Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Photos and Departure Update

Lots of long days and nights on the boat as the team readies Wild Eyes for departure. Looking like a Thursday morning departure. Here are some shots of another sea trial in Table Bay. Many thanks to Jeff Ayliffe!
Abby at the helm
Laurence enjoying the ride

Abby in front of Table Mountain

In the slip

A well-used life jacket

A view from above


  1. nice pics! love this blog, thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  2. Thursday huh? Nice to see you're going to be getting back at it! Go get it!

  3. I still can't believe those solar panels and wind generators stay put in all the heavy weather you've been in. Amazing.

  4. To borrow a phrase taken from Jessica's blog, the "Abbicans" all all here waiting for your adventure to continue.

    Fair winds, Girlie-girl.

  5. Since it is no longer a non-stop voyage, will you be stopping in Sydney to see Jessica Watson?

  6. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to news of your departure.

  7. I see Laurence relaxed and happy with a big smile, I assume the sea trial has been successful. Your picture in front of Table Mountain adds to its magnificent.

    Steve, SF Bay

  8. Thanks for the update!!

    Great photos!!

    All the best!!

  9. That's a really fantastic photo of you with Table Mtn in the background! Thanks for sharing. I am loving following your amazing journey!!

  10. Smooth sailing days and nights are my wish for you. Safe sailing, Abby.

    Warmly, Ferret

  11. Wishing you the best conditions for your departure Thursday. I'll be praying for a safe journey for you. Your story is so inspirational, proves you can do anything you put your mind too. God Bless!

  12. Especially love that photo of you in front of Table Mtn.!.

  13. Hello Captain Abigail,

    Sorry for my jump start comment yesterday regards your schedule...checking back I found that your local monitoring station had gone OFFLINE thus showing Wild Eyes absent....on your projected return to sea date. It's still offline.

    Jeff's photos are great. I like the first two showing Laurence being "chauffeured" about Table Bay by our super sailor.

    STANDING BY for your departure Abby. Don't forget to take a few hamburgers with onion rings and melted cheese on top and fries for your first day back at sea.

    Cheering you on....
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  14. Hello Abby

    Photos and Video much appreciated.

    Fast, smooth sailing on departure.

    Jon in Oregon

  15. Love the picture of you! :) with the sun in the back :D aaaw! Looks like you have lots of fun!

  16. If there is a desire for you to stop in Australia, then Hobart would be a better choise than Sydney. It doesn't lengthen the course and Jessica lives near Brisbane, far north of Sydney, needing a plane trip anyway. But I assume it is enough that you see each other in Marina del Rey. Jessica had most of the young circumnavigators welcoming her and I assume she would like to welcome you, as would Mike Perham (the previous youngest circumnavigator) who seems to be more than a good friend of Jessica. They met when Mike stopped in Hobart.

    Go Abby!

  17. Thanks Abby.
    Nice photos.
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  18. Hey Abby,

    I'm still following your journey and happy to see you looking so well.
    P.S. Your Daddy looks like Russell Crowe!

  19. Amazing photos Abby. I dream of visiting Table Mountain.

    Glad to hear Wild Eyes is back up to the challenge, as I'm sure you are. It's probably best Zac left before you did, having family there almost makes it harder to get back on that boat, I'm sure.

    Everyday I get on the web, I check to see if that dot has moved off of the Cape. HURRY HURRY HURRY! I'm getting anxious. Glad you have a working camera now, I'm excited to see the photos from that side of the world!

    Best Wishes ABBY!!

    XOXO - Alana

  20. I am sure you are anxious to return to the sea. However, I have to say I was very glad to see the photos and vids around Capetown as well. Good Luck.

  21. 05-19-10 @ 15:09
    Hi Abby,
    Looks like John got us all pumped up and had you on your way…lol… Honest mistake, we’re just trying to get you out on the water.
    The pictures all look great, I liked the ones of “Wild Eyes” and without a doubt the one of you in front of Table Top Mountain. Your Dad looks pretty happy, must have been a good run.
    So I hope you’ll be able to leave on Thursday AM, in good shape, and be able to get back into the sailing bit again, good luck to you Abby
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  22. Hey Cap,

    Fair Winds and God Speed.

    Bill Smith
    Connecticut, USA

  23. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMay 19, 2010 at 12:21 PM

    Just chiming in to send all my best to you for getting back out there! Love the pictures, and glad you have stocked up on cameras so that we can get more of them from you as you continue your adventure. Take good care out there! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  24. Good job on the repairs. Don't worry about what landlubbers think or do. Just keep doing your thing and stay on course. I hope you worked on your culinary department. :-P I am at anchor this past week in the gulf islands BC Canada. Gale blowing through tonight so I am on the dock for a night.

    you are in my prayers. "Via Con Dios"
    Keep it real eh.

  25. Hi Abby,
    Cool view from the mast!! Looks like you forgot to pack nail polish. ;-)


  26. Thanks for sharing the Photos...I especially like the one of You with Table Mtn. behind and You at the Helm with Dad enjoying the ~~ride~~:) I am glad you stopped for the necessary Repairs, Hot Showers every day!...all that delicious Food and a few good Nights Sleep on a Soft and Steady Bed! Now you are ready to Safely Sail the Other Half of the World! THANKS Team Abby! All of Us from All Around the World are looking forward to your Blog and more Photos! Wishing You Good Winds, a Safe and Happy Voyage, Captain Abby :) Dave H., Tampa, FL

  27. Hi Abby, Well the pix are great I like the one where you are up the mast looking down on Wild Eyes and she is lookin like she is ready to hit the Big Water again and I know you are just chomping at the bit to get back out there and on with this trip,continue with the final preparations before leaving and its going to be hard to leave but you can do it. Peace & Aloha 38'43"N/122'67"W

  28. Dear Abby,

    Thank you for the update and for all the great photo's. I do hope that everything is settled for a restart tomorrow. I wish you godspeed and look forward to continue the voyage with you.
    Take care and sail safe.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  29. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes (and Abby Dad),

    All smiles! Go Abby, Go!

  30. Abby,
    Bring a blow up mattress you can put on top in case your good one gets wet! Also, I too believe that Wild Eyes could easily take you from Cape Town to Cape Town in 90 days or less! Just head up north around the top of Australia and briefly cross the Equator that way you've skipped the nasty stuff, then head back to Cape Horn, and finish in Cape Town! You can do it! Enough distance, the Equator twice, PLUS the solo record!

  31. Bon voyage Abby !
    You do the sailing, and I'll do the worrying !
    Stay safe.
    Robert from Melbourne.

  32. Thanks for the pictures! And fair winds for the departure and the passage into the Indian Ocean.

  33. I have been following your blog, as I did your brother's. Congrats. on everything. I did a circumnavigation with my husband and two daughters, back in the mid 70's when all navigation was 'celestial'. How things have changed.

    Anyway, what knot is that in the photo with your much used life-jacket? It is NOT a bowline and I think it would slip under tension!

    Good luck on the rest of your voyage from IDAHO

  34. The pic of you and Table Mountain is awesome. I can't wait for us all to get back out on the water with you at the helm. Woo Hoo! Let's go girl.

  35. Hii Abby, pray everything will be in your favor.
    Safe voyage ahead, amen.

    Dad o4d's
    East Malaysia

  36. love the pic's you took hopefully nothing else happens and you will have to stop sailing again

  37. Fun pics. Thanks. You know, I really hope your life jacket is never well used. Well worn, yes, used, no. :-) Safety, health and fun vibes for you.

  38. Abby, you look happy, your family loves you and so does the world! Be safe beautiful one! Waiting for your book, sorry for the inpatients. Steve the guy who has never been to the ocean.

  39. Excellent! Looking forward to tomorrow! Happy sails
    Pam and Colton

  40. Hi Abby,
    Great photo's. Hope all is well for Thursday morning. Look forward to hearing you are on your way again.
    Keep safe.

  41. Fair Winds and Kind Seas
    Abby !!!

  42. Abby,
    Thanks for the great photos and status update.
    Best of luck on your departure.
    I'm sure there will be an angel on your shoulder.
    What an amazing adventure. Have fun!

    Ray in Alaska.

  43. the pix are all terrific! I really love the one from uptop the mast!

    and like Pagoo said . . . I also hope the life jacket is well worn and never used!

    Here's hoping you have a flawless continuation to your amazing journey!

    ~ Cynthia (camped near Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on the Oregon Coast)

  44. Thanks for the update! We love the Pic's. You'll be back at it in no time.
    "Watching from Washington"

  45. Hope you take the time to leave very well rested. Great pics. You are very photogenic. The pic from above was great.

    Can't wait for the movie! But, wait. This is even better. Watching the adventure unfold in real time. Happy to play a small role as a well-wisher.

    Thanks for your blogs and pics!
    Wishing you all the best. God Bless!

  46. Michael L. HickmonMay 19, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    Are those your feet?

  47. Capt. Abby, Looking real good now with all systems Go. I'm excited about Thursday and all I have is a brief grocery list to go navigate. I am familiar with sailor-like knots; the one at the PFD is known as a "running half-tangle." Sometimes older Bo'sun mates refer to these as "snot hitches" - (s'not a knot and s'not a hitch,) stay tuned for more nautical advice.

  48. In response to Miles earlier post: Abby has already said it's no longer an attempt at a non-stop circumnavigation record. For her to restart in Capetown, sail 22,000 miles and return in 90 days (which as you suggest would be easy) would require her to average 250 miles per day. So far she's averaged around 100 miles. Not going to happen. Great job so far. Have a great second half of your voyage Abby and sail safe.

  49. With all the other repairs that you had to grapple with, I admire that you took the time to fix the right eye of the Wild Eyes on the port side. Now with the both eyes wildly wide open I am confident that she will perform to its true spirit.

    s.n., El Cerrito Ca

  50. Good luck I'll be watching and praying

  51. Hi Abby,

    Looking forward to your setting sail on Thursday. Sounds like you are all prepared and ready to sail the oceans once again.

    My prayers are with you, Abby. Enjoy your journey.

    Clare, Spokane, WA, USA

  52. Hi Abby;

    Luv the pics! Artistic, as well, of the marine gear and knot. Looking forward to your departure. Hoping for wonderful winds that will speed you along on your course.

    Looking forward to seeing Charlie again on deck and all decked out.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  53. Great pictures.....So you are going to start your journey on Thursday, I pray that you will have a bright sunny day as you leave Cape Town. My prayers and thoughts will be with you. Gail/Ventura

  54. Good Lucky Abby! We are praying for you and look forward to reading more post as you continue on.

  55. This looks like fun.

  56. good luck on your sail tommorow! Will your dad be able to see you off on another boat or will he be staying ashore? I'm sure either way it will be sad to say goodbye but thrilling to back out in open waters. Enjoy your last night of rest and keep those pic's coming!

    Godspeed and Fair Winds,

    Shawn from Texas

  57. Great pictures, especially the one in front of Table mountain.and the one looking down. Thank you for sharing! Just out of curiousity, how high up are you on the mast in the one of your feet looking down? Probably higher than I'd care to be unless it was in an aircraft!

    With the time difference you may well be rising now to cast off. Wishing you a safe departure and safe sailong for the rest of your journey from CT!

    Nick - Waterbury CT

  58. @Miles
    Yes Abby can do it! In 2005, Ellen MacArthur did it sailing over 27,000 nm and she did it in only 71.6 days! I agree, go north, skip the Aussie winter, cross the equator twice, do cape horn AGAIN and then back to cape town. THEN Abby could take a victory lap and go ANYWHERE she wants to on the way back to MDR!!!
    Cindy Parsons

  59. Awesome shots, Abby. You should consider modeling when you get back. I am sure you are excited to get back out to sea Thurs a.m., especially with Wild Eyes all freshly preped for the journey. Are you still trying to catch a fish when you are out there? I hope you don't have withdrawls from all that exquisite food I am sure you have gotten a fill of. I'll be thinking of you Thurs a.m., Abby, and as always, looking forward to your tales of adventure along the way. Take care, Gary from Folsom, Ca.

  60. Wouldn't it be cool if Abby would silence the naysayers by announcing that all proceeds from her book and endorsements will go to her Church?! She would show them that the Cross she's wearing isn't just a symbol, it's a way of living!
    Luke 9:23 "...If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me."
    Pamela Deitz

  61. I check your status every day... glad to see that you've stayed in Cape Town to assure repairs could be completed and tested. Also a good idea to see as much of the world as possible while on your 'world tour' ... Will you continue South and East from Cape Town? I hope the winter weather down there doesn't become a problem for your trip...
    Warm Hugs and Best Wishes from Wyoming...

  62. Trevor and Carol. Queensland, AustraliaMay 19, 2010 at 10:15 PM

    Well it's been a short stop. Jessica has returned safely and now it's your turn. Good luck and best wishes from 'Down Under'.

  63. 05-20-10 @ 02:31
    Hi Abby,
    Good morning to you, and I hope you had a good nights sleep so you will be well rested when you cast off. I’m sure your problems have all been taken care of so all you have to do is enjoy…yes??? I thought so. Take good care of yourself “Wild Eyes” and the crew. Have a safe cruise and be cautious!!!
    @ s.n., El Cerrito Ca: My what sharp ‘eyes’ you have…good for you!!!!

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  64. 5/20/10 2:10 AM CDT
    Hi Abby - I've been absent for a while and it is great to catch up again with your activities in Cape Town. So glad you have had so many fun experiences while you've been there, and am especially glad for you that you and Wild Eyes will be heading back to sea in just a few hours. I know that is where you want to be!

    Will be looking forward to lots of pix now that you have some additional cameras. Every photo is special and makes us all feel very close to what's happening on board! As always, safe sailing........

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  65. Hay Abby,
    We hope the rest of you trip is non stop, dont stop in Austrlia just get back to LA and enjoy it.
    I liked meeting you on the dock with my dad Erik the other night and wish you could stay in Cape Town longer.My school in Camps Bay Cape Town will be watching the rest of you fun trip.
    Have a great trip and God Bless!!
    Tenille Bjerring ;)

  66. Great photos, Abby, you and wild eyes are looking good!
    All the very best for the homeward journey, no more breakages!
    Sail safe, Trudy, Austria/Australia

  67. Great pictures. Great haircut, you look fabulous! I liked the picture taken from above.

  68. Hey Abby, Thanks for the updates and pics. I hope you have a good night sleep before you head out. Good luck in setting out, it will be a lot more comfy knowiong that things are fixed. Best of luck on your next leg. GO GIRL!..Thoughts are with ya.

    Bob from Boston

  69. Good luck Abby!!

  70. Gidday Abbey
    Im guessing that you are now under wayIf you went to plans of a Thursday morning departure. So from me and many more Aussies good luck on the continuation of your travels around the Southern oceans of the world.
    Safe Sailing

  71. Well, it's Thursday morning, and I'm wondering if you're heading out. I'll be watching for you Abby. I still think that pic from up the mast is really cool. Good Sailing..!
    39*50'N, 86*9'W

  72. Great pics! I can't help but be proud of you and I don't even know you

  73. Nice photographs, Miss Abby, many thanks for sharing! We are Thursday now, maybe nit far from new departure. Are you ready? Don't forget your hairbrushes, pens, toilet paper (ref. Talisker Bounty Boat), extra batteries, new kindle and so on...
    Keep the good work going on and we are waitin for your departure!

  74. YEA! That's Wonderful!!! It's Thursday and you must be out to sea already, as I blog. I can't wait to read about your first day riding the waves. I know you are hyped and ready to get back out there.

    WOW.........HAVE FUN and BE SAFE!!!!!!!

    Sandy, Mississippi

  75. Team Abby,
    in the photo called "view from above" in this post, I see a rope which seems to be worn out. It might be nothing serious but please check.

  76. Awesome pics Ms. Abby. Psalm 91 and I'm praying for you!!!

    Lisa from Mt. Juliet, TN

  77. Must be late afternoon RSA time.

    Still light enough outside to write up that report about the autopilots as promised. :-)

  78. I expect that's Jeff high up on the mast there since his name's on the picture.

    Unless of course he is above Abby and taking the picture of her below him also on the top of the mast. lol.

  79. Hi Abby,

    Well as I write this hopefully your well on your way and have departed Cape Town and back to your journey! Can't wait to hear from you! Our prays are with you and please sail safe!

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  80. HAY ABBY!


    GO! ABBY! GO!