us to see .

    Enjoy this great journey you are on.

    Mikek, Michigan

  51. Way to go girl
    Abby I follow your blog almost every day. You are certainly having and adventure of a life time. Being a fair-weather-sailor my self, I can not even imagine how a person can spend months on an ocean by themselves. Also how a person as young a you have the experience to handle such an under taking. Many people may think it is easy to sail around the world. And yes it would be if you have fair sea all the way and nothing ever broke. As I said I am fare weather sailor I go out when the sea a calm. And if something breaks I just turn on the engine and head home.

    Abby you said in one of your blogs that you lost your Bowsprit. Can you please tell us more about this? How can this come loss from the boat? Does it bolt on to the deck? Or does in slip into a hole in the hull? With it gone does in leave any area where water and come through? Abby I also noticed in some of you photos there is a line attached from the water line to your Bowsprit, Is this where you needed to cut the Bowspirt free? If yes I can certainly see how this would be hard on a calm day, but could not imagine doing it in to conditions you where in.

    Abby you are amazing and a great inspiration to us all (both young and old) I wish you the good sailing, And look forward to hearing more of you adventures


  52. Hi Abby,
    Great blog and pics.
    Hope all goes well for you take care and be safe.
    Hope to see you soon in Australia.
    Ric (in Adelaide).

  53. Abby, Great pictures, thank you for sharing. Today we had a very stormy day here in the Chicago area, I thought of you out at sea. So happy to see that you have sunshine. Look for your updates everyday, living thru your dream! I wonder if you read these posts? If so, safe sailing and thank you for your inspiration.

  54. You look much happier out on the open ocean compared to when you were on land. Be one with the sea! Also, you are probably intersecting southern right whale migratory routes. Be prepared to take pics of them. Stay safe Abbey.

  55. Hola, Abby~
    Nice photo work! Especially the photos of you wearing your safety gear! Darlin' you wear it well -- so no slacking on safety!

    Oh, and the good news about that didn't have to kill it and clean it :)

    Stay safe, and Godspeed
    ps: Let's all pray for a sure resolution to the crisis off the shores of Louisiana. A terrible tragedy that reminds us, painfully, that we are only as healthy and viable as our oceans.

    Go Green and save the blues (oceans).

  56. Hi Abby
    love the pix and the update


  57. Abby, it's lovely to see your smiling face. You look quite content sailing along. You're very smart to use the calm before the storm to get everything shipshape.
    Isn't modern satellite communication wonderful? Meanwhile, we landlubbers grumble about lack of cell phone service outside the bigger centres in Canada, especially on the West Coast's mountain highways.
    We'll be waiting to hear that you made it through the next bout of stormy weather.
    ~Phillippa & Brian
    Vancouver, Canada

  58. Jeff,PennsylvaniaMay 31, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    I see your wearing a jacket....whats the weather like?

  59. What a beautiful shot of one of God's masterpieces, the sunrise!
    Thanks, dearest Abby for all of your wonderful pictures, and updates.
    The ones of you are great!
    They show how happy you are as you continue to live your dream.
    More beautiful memories, more beautiful days ahead.

    Sail on, Abby and Wild Eyes, Sail on

    Love and prayers from North Carolina

  60. Hi Abby,

    What great pictures. Lots of beautiful blue skies and sunshine for you to enjoy and what a nice one of you at the nav station. You look so happy.

    What a wonderful voyage for you.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

    Clare, Spokane, WA, USA

  61. Hi Abby: Great pictures..thank you...the one of the Main Sail is super..take advantage of the break and get ready for the next rough period..Enjoy the voyage, stay SAFE, and follow your plan...Thanks for taking us along.

    Joe Springfield VA USA

  62. Today's Inspirational Quote:

    "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and
    then doesn't hurt."

    -- Charles M. Schulz

  63. Thank you Abby; great photos, wonderful blogging recently...good sailing young spirit !

  64. You look happy. Ahead and south of you are some very interesting islands. Most people don't even know about they are so remote. Very few people go there but there are great pictures of them on the web.


  65. Thanks Abby , very nice pictures , nature wonders just you , ocean , and the sun , this is the life , I love the way of your life Abby.
    Godspeed Abby
    Orlando FL

  66. Just wait until you are up here in Hawaiian waters, there will be plenty of sunshine! In the meantime, thanks for posting the photos...helps us visualize your journey :)


  67. The effort made to send us photos of important things and things important to you is very much appreciated. dear Abby. I get a real sense of your aloneness but wonder what are the sounds you hear that make up the rhythm of your waking hours.

    Do you hear the beat of the waves?

    How many things do you monitor at one time?
    like in safe driving class we are told to check mirrors every 5 seconds.

  68. Hi Abby, Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I was looking forward to them. You look very happy and I am so glad that you are loving every minute of your journey. You have a wonderful day tomorrow and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Gail/Ventura

  69. Pictures or not, I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Your every-day things are so different from anything I experience here in the desert. I can relate to enjoying the solitude, though. I usually hike alone, and when I get to a place where there's no sign of people, it's wonderfully peaceful. Please keep writing and remember that what's ordinary to you is interesting reading for the rest of us.

  70. Good Morning Captain Abigail,

    CONGRATS ABBY...despite the windless slow day yesterday according to your planned route you and Wild Eyes are now OVER half way to be north of the Kerguelen Islands.
    Stay safe super sailor,

  71. Nice pics, Abby. CELEBRATE...Abby has a new hair brush! Don't lose this one.

  72. 06-01-10 @ 01:44
    Hi Abby,
    Well, happy June 1st to you, almost half the year gone already. Really enjoyed all the pictures, I especially liked the one of the mainsail, I guess that would be a lot of sail for one person to haul up. There are so many things that I see but don’t fully realize what or how much work is involved with them. Just that little statement that you made about raising the mainsail, makes a person think about some of the work involved in sailing a boat. That’s why you should never think that you have no interesting news to report. I realize now how much you have to put your back into it to get it raised, unless you have a motorized winch. Bruce Willis did in the movie “Jackel”. But that’s a different story…lol… God Bless Thrane & Thrane, I hope they keep up the good work, we need them.
    I couldn’t see all of “Wild Eyes” but what I could see looked pretty neat and ship-shape, you run a pretty tight ship there ‘Cap’n’. Nice job.
    I hope the weather picks up for you, so you can enjoy running and so you won’t have to be jumping up and down when you finally get a breeze. Stay hooked up (I worry)…lol… But I know that you’re a very conscientious person.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy, you’re looking pretty perky and happy, so keep it that way……
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand, may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  73. Dear Abby,
    That report you provided about your harrowing adventures on the high seas sounded like a true survival story...we are so proud of your ability to manage in an extremely difficult situation. I'm sure your family was on pins and needles. Your pictures said it all...mission accomplished, and more experience under your belt. Stay safe and happy; our prayers are with you. Hope you can get some rest, and keep yourself in good are number one!
    Kelly and David in Santa Clarita

  74. Fantastic and beautiful pics, much appreciated. I'd like to see some of your "home" down below: bed, stove, etc. Speaking of belowdecks, I noticed that you had your coat tightly fastened at the nav station. Fire up that heater and get warm and comfy.

  75. RE: Fish! I hope Abby catches a small fish, enough for no more than 2 refrigeration, and it's probably difficult drying her socks down here in the South, let alone trying to dry fish! Bluefin...amazing fish, but the less we eat it the better, it's a highly endangered species and it's consumption is not to be encouraged! Small lure = small fish, take only what you need! Keep having fun Abby, quite pleasant over here under Australia at the moment, moderate steady breezes, and the weather bureau promising a mild winter...good for Southern ocean sailors!

  76. Hi Abby,
    I like the honesty in your blog. It is great that you mention the little daily problems that keep you busy. It is all part of the journey!
    Good job!
    Louis L.

  77. James from Perth, AustraliaJune 1, 2010 at 2:47 AM

    Hi Abby

    Great pics, they really paint a picture of the Indian Ocean and Wild Eyes, sounds like you're really enjoying yourself, hope the wind picks up a bit for you so you can get a rattle on,wishing you safe seas, Go Abby.
    James from Perth, Australia

  78. Gidday Abbey
    Great to see you finally got the camera working at sea. The pics are good, and help tp tell a story especially when you want to write a book afterwards. And enjoy the calm weather while you can becaose you wont get too much more of it until you get past Australia.
    Safe Sailing

  79. Hi Abby
    We just finished Memorial day weekend, Hot and muggy in Vermont, a Canadian brush fire smelled up the entire east coast with smoke,the Gulf coast BP leak is still not plugged, the entire gulf will never be the same, Israel did a stupid this weekend and is causing international tension in that part of the world,so as we remember our fallen soldiers in the longest war ever, Thank you for the therapy that you give the rest of us as we struggle with our daily lives.Those photos and your safety are so important to us.Somehow your quest has become my "daily bread"


  80. Abby,

    Thanks for the awesome pictures! Enjoy your down time. Sail safe and keep us posted.

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  81. Hi Abby!
    Courageous young woman!! Keep the faith! Your adventure climbing up the mast in the high winds is breath-taking and amazing. We're praying for ya! My husband and I were out to our sailboat last night, the wind was pretty steady, saw some dolphins and made a few repairs. We're getting her ready to sail to Scotland from Florida, US....should be an amazing journey too!

    We will be praying for you, not only that you arrive safely, but that God will reveal Himself to you in miraculous ways along your journey! Enjoy every moment and hope you catch a lovely fish for an awesome dinner with the best view in town!!

    Go boldly and may you rest in the fact you are a daughter of the King, beloved by the Lord of Lords and held tenderly in the palm of the Savior's hand!
    Be blessed,
    Connie MacLeod

  82. Congratulations Bounty boat crew for landing at Restoration island, Queensland. One day there and they are off to Kupang, Timor. Even with the help of limited modern equipment such as a GPS tracker, they are still behind William Bligh. Bligh is proving he was a superb navigator and ocean sailor.

  83. Abby has it been necessary to run your diesel heater? You look warm & cozy in your outerware great photo's especially one happy sailor !Cheers !

  84. hey Abby, Indian feels like that u are very close to my country!!

  85. Lisa Gustafson Costa Mesa, CAJune 1, 2010 at 8:54 AM

    Hi Abby,

    Thanks for the great photos. It's always a treat to see your smiling face and where you are. Enjoy your light wind days. You never know when the next big gust is going to hit. Keep up the good work.


  86. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherJune 1, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    Great pics, Abby -- you look so happy out there! Glad you're moving along, even if it's a tad slow right now, at least everything is functioning! Take good care out there... Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  87. Great pics Abby! That's fun. Thanks for the nice post. Enjoy. IndyMike 39*50'N, 86*9'W

  88. Hi Abby - My Dad is an ol' English sailor and quoted part of this to me today. I looked up the rest and thought you might like it. Sorry that the author needed to focus on male sailors, but it is old and 'unenlightened'. -Nancy in Vermont


    A WET sheet and a flowing sea,
    A wind that follows fast,
    And fills the white and rustling sail,
    And bends the gallant mast;
    And bends the gallant mast, my boys,
    While like an eagle free,
    Away the good ship flies, and leaves
    Old England on the lee.

    "O for a soft and gentle wind"
    I hear a fair one cry;
    But give me to the snoring breeze,
    And white waves heaving high;
    And white waves heaving high, my boys,
    The good ship tight and free, –
    The world of waters is our home,
    And merry men are we.

    There's tempest in yon horned moon,
    And lightning in yon cloud;
    And hark the music, mariners,
    The wind is piping loud;
    The wind is piping loud, my boys,
    The lightning flashing free, –
    While the hollow oak our palace is,
    Our heritage the sea.

  89. Hi Abby,

    This is a truly amazing thing you are doing. God be with you, even though it is gruelling I am sure you are still enjoying it.

  90. AMAZING PICS ABBY!! You not only have a knack for sailing, but you take some pretty good photos too. The weather looks perfect, albeit cold I'm sure! Glad things are going smoothly, and you seem cheery. Keep up the good work!!!


  91. hey girl - happy to see fotos of your smiling face and to hear all is well!!!

  92. Hi Abby,

    Wonderful photographs!! You look so happy!! Enjoy the your voyage across the Indian Ocean.

    Take care.

    God Bless.

    Mary from Sydney

  93. Today's Inspirational Quote:

    "I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in
    fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit
    my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less
    afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it
    becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my
    significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed
    goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me
    as blossom, goes on as fruit."

    -- Dawna Markova

  94. Dear Abby, last week my class asked you some questions. Do you think you can tell us some ansers soon? Tria

  95. WOW ABBY!

    Flat Ocean. What a treat. Bad for fishing though, ha, ha.

    Thanks for the photos. Was beginning to wonder what was happening out there.

    Jon in Oregon

  96. Sailing quote of the day:

    "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."
    - William A. Ward

  97. Thank you for all the pictures.

    The picture of you at the nav. station, in the foul weather suit with the life jacket on, shows as if you are just taking a short break from an important task on the deck, down below inside the cabin. A little tired but still managing your beautiful smile, with a hint of anxiety on your face but with the determined eyes to go back on the deck to solve any problem that might exist. Has this picture been taken during your struggle to untangle the mainsail halyard, it will rekindle a lot of memories for you in the future.

    Always nice to see your smile

    s.n. El Cerrito, Ca

  98. Very nice photos! Calms are part & parcel, moments to take pause.

  99. Dear Captain Abigail,

    Looks like you must have found some wind yesterday as you have moved along nicely. According to "Where's Abby" you're now north of The Prince Edward Islands. I read that South Africa’s recent declaration to establish one of the world’s largest Marine Protected Area’s around its Prince Edward Islands, is a marine conservation achievement of global importance which will help protect a suite of spectacular wildlife.

    Given the SCARCITY of land masses in the Southern Ocean, sub-Antarctic islands contain vast populations of seals and seabirds, which use these islands to breed and moult and are therefore critical to the conservation of such species. The islands support some 13% of King Penguins worldwide, and five Species of Albatross breed there together with 14 species of petrels and five other species.

    I also read that The Prince Edward Islands are known to be two of the cloudiest places on the planet. It also rains heavily there, with some kind of rainfall occurring approximately 320 days of the year. Now I understand your excitement in seeing the sun. Abs perhaps you can reflect on these kinds of things in your book to enhance the reader's experience....just a thought.

    I hope you are safe and warm ...big hug,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  100. Hola~
    to sails/Dawna Markova...I LOVE that "quote". Is that your writing? Reminds me of a morning in open water, with cement like fog and NO RADAR...I didn't have your words, but I lived that feeling. "I will not die an unlived life..."
    Godspeed on your journey,
    ~Mahalo, Breeze

  101. Nice pics. That sunrise is AWESOME! Take care of you!


  102. Well Done Abby!! To have even started out are congratulations earned. You have reached superlatives already up to where you are. Keep going with the Lord.
    Love xxxx

  103. Gee Abby, after taking all those pics I hope you've got some film left in your camera ( :-) do you even know about film in cameras, seeing as how you're definitely born in the digital generation?!

    Glad to hear that all is well and the only drama of the moment is not enough wind! Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

    Take care and stay dry

  104. Hi Abby - great pix - thanks - so lucky to have sunny weather and calm seas even though you would prefer heaps more wind - pleased to hear all systems are up and running O.K. - stay safe Abby - keep smiling - God speed - Judy G - Surfer's Paradise - Queensland. Australia

  105. I've been following your blog for a few months now and I am so blown away by your commitment and faith. Lots of prayers for God's protection your way!
    I do have a question. I'm sure that your sleep clock is all out of wack anyway from all the late nights, but as you travel around the world, do you just get up with the sun and go down with it too? How does that work? Is there even a clock in Wild Eyes? Do you just eat when your hungry because you're really not sure what time it is? Just wondering! :)

  106. omg i totally love your sunrise photo! its sooo gorgeous!!! :)

  107. Great Photos, Great job. I was glad to hear your parents allowed you to get out there and give it your all, I think you have some very smart parents.

    Look forward to more news.

  108. HANG ON ABBY AUSSIES ON THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  109. Abby,

    Hope you're safe! We're all rooting for you!

  110. our prayers are with abby and her family for a quik and hopefull rescue.

  111. Based upon the seamanship that she has displayed and her equipment, I think she is OK (or will be OK). Try to get something out to her position within 24-48 hours. Finally - Eternal Father strong to save here us when we cry to Thee for those in peril upon the sea.

  112. I know that come morning, God will be bringing you blessings and angles on wings in the form of all ships at sea and helicopters able to fly and on the rise of a wave you'll find that all our prayers and your calm knowledge for endurance will be answered. We are out to find you and it will happen! You know so keep it so in your heart. --Stephen

  113. Abby,
    By God's grace I am praying that you are safe. I hope that your calm and experience work for you wherever you are right now. Just know that we are concerned and that we pray all will be fine.

    Sail on young lady...we hope you are OK.

    Jeff Tytel

  114. God is giving wings to so many who are now on our way in deed, heart and soul to find you. Come the time in the morning you'll crest a wave to see the brightest of brave waving to your rescue. Be of calm and peace, you are not alone! -- Stephen

  115. The main article states that "La Reunion Island" was the closest land to her last location. Let me point out that the Island Paradice of "Mauritius" is within sight of Reunion and should have been mentioned.
    Good luck to the young sailor.

  116. Captain Frank FickenJune 10, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    Hi Lawrence, Zac and the rest of Abby's family. The crew of Islandia is praying for Abby's safety and wishing you the best.

    Capt. Frank Ficken

  117. Hello Abby!

    Estou na expectativa de ter sido só uma falha na comunicação,logo mais a verei chegando a Australia.Good Lock!
    john lindsay ferreira campos-Brazil

  118. I Will Not Die an Unlived Life

    by Dawna Markova

    I will not die an unlived life

    I will not live in fear of falling

    Or of catching fire

    I choose to inhabit my days

    To allow my living to open me

    Making me less afraid

    More accessible

    To loosen my heart

    So that it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise

    I choose to risk my significance.

    To live so that that which comes to me as seed

    Goes to the next as blossom

    And that which comes to me as blossom

    Goes on as fruit.

    ....Blessings for a safe return, Abby - your soul deserves the memories...

    Child abuse? Mr. Reporter, get a life...

  119. Hey Abby!

    Hope u're safe and doing ok and they find you in good health and spirits. What you've set out to do is a remarkable feat and i hope you succeed in every way and achieve your goal of circumnavigating the globe. Good luck! and stay safe and warm and healthy. Cheers

    Dubai, UAE

  120. Praying for you!!!!

    The Gregg's

  121. Abby, I hope you are as of this writing well. The sea is the greatest place on this earth.
    Being at sea is natural as breathing. I have crossed, not as you, the North Atlantic eight times, and traveled the Baltic, the North Sea and the Mediterrean, and all is grand, I hope you are well...Good Luck.

  122. God be with you Abby and bring you home safely.

  123. iam so hurt and sa to learn that abb is missing!!!!! i luv abby i recognize her strenght and iam so proud of her...

  124. let god show you the way home

  125. Good luck and God bless

  126. Our prayers are with you.

  127. I, like the rest of the world wish you all the best at this moment. If you can read this, more people than you can imagine are with you. Pray we hear from you soon.

  128. Ms. Abby, We Love you and your adventure. Thank you for your sharing with us. Our Prayers are with you. God's Speed... Hope you are home soon.
    Lt. A. Powell

  129. I wish most people had your strenght and courage. You are very brave and you can and will survive whatever the ocean throughs at you.

    We`ll be waiting for your update, so whatever you going through. You will be just fine, remember you are not alone.

    Best wishes.

  130. Abby I served in Vietnam aboard a destroyer. I know what the sea can be like and I hope they find you and you are safe. You're one brave young lady. My God everyday I was in the South China Sea and Tonkin Gulf I figured would be my last. Please know my thoughts sail with you. Be safe. I saw this about you on TV and I was just in complete awe.

    Sharon (yes a transgender veteran)

    USS Somers DDG34.

  131. Abby, we truly hope you're doing ok. God bless!!

  132. Sorry to disagree, but I think you have some very "dumb" parents. And today's events prove that out. One cannot ignore the power of the open ocean. I spent time at sea and have seen what storms can do to a 400 foot USN destroyer.
    That said, good luck.

  133. Not very smart parents to let a teen still in her diapers to sail the world... helloooo wake up!

  134. What a great undertaking by such a bright, intelligent young lady. I enjoy seeing the great job she's doing. Just know that I am praying for you Abby, your mom and dad and your brother and your boat. God will be with you. I wish I were able to be there to help look for you. Good luck and keep up the good work, you CAN make it. Peace be with you. Amen.



  136. Good Luck Abby, hang in there. Your a brave young lady. Beautiful Photos of the seascapes.

  137. I will prey for her... It sounds like she has her act toghet..Something must have broke on the boat that she knows she cant fix and at the same time she probally lost her cell or it was damaged. Faced with those issue the most sensable thing to do would be to activate the epirbs. She's probally sitting on the boat relaxing and enjoying the view and waitiing for help to arive.... God is with her...

  138. thanks for your wonderful spirit abby.hope tangaroa keeps you wishes watty tipene aotearoa,new zealand

  139. Abby,
    I pray that you will be back with your family soon. I pray that you will be found safe.

  140. Praying for you and your family

  141. I hope you and your family intend to reimburse the government for the cost of your rescue. It is not the general public's responsibility to bail you out when you take risk.

  142. I just feel she's going to pull thru this !!!

  143. Godspeed to the searchers. Become a member of the survivor's club. Choose to persevere. We are praying for you

  144. My heart and prayers go out to you Abby. You are an inspiration to us all. Come home safely
    Lots of love,

  145. Saw the news articles and strayed onto your blog. Hoping for the best and wishing a safe return.

  146. I pray that angels watch over you and that you are provided comfort and safety during this time. Rescue efforts are on their way according to the news reports. From yahoo news,
    "Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokeswoman Carly Lusk said in an Associated Press story that three vessels were sent from the French territory of Reunion Island and that the aircraft left from Perth on what was supposed to be a four-hour flight to a position located 2,000-plus miles from Africa and Australia.

    It was not clear when the vessels left, but it would take a day for the nearest ship to reach the area. Reunion Island is off Madagascar along the east coast of Africa. "
    I posted this news just in case you are not able to communicate but can see this. We love and admire your spirit. Thank you for the journey through your eyes to these postings. I can't wait to see your next pictures. June 10. 11:40 EST USA

  147. I think it is great that you r on this amazing adventure; however, i was just wondering why you are sailing in this part of the world when it is monsoon season. Now unfortunately you r in distress which is very sad. Now millions of dollars will be spent to hopefully rescue you. I am wondering if a better decision might have been made and then the money being spent to rescue you could have gone to help some of the desperately poor people that are in fact in the very region in which your r traveling. Joanne

  148. sea is like a giant monster if you get afraid of it. But if you think that you are part of it, and all those great waves were like arms embracing you, caring for you, telling that we need to love them too, you gonna feel that you're in paradise. You gonna feel the calmness in your heart and in your soul, like you want to stay there and never go back at all and live with her forever, and feel her gently touch, keeping you away from all of your anxieties...-akaaxorm

  149. Come on home girl. You are fantastic!

  150. Thoughts and prayers are with you as news of troubles in the Indian Ocean have reached us in the USA. Be safe and Godspeed.

  151. Praying for you Abby! Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart!
    To Him be the glory

  152. God bless you Abby. You are beautiful and I hope and pray for you to be found safe, alive and well and brought home to your parents and friends. You are in my thoughts. Please be found soon and be well! Your well wisher, Don

  153. Any chance you could take a pic of what the storm swells look like? My entire family's been eagerly committed to seeing through your entire journey. You are a very positive role model, we very much support you, and your courage inspires strength in the rest of us. You are a very awesome young woman!! We will continue to pray for you throughout the day in our thoughts, minds, and hearts.

    Dave Roman & family (about 30 of us)
    -San Diego,CA

  154. Congratz, Good Job and I pray that u make it back Safe!! Luv da photos

  155. may god bless you I hope you can respond to this post soon. jamie ,florida

  156. Prayers going up for Abby and her family. God keep her safe.

  157. Abby, A thought from a Hawaii Water Vagabond! You must embrace the pain of fear and burn it as fuel for the rest of your journey!!!!! Your dream is courageous and your Will shall sustain your passion to succeed! Praying that that your EPIRB activation is nothing less then a false alarm! With Godspeed!

  158. My prayers are with you!

  159. I loved reading your blog.

    I hope you are found safe & sound but I can't believe a parent would allow a 16-year old too sail alone. :(

  160. good luck baby. respect. OOOOOOOOO
    O.F.S.G.1948 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....oooooo

  161. Abby love I hope that you get this and I hope that your safe and would you please post a picture of you soon so we know that your ok? well let the god lord bring you home to your family & friends and let all of us know that your safe.

    P.s. God bless you sweet angel


  163. Hiya Abby and family. I just want you to know that I have been praying for you since you began your trip, when you had trouble along the S. American coast, when you had trouble near Africa and I am really praying really hard for you right now. Please be safe. That is more important than completing the trip.
    Your parents are braver than me. I was afraid to let my son go away to college when he was 16. He went locally to Colorado School Of Mines and has done great.
    Big Tom
    Lakewood, Colorado

  164. Hi Abbey,

    I have read about you and your trip a couple of weeks ago.

    You are a Hero of humanity. doing such a thing on your own is amazing.

    My sincerest greetings from me and from my fellow Egyptians.

    Looking forward for hearing from you always

    Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

  165. First i would like to say I am extremely proud of what you did. Your courage says it all. What you did and the way you handled yourself was a class act. Don't you worry about anyone that is saying bad things about what you did or your age or your parents. Those people more thank likely are not bad people the just like too add yheir 2 cents. Just like those 30 foot waves that didn't phase you don't let any negative comments phase you either. Your dreams are your dreams and you owe it to yourself(not anyone else)... Good luck in the future I am definitely a fan and will support you. I know you have thousands of others that feel the same. You already have lived more in your 16 years that most will ever live in a life time. I hope you write a book. That would be a classy way to explain a class act.

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