Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Cape - Agulhas

Things are still going well out here. The new auto pilot is amazing. I can carry way more sail now without him going into standby. The wind is dying down a little right now, but earlier I was making about 12-15 knots so that was pretty fun. Things are pretty much perfect right now - it really helps settling back into life at sea having nice weather and equipment working. I have a few gauges I still need to play around with a little but other than that things are good.

I'm pretty far offshore now so there aren't any ships around me which is really nice. Getting out of Cape Town was pretty crazy with so many ships around. I caught my first fish yesterday! But unfortunately, by the time I got outside it was gone. Really! I was surprised I caught anything since I had been going pretty fast at the time.

The route page will be up hopefully later today. The way it was set up we were only allowed 103 waypoints so the format needed to be changed. I am now directly south of Cape Agulhas (about 200 miles offshore) which is actually the southern most point of South Africa - not Cape of Good Hope.

The team will be putting together a report of the repairs and faults that they discovered while in Cape Town once they recover from their jetlag.

That's about all there is for now. I'm playing around with my cameras so I can lower the resolution enough to send some over. So I'll try and get some up tomorrow!


  1. Be safe! Glad things seem to be in order. You are swesome, Abby. An inspiration xo

  2. You must be missing Cape Town. Anyway have a safe journey.Take care

  3. Glad all is well Abby, and you are back at sea.
    I was missing "our" adventure. Keep enjoying it and send a photo when you have time. All my best, Rog

  4. Happy sailing Abby,
    I enjoy reading your blog a lot so thanks for writing it !
    Pierre, Montreal Canada

  5. hi abby im tom from indianapolis and its really great to see you back on the ocean continuing your sure things will go smooth for you now that you have made these changes in your equipment....god speed and go get em!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the update!

    All the Best!

  7. Hi Abby, Well its good to hear the good and bad news and its sure nice to have more good than bad news when we read how its going for you and from the sound of what you have said, you are getting back into the groove fairly well. Anyway glad you are on your way to Oz. Its also good to hear the new electronics are doing what they were intended to do. Stay Safe & Have Fun and When Up On Deck Tethered. Peace & Aloha..38'43"N/122'67"W

  8. So glad to hear that everything is running smoothly. Good luck to you on the rest of your journey. So inspiring!

  9. Hi Abby and all supporters!
    Nice that you are on it again, and good that everything works nicely. It has been a little boring with both you and Jessica on land.

    I have made a forecast for the arrival times for the journey, using an Excel sheet. I made one for Jessica also, but it failed miserably since she slowed the progress down a lot after Cape Leeuwin. :-)

    21 may ― Cape Town ― 33°54S 18°25E
    18 jun ― Longitude ninety ― 40°00S 90°00E ― 3350 nm
    28 jun ― Cape Leeuwin ― 40°00S 115°08E ― 1250 nm
    10 jul ― SE Tasmania ― 43°42S 147°48E ― 1610 nm
    25 jul ― Longitude 180 ― 30°00S 180°00E ― 1740 nm
    06 sep ― Marina del Rey ― 33°58N 118°26W ― 5190 nm
    The distances are the theoretical distances between my waypoints.

    If you decide to visit the antipode of
    Marina del Rey at 33°58S 61°33E it will take one or two days more. The reason for that is to make really sure that the route follows all length rules and to avoid the doubts Jessica was affected by.

    /Ben Larsson, Sweden

  10. Hi Abby and followers,

    I remember being at sea and wishing for land and once there wanting to be back at sea. It is good to hear all is going well. I guess you found out what happens when our electronics starts to have a mind of its own. From the photographs it looks like you are in good health, keep it up and now it is heading for home which is what you did when you left MDR. I was wondering if you are still planning to stop at Cabo on the way back?

    Sail Safe
    from around Redondo Beach

  11. Hi Abby
    Thanks for the post, you really sound happy now, new autopilots are great huh! Too bad about the fish. Sounds like Wild eyes is racing right along and loving it and glad you are having fun also. It won’t take long at that clip. Thanks again for thinking of us poor souls with the update ha. Happy sailing and stay safe.

  12. Keep up the good miles, Cape Town / LA Non-Stop!!!
    HAVE FUN!!!
    Erik Bjerring

  13. HI Abby,

    Thanks for the nice update...Just make your autopilot one of your best friends out there..Lets' hope no more "hick up's"
    Also enjoyed the You Tube clip of your departure..
    Just soak it all in..Unity with God's creation..

  14. Good Evening CAPTAIN Abigail,

    @Jeff, Cape Town & @Bob from Seattle.....thanks.

    Abby...great news regards the shipping traffic and the new auto pilot. And congrats on the "fish that got away"....what would you say Abs...a six footer? ha ha Have fun with the camera(s), get some rest and give a hug or two or three to Charlie.

    Thinking of you,
    john, Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

  15. Way to go Abby catching first fish on second thought if you don't want to clean fresh fish maby you have canned salmon tuna or sardines already prepared just open and enjoy ! Just kidding maby next time you'll be feasting on ocean fresh seafood ! Know you're relieved to be away from the shipping lanes logging those nm's ! Cheers !

  16. Safe journey Abby;Follow your dream and good things will come!You are doing great..Happy sailing and good luck; we will follow you daily and enjoy the input.
    Dave C in Florida & Tahiti

  17. Great to hear from you again Abby!
    Have you been gotten caught up on your sleep yet? I hope my family and I can drive up to MDR to see you come home. In the meantime, we will be looking forward to all your updates.
    Sail safe and FAST!!
    Alyssa from Irvine, CA

  18. Yeah Abby, you sound really happy. Its great you are finally getting the most from Wild Eyes. Fifteen knots in a monohull is outstanding. You are really blasting through the water. As long as the wind keeps up, strings of 200+ mile days should be common. Are you carrying two headsails now? I dont want to bug you, but howabout a few pics now that you havs some new cameras?

    BTW, if you have not heard yet, the news from Australia is that Jess and Mike Perham seem to be an item, now. I hope it works out for them.

    Steve L from Modesto

  19. 05-23-10 @ 16:49
    Hi Abby,
    Glad to hear that all is well, sounds like everything looks pretty positive for the A/P. Looks like you’re making pretty good time, is that because you’re carrying more sail due to the A/P?
    Good to hear that you’re pretty well clear of all the heavy traffic, and that you didn’t have any problems getting out of Cape Town.
    You sound pretty happy and relaxed now that you’re back ‘home’, that make’s it all worthwhile. I’ll bet you won’t have any trouble getting your sea legs back in shape.
    Yeah Abby, I know, you should have seen the one that got away…lol… I heard that one before, but better luck next time. (I do believe you, really!!!)
    So thanks for the up-date Abby, I’m looking forward to the report and to some nice pictures. I really enjoyed the previous pictures and the video. I appreciate how faithful you are to your followers, posting (twice) so soon after you left, thank you!!!!
    Is it expensive when pulling into port?
    Keep up the good work and be cautious, get plenty of rest and eat/drink well. And above all….Enjoy yourself!!!!!
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  20. Your great adventure continues. Have fun. I enjoy the heck out of your posts and map. Keep safe. Ray from LA and Lancaster.

  21. Great news! Back in business!
    Im looking forward to watching your tracking again each day.
    Stay safe and clipped.
    best wishes,

  22. Abby - you sound happy to be back at sea. So glad the new equipment is working well - you must feel so much better now with all the repairs. Sail safe brave girl, and will look forward to future posts - xoxo

  23. Sounds really good Abby!! Good wind, good equipment. Sounds like fun to me.
    Enjoy yourself. IndyMike 39*50'N, 86*9'W

  24. Hey Abby. Excellent to see you're back at sea and on your way again. Thanks for all the pics and updates on your Cape Town stopover. Good sailing

  25. Abby

    I've been following you since you started and I've followed Jessica Watson too. I must admit that even living all my life in Bermuda I'm no sailor and I think what you are doing and Jessica has done is a once in a lifetime adventure.
    I assume that there is still a solo circumnavigation alive here...are you going to finish in MDR or Cabo ? Are you planning to stop at other points ?
    All the best and enjoy the trip

    John in Bermuda

  26. Hi Abby,

    Great gal that you are on the move again. I realize how tough it must have been to have to stop but you exhibited maturity in that decision and placed safety above everything else.

    Message to the auto pilots . . . . . BEHAVE ! ! !

    Take care

    Safe sailing and Godspeed.

    Georgia Guy

  27. Abby:

    I'll bet the stay at Cape Town was a great break. I can't help but think though that stay took you deeper into winter for your next leg. I hope you can speed your way to the safer South Pacific asap. of course that must be crossed thru a narrow window between N and S hurricane seasons.

    A reminder of sailing at home.. Wife and I are leaving Ventura in a few days for 3 weeks at Catalina on our Jeanneau 43DS !!

    Best to you.. Malcolm

  28. Abby...Back on the water again...Whooooo-hooooo! We enjoy sailing along with you.Nothing like a day on the water and chocolate to boot :). Thanks for the pictures and the blog. Enjoy the vast wilderness that you are sailing. Love you....L & J from S.W. Minnesota.

  29. Hi Abby: Great to hear things are going so well. So glad to hear the new auto pilot is working. So sorry you lost the fish, maybe next time. We love to hear from you and look forward to the pictures. You are special to alot of people. Keep up the good spirits. Sure glad your not here on the coast of California, WLA to be exact, the storm winds are really bad. Take care and God Bless you. Grandad & Grandma WLA,CA

  30. Hi Abby: So good to hear good news about the auto pilot. Lots of storms moving through Minnesota today, but here in Duluth we have only had sprinkles of rain. Living on the shores of Lake Superior the weather changes dramatically, it can fluctuate 20 or more degrees in an hour so you always have a sweatshirt handy. The year-around temp of Lake Superior is around 38 degrees so when the wind blows off the water it cools things off pretty fast. Lots of sailboats out and it's very picturesque to see all the white sails from the hillside viewpoints. Sending good wishes to you on this Sunday afternoon. Judy .

  31. Hi Abby,
    Glad that you are underway again as we look forward to your blogs.
    Nice to know that your equipment is performing better for you.
    We will be going to Jessica's welcome home (to Queensland) on Wednesday.

  32. Great to hear you're moving along nicely. Try to get some pics. You know how we Abbicans like pics. When you get a chance email Jessica so you can get all the latest news about her new boyfriend Mike Perham. She and Mike are going to sail Pink Lady back up to Moolooba next week. Nice!

  33. Hi Abby,
    Glad all is going well. Keep up the good work.
    Stay safe,

  34. I find it a bit interesting that your experience with the rare fish catch (and then losing it before you get it) seems to match Jesse's experience.

  35. Alright, let's catch some more fish and finish this voyage!

  36. Bonjour Abby & Wild Eyes,

    It's so good to know that you two are sailing again, really sailing! :-)

    I started this comment yesterday but had to look after something else and when I came back it was gone...Really! :-)

    Great post Abby-Skipper (really-really this time)!

    Greetings to your crew.

    Sail Abby, Sail! :-)

    Enjoy, Take care, Be safe.


    Keep those good forecasts coming! And don't blame Jessica but blame the Gods for 'slowing her down' and tricking your calculations. That's the kind of mischief they just love to do! :-)

  37. Congratulations on getting under way again. I wish you the best of luck. You are living the dream. You have inspired us to get off of our behinds and get out there and do something. My best friend Samuel has decided to cycle across Saskatchewan this year, and next year plans to cross the country. He is trying to raise awareness of a rare genetic disorder (Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency) which he has. He has to stay active or he will get very sick. Check out his blog at

    You are a true inspiration, thank-you, PJ

  38. Hi Abby,

    What you are doing is absolutly amazing. I just heard about your journey when I saw a clip about Jessica on MSN.COM last weekend and then looked up her trip on Google. The news media in Chicago didn't mention you or Jessica.

    I will be following the rest of your trip on the map and your blog. Best wishes and good luck on your voyage.

  39. Thanks for the report Abby. It was just what we wanted to read. We look for your updates daily and think about you all the time.


  40. Abby tous mes voeux de réussite vous accompagne.
    J'espère que les pilotes et l'electronique vont maintenant bien fonctionner , Vous méritez un peu de tranquilité pour la suite de votre tour du monde. Depuis la France nous admirons votre performance. J'affiche regulierement votre progession dans notre Club de Voile de Touraine .

  41. Go Abby, I too did my shakedown run today but it cant compare with your adventure. GOD BLESS

  42. Praise the Lord, Abby! May God guide your every nautical mile.

    Lou Reichart

  43. Safe travels and no stops are the wish for your voyage. Please, keep us posted. We'd love any post at all every day!

  44. I want you to go non-stop the rest of the way, but if you have to pull into Sydney on June 17 I will look you up at the opera house!!!!! Going down under for a couple days of fun!!!!

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  46. Hi Abby, Good to hear from you on your blog. I'm very happy to read that the autopilot is working so well. The increased speed is cool and Wild Eyes can do what she was built to do. Best, Tony in Burbank your homeboy neighbor.

  47. Bonjour Abby & wild Eyes,
    Jacques Lamblot, Touraine Sailing Club,

    free translation:

    "Abby my best wishes for success go with you.
    I hope that drivers and electronics are now working well, you deserve a bit of tranquility for the remaining part of your world tour. From France we admire your performance. I post regularly your progress for our members at the Sailing Club of Touraine."

    Jacques Lamblot,Commission Handivoile

    Go Abby,Go!

  48. Hey Cap,

    About the one that got away.... Do you really want to come face to face with a very upset fish that can swim at 15 kts?


    Fair Winds and Godspeed,

    Bill Smith

  49. Great to hear you are back on the water and continuing your journey. You are an amazing young lady and have shown that you can adapt to adversity and make the best of situations. We are all very proud of you and are living this adventure through you.

    A friend from Ventura County

  50. HAY! ABBY!



    GO! GO! GO!

  51. Happy cruising Abby, watch the sky around you and imagine that your friends and well wishers are all smiling at you and wishing you all the best. Take care.

    Dad o4d's
    East Malaysia

  52. That's awesome! I'm so excited your back out! Happy sails! .... Enjoy!
    Pam and Colton

  53. Hi Abby:

    YIPEEE !! You are out there cruising again. How sweet it is that you are back on the adventure. Luv it! Glad to hear the auto pilots are treating well.

    Now, you need to get one of those fish on board so you can cook it.

    Hugs, seattlesid

  54. YeeHaawww... Here we go again... Good luck and keep the updates flowing....

    Keep on keepin' on....

  55. Abby; glad to hear that all repairs have been made, everything is working A-OK,& that you are now back out to sea continuing your trip. Best of luck to you Abby, may you have Fair Wings & Following Seas, I look forward to your blog & photo's every night. God be with you. Art, Beecher,Wi.

  56. Today's Inspirational Quote:

    "I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that
    my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it
    should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a
    superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow,
    than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function
    of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my
    days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

    -- Jack London

    Good to hear you are out and at again Abby!

    We all made sure we got Jesse home safely so we will get you home also with a little help from all your friends.

    Best wishes,


  57. Thanks for the update, Abby— I’m glad things are going well now. My husband and I were out in the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village area today to watch the last stage of the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race. When I think of Thousand Oaks, I think of a place that would be rather warm in May. But the wind was cool; we needed our jackets. News reports said there was even snow on the Grapevine this morning!

    I think those bike riders have to be somewhat crazy--four laps up to Mulholland Highway and back down. But they have all kinds of support vehicles. If the bike breaks, someone in a car hands the rider another bike and he gets back in the race. If the rider breaks down or crashes (as Lance Armstrong did three days ago), a car or ambulance can rescue him and take him off to get fixed up. By comparison to what you are doing, those bike riders have it easy.

  58. Thanks Abby.
    All the best.
    Love ♥
    Richard (QLD) Aus

  59. Hi Abby,

    Glad to see that everything is working fine.
    I wish you the best weather possible during this leg of your trip. Great to hear that your autopilots are working fine, are they the same brand than before? I was able to watch an interview of your mom in cnn ireports, and it was very interesting.

    God bless you,

    Marina from Turin, IT

  60. Dear Abby and WE Team
    thanks for the informative update ... always addicted to your blogs ... being a sailor, I can hardly wait to read details of the upgrades!
    Always looking forward to the forthcoming pix!

    Fair Winds and Smooth Seas
    with respect
    @bengt ... great to read you ETAs. Thanks.

  61. Bruce from Brisbane AUMay 24, 2010 at 1:09 AM

    Great to see you out on the water again Abby. We certainly hope all continues smoothly for the next leg of your voyage. The delay will put you a bit further into winter in the southern latitudes so I hope your thermal undies are up to the task and stay dry. Look on the bright side - you will appreciate the equatorial waters when you do sail north into warm waters again.
    I note another blogger commented on traversing the antipodean point of your voyage - I hope you do decide to do that - just to underline the achievement to the doubters.
    From your comments re the speed "Wld Eyes' can now maintain maybe you will makeup some of the lost schedule and get through ahead of the worst of the cold weather.
    Sounds like the South Afrikaners treated you well - I hear they can be a bit standoffish until you win their confidence and prove yourself. You had definitely done that with the boating fraternity. I assume you took on some fresh food supplies so at least you will be eating well while the fresh supplies last. Lots of chocolate too I hope - you are a young woman and young women by definition love chocolate don't they?

    Anyway Abby - all the best - stay clipped and stay safe.

    Bruce from Brisbane Au

  62. Hi from San Diago Ca. Keep up the good life .The Macklems

  63. Thanks for the post, great to hear from you

  64. Well done Abby! Your perseverance in dealing with and overcoming difficulties, your determination to succeed no matter what confronts you and your endurance through all that the winds, waves, tides, currents and meteorological uncertainties can throw at you, are truly inspirational! Passage through the Agulhus Current and around Cape Agulhus can be every bit as difficult as rounding Cape horn, but from what I can work out, you are already through, which is truly wonderful.

    Abby, when at Cape Agulhus did you check your Compass and observe, as did the ancient portuguese mariners, that at that point, magnetic North and true North were one and the same?

    With all the meticulous preparations you've made, all the skills you've mastered and the respect you have for the elements, I'm sure that mother nature will smile upon you kindly! keep up the good work and good sailing.

    John (Melbourne, Australia).

  65. Gidday Abbey
    Glad to hear you are underway againAnd Im sure you will be better for the layover. You now have a big patch of sea to sail before you possibly sight Australia. So stay safe and hooked on.
    Look forward to seeing the Photos
    Safe Sailing

  66. Dear Abby, Lovely to hear that you are out on the ocean again and Wild Eyes is performing as she was designed to,I believe that she has the ability to handle all that the southern ocean can, and maybe will throw at her.She has a very capable skipper as well!! Take courage Abby dear girl,You will do it!! I am one of your admirers who have followed your progress from day one.I look forward to your blogs and pics.God bless, you are in my prayers. Peter, Newcastle, Aus.

  67. Thanks for the update Abby! I'm glad you had fun in Cape Town and also got Wild Eyes sorted out. Good luck in the southern ocean! Looking forward to more updates and photos!
    Kevin, Aiken, SC

  68. Congratulations getting back to sea. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your pictures while in Cape Town. I hope all equipment is working well now.

    Do you have a destination for your next stop?

    Ventura, CA

  69. What? You didn't have any electronics installed for easier fishing too?

  70. Dear Abby,
    Great to have you back out there again, and you seems to have had a busy time with all the ships. Sorry about loosing the fish, better try next time. It satifying to hear that the new A-pilot works perfect. I look forward to see your photo's. Sail on safe and enjoy it.
    Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

  71. Dear Abby,

    You are such an incredible inspiration!

    I wish that I would have had even a fraction of your "umph and gusto" when I was your age, I can only imagine where I would be now and what I could have become!

    I am so happy that you are out in this world inspiring young people, and adults to push the edges of the envelope and to never give up the dream! If you believe in something, then fight for it! Anything is possible!!

    You are an amazing person Abby!

    Warm wishes from Kansas,

  72. See Abby, I knew you'd be just as excited to get back on that boat as your were the first time!

    I am amazed at how accomadating everyone in S. Africa has been for you and your team! What an amazing experience. Kind people really do make a world of difference, especially when you have to make it around the world! They only added to your awesome experience.

    I have been waiting for those way-points to move for forever now! I'm so glad your back out at sea, and "fingers-crossed" all the problems are fixed!

    Best of luck!! Can't wait for pics, till next time!! XOXO


  73. Your Oklahoma Well-WisherMay 24, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    Abby -- Great last few posts (I'm playing catch up today), love the pictures and your descriptions & thank yous! I especially love reading about your getting back out there and can really tell how much you love it through your writing. All my best to you always! Peace, Your Oklahoma Well-Wisher

  74. Abby - I kept Jessica company, now it's your turn. We'll check in daily to keep you company and check your progress. Sounds like a fish story to me but agree with previous poster: woul you really want me meet a fish that could swim 15 knots? I am personally happy you are not going for the non stop unassisted. How boring not to enjoy it. Have lots of fun and stay safe
    Deb - Florida

  75. Glad you are back at sea, Abby...

    May you have a fun, safe, and highly successful rest of your adventure!


  76. Capt. Abby, that fish you "almost" took was tricked by Wild Eyes pulling the bait (?) along at a speedy rate, which is not an unusual fishing tactic. Keep at it when she's "got a bone in her teeth." In the mean time locate and keep handy a sturdy pair of gloves for safe fish-handling. I have no idea what it is you might haul out of there? All good hopes go with you skipper.

  77. Focus on Food, Rest and of course Boat Speed.

    My prayers are with you.
    May you have Fair winds and calm seas all the way to Cabo.
    Let me know if your course goes near Diego Garcia. YOu got lots of fans there. :-P

  78. @bengt ... Our calculations are close. Based on the speed of her first two legs, I also have an arrival at the south tip of Tasmania on July 10th, but have her at MDR a week later on September 13th. This is a slow estimate as with her working autopilots she's already talking happily about her speed. Will the auto pilots last till the end. That seems to be the 64,000 dollar question.

    @others ... Abby probably won't mention skipping Cabo till the Pacific leg because it would be premature to address the question with a huge southern ocean still to sail. The distance from Tasmania to Cabo & LA are nearly the same so the only reason I can see her stopping there first is to claim only one stop. Is that important to her? The rules categorize it as stops & non-stops, so it wouldn't seem to matter but we'll have to wait until she she speaks on the subject to know how she feels about it.

    Her homecoming would 100 times as many people at her home port in California, so I'd be very surprised if she decides to stop at Cabo first.

  79. have a great trip! maybe you should give jessica watson a hello when you pass austrial...

  80. Wow! That is one fast boat!

    I checked on liveships last night and, at 15kts, you are the fastest thing in the whole ocean south of Africa. You are outrunning every cargo ship and tanker for 500 miles around. Get the boat horn ready, you might have to honk at a tanker to let you pass.

  81. Abby,

    Here's a crazy thought. With that auto pilot working, extra pace and enjoying life at sea...just stay out and sail all the way around again to South Africa (fake people out like you're going home, cross over the equator far enough to get the circumnavigation). Who's going to stop you? Your dad would probably ring my neck for the suggestion.

    BTW, your blogs are a blast, enjoy the pictures too and when you finish, I'll miss reading you and Jesica's postings.

  82. way to go on the fish! I've never caught one on any of my hand lines while you one-uped me ;)

  83. Abby its very hard to catch a fish doing 15 knots,if a fish bites,the speed of your boat will tear the jaws out and you will always loose the fish.
    The time to put the jig out is when there is very little wind and your doing 6 knots or less then if you get a bite,kill the auto pilot and make a sharp left turn if the jig is on the port side or a sharp right turn if the jig is on the starboard side,by making a turn it will reduce the speed of the boat and will make it very easy to land the fish.
    I've done it many times.
    There is no reason why you should'nt catch a yellowfin tuna or a bluefin tuna.
    I wish you the best of luck.
    Abby I say a prayer for you every night for God to keep you safe.---(what courage!)
    God Bless

    Libby Di Bernardo
    San pedro,Ca.

    If you see a flock of birds working the water, head for them if its not to far out of your way and remember go at a slow speed and you will catch a fresh meal.

  84. Hi Abby, have followed your great adventure from the beginning (as I have done with Jessica) and am excited to be able to follow your progress again. I so admire your handling of every situation and if you ever settle for a land job then consider becoming a diplomat! I wish you a safe journey through the Indian and Southern Oceans and I'll be waving to you as you pass New Zealand. Jana F,Auckland, NZ

  85. Hi Abby, glad you are finally back at sea. have a safe journey. Maybe you can stop by and see Jessica on your way past Australia. Take care of yourself
    Tacoma, WA

  86. I knew that "Cape Agulhas ... is actually the southern most point of South Africa" because i learned it from your brother's trip. :^)

  87. Hi Abby, So glad to hear that you are doing well, nice knowing that you are far enough out that you don't have to worry about ships. You be careful and enjoy your journey. I will be looking forward to seeing some pictures. Take care and my prayers and thoughts are with you. Gail/Ventura

  88. Abby,

    Glad to hear your vessel is 100%. I was a little worried there for a while but now I'm a lot more confident. Know you are too. God Bless and have fun !!!

  89. What is your hull speed?

  90. Abby,

    Thanks for that great update. It's nice to hear that you're settling into your routine already and that you're getting a bit of distance between you and the heavy shipping traffic. Sounds like you have some fishing gear that will work just fine. Give it another try again. I'd love to hear that you have fresh fish onboard.

    Take good care of yourself and Wild Eyes, Abby.

    From Seattle, WA, USA

  91. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

  92. Glad you are well and the boat is healthy...a tip from an old fisherman however, you need to be on deck and tending your gear to have much luck.... :-)

  93. It's all good.

    Just finished a new biography:Jacques Cousteau The Sea King by Brad Matsen. Cousteau did 50 years of sea photography. I don't think he shot Cape Agulhas.

  94. Glad that you are reporting that everything is working flawlessly and your new autopilot allow you to carry more sail and hence sailing with more speed. Hopefully by now, at nights, you sleep comfortably at your sleeping quarters rather than at the navigation table uninterrupted.

    Will you please in the next update state your nautical coordinates (degrees and minutes), based on GMT or California time, so we know exactly “where is Abby?” Thanks

    Holding tightly to my seat for the rest of your voyage

    S. Nikfar, San Pablo, Calif

  95. Hi,
    I like that you are being honest about what is working and not working on board, and whether you feel good or bad. Jessica Watson gaves too much of a "smooth ride" impression. I can not imagine she felt fabulous all the time...
    So keep going, I feel much more connect with your story than with Jessica's,
    Jeanny K.

  96. Glad you are back on the water and moving along! Keep the updates coming - they're the first thing I check every morning!

  97. Looking forward to the report of the repairs at Cape Town. (hint hint ... don't forget team, the Captain said it would be forth coming)

    Passage weather shows light conditions till Thursday when a front rushes through from the west and will give you some fun fast sailing. Unfortunately, it looks like it will move through quickly and you'll have heads winds for a few days after that.

    Good luck on weather. Hope you'll be able to handle everything fine.

  98. Hey Abby,

    It's great to have you back on the water. I've never sailed but I climb mountians and miss the mountain when I'm not there but there have been times that I wished I wasn't on the mountain at all.
    It's great that you got the new wind generators. I have the same model on my house and it works great!! Well I hope that all of your equipement continues work well and have a great sail!!!!

    Keith in Colorado

  99. Abby,
    Your Kodiak friends hope you liked our letters. We are impressed by your courage and team support. We just returned last Friday from Camp Woody where teamwork is a big part of our experience there.
    Best wishes from your 5th grade friends! This is our last day of school for the year!

    You rock Abby! Cassidy
    Smash the record! Johnny
    You're halfway there; keep up the good work. Adelheid
    Hi Abby, you're awesome! Isabelle
    Are you going to stop in Australia and see Jessica? Eric
    May the wind be with you. Jacob
    Are you going to write a book? Madison
    Be safe out there! Emily
    You're doing great! What was your favorite thing about Cape Town? Hayden
    Visit Kodiak if you can. TJ
    Have you ever been to Panama? I want to learn more about it. Matt
    If you come to Kodiak, I'll show you my favorite fishing spot. Trent
    You're doing great; keep it up! Jaiden
    When I get my future talk show, you can be my first guest. Leah
    Thanks for inspiring me to follow my dreams! Hannah
    I'm rooting for you! Isaac
    Hope you get good sailing weather. Elin
    Keep going, you can do it! Chloe

    Go Abby! Mr. J

  100. Mrs. Toller's ClassMay 25, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Abby, here are questions from Mrs. Toller's 4th grade class! (unedited)
    Kevin - Do you have potty problems like Jessica?
    Belal - What is your favotite prayer?
    Millicent - what is your favorite song?
    Alistair - how do you wash your cloths?
    Amelia - Did you get a cat when you were in africa?
    Brianna - Do you have a shower or bath tub on your ship?
    Sarah - I was worried about the spiders. Did you ever find any?
    Reiley - Did you now your map is not working?
    Lily - good luck!
    Sadie - How do you wash your hair? When do you sleep?
    Nicholas - do you have a real tolet or is it like the astronats use?
    Sashi - keep your thing hooked on so you can be safe.
    Mia - You are very brave!
    Julian - did you see any bad guys when you landed in another country?
    Sydney - take a picture of a dolfin for us!!!
    Micah - Do you do homewoke on your skype?
    Colleen - how much money do you need to take if i was going to do what you are doing?
    Emory - Jessica had a lot of things break. Do things break for you alot too?
    Kendall - Do you like dogs or cats more?
    Matthew - Have you seen any sharks or killer wales yet?
    Michael - did you see any lions in africa????
    Rukesh - Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
    Alexandria - Do you like birds? I like them and I hope you see some.
    Tria - What church do go to? Does your youth group say prayers for you? Ours does!
    Shelby - My mom saisd I can't go until I'm 18! So I have to wait!
    Brittney - Is Jessica going to meet you at her house sometime?
    Tom - What is your best meal you like on your boat?
    Mrs. Toller - Abby, we have had a ball following your inspirational voyage!

  101. I am not sure but by looking at the map, aren't you going to be sailing more nautical miles than Jessica? It looks like it to me because you needed to sail all the way down from the US to get to Cape Horn. Did someone already talk about this? hahaha
    Have a great day Abby!!
    Alyssa from CA

  102. Thanks, Abby, and now that you're out hope you can get a good sleep.
    - Craig, Fair Oaks, CA

  103. Since we're supposed to be doing homework on the trip, Cape Agulhas is the Southern most tip of the whole continent of Africa. Not just South Africa. Which of course goes without saying since it's South Africa, but the claim to fame is obviously the continent. :)

  104. 05-25-10 @ 20:29
    Hi Abby,
    I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying yourself. How are the A/P doing?
    @ Jeanny K.: The main reason for Jessica’s silence about that was that she was concerned about her followers and didn’t want them worrying about her. That is her nature.
    Keep up the good work and although I’m sure you’re busy I sure do miss you….hint, hint, maybe just a little picture…lol… Take good care of yourself and remember to enjoy all that good sailing that your doing.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  105. Capt. Abby, you probably did it already the Kodiak 5th graders' accolades where you can get your hands on'em. Some fifty years or so from now these will be among your most valuable possessions. You can go 'around the Horn with that.' - I'm forecasting great sailing weather ahead for Wild Eyes - (as neither of my knees is paining me at present!) -- make a straight wake skipper.

  106. Abby: God Bless you and keep you safe. What's going on??? No messages and no movement on thempa- according to that, youre still in capetown. Please let us know how you're doing and where you are. I hope all is well.

    Ron in Colorado

  107. Hey, you must like this a lot and I look uo to you

  108. Congratulations on having sailed past the southernmost point in the continent of Africa, Cape Agulhas. Welcome to the Indian Ocean.

    Steve, SF Bay

  109. HELLO ABBY, So pleased to hear you are back out on the water again. I have a bit of catching up to do and look forward to following you through your blogs.

    I am sure you will take care and always keep safe.

    Until next time.

    Lynne (Picton, NZ)

  110. Abby, ur amazing, and i admire u, same as i did with jessica, u 2 are very brave, the least to say, hope all goes well and that u always will have that guardian angel with u
    paula (paraguay)

  111. Having sailed a Corsair F27 trimaran @17 kts on a broad reach and my Hobie Cat 16 almost that fast, for those of you who don't know much about sailing- 15 kts is smokin'!!!! Especially for a monohull and unless you are a BMW/Oracle America's Cup trimaran, then it is a crawl :)

    Have safe and fast trip home!

  112. Hey Abby, Are You Alright No Movement On The Map And Nothing From Our Beloved Abby Since Sunday Morning, Just A Concerned Citizen Of AbbyTown, I Hope All Is Well..Stay Safe & Have Fun & When Up On Deck, Tethered...Peace & Aloha 38'43"N/122'67"W

  113. @Jeanny (anonymous). I am afraid you didn't follow Jessica's blog regularly enough. She had many troubles, big ones and small ones, and didn't conceal her hard or boring moments, even if she always tried to take it with humor and keep a positive attitude. You can still read all her blogs again (it will take some time, but is totally worth it!).
    Go on Abby! Now that the autopilots are working well, it's the chart that looks ooo. Well, that's a minor problem, and it will give your shore team some homework to do too! Fair winds and Happy Indian Ocean!
    PS Charlie looked great in Cape Town! I guess he left some good friends there. Isn't he grumpy now?

  114. For all of us keen to follow round-the-world adventurers, don't forget that Alessandro di Benedetto is now working his way northwards up the Atlantic, on the last leg of his non-stop singlehanded voyage that's been an amazing testament to his courage and skill. His little yacht was dismasted shortly before rounding Cape Horn - but he carried out repairs and alterations to his rig (without stopping the voyage) and has carried on. Truly amazing. Follow him on

  115. Hi Abby,

    Glad to see your back at sea finally! We've been out of town so I've been wondering how you were doing! Glad to hear everything is going well. Keep us posted and sail safe.

    Denise and family
    South Dakota

  116. Hi Abbey,
    My, isn’t it exciting to be underway again. What a great visit you had in Cape Town. That was some plug you put in for The Cape Grace Hotel. If I ever get to Cape Town, I will stay there. Of course I will tell them that Abbey Sunderland sent me. That should get special treatment for sure!! Wonderful to know that all the fixes are working and that you are settling in for the haul. Sounds like you are really flying. Hope you can keep that up and hit the weather patterns right so as to avoid the worst of the storms. I tend to agree with not wishing to catch fish that can swim at 15 knots. I believe I'd keep the line in at those speeds to keep from snapping lines and loosing hooks and baits.
    @ The many anonomyses: It is a simple matter to add your name to your comments. Please join the rest of the Abbecans, Abbicans, Abbeykins or whatever we are so we can feel your presence. C’mon Abbey who are we. It’s your call.

  117. Hi Abby, How are things going out there? Stay safe!

  118. Abby: You will have to let us know where you are since your route and location have not been updated since before you were heading into Capetown,

  119. Must be great to be out there again. With your speed you should easily get through the Southern Ocean before it gets really cold. Are you planning to go around the cape at southern New Zealand too?

  120. Four days without any blog update and two days without abby's possition. That's not normal.

    I think that you guys shoueld do something to maintain the interest in abby's trip.

    One update daily even if there ir nothing too relevant would be nice. Even an "Everything is ok and the autopilots are fine" is enough, but if you give us an update every several days, then maybe one visit to her blog once a week is more than enough, and i think abby deserves a lot more, and we her supporters too.

    Think about it, and compare the updates in this blog and the possition with jessica's blog and you would see what i mean.

    Not having any kind of news about abby makes me think that again something is very wrong with the boat or with the equipment.

  121. hi..noticed that the new waypoints on the map are the nautical " S " flag..nice touch !!

  122. Your consolation prize regarding the fish is that you really don't want to mess with anything that can hit a lure at 15kts.

  123. I agree with the earlier post . I check Abby's blog daily expecting to read something (sometimes 2-3 times) . We need more updates .

  124. 05-26-10 @ 19:34
    Hi Abby,
    Just thinking about you and hoping all is well. I hope the weather is being good to you and that you’re having lots of fun sailing. Just checked P/W chart but I don’t know exactly where you’re at so I wouldn’t say anything, besides you have your own “professional” weatherman and I might add, much more reliable…lol… I’d probably have the sun shining down on you and in reality you’d be in the middle of a storm. So it’s best left to the men who are in the ‘know’. Take good care of yourself and don’t take any momentary ‘chances’. How’s Charlie and Mr. Doggie doing??? I noticed your map is starting to kick in.
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand and may the Angels keep your sails full, and I, I will be praying for you.
    Your faithful friend, fan and follower.
    Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

  125. Agree that someone on the "home team" should pick up the slack if Abby can't. I was following both Abby and Jessica and Jessica seemed to maintain her blog almost daily - really gave you a feeling of "riding along! If Abby is too busy or tired, we would truly understand - but, that is when her team should take over! We are not complaining, just concerned!

  126. hi captain abby it's nice to see you back out on the ocean, i hope your not sad anymore. the weather here is very hot 42c how is the weather over there i hope you will wright soon i'm worried about you. i like your pics there nice. i'm sorry if i don't wright everyday with work it is hard, i will try to wright more often ok. can you please take some pics of your cabin i would like to see the inside of your boat please well i will talk to you later ok it's 9:20pm morning comes quick pay day tomorrow

    talk to you later abby oxoxox bye

  127. Hi abby,its Saturday morning here 10:00 am and I was checking on your position and I see that you are about 450 miles east by north of your last given position.It appears that your doing some darn good speed.I feel like I would like to grab that marker and move it easterly a couple thousand miles to get you home quicker.
    I love to see that square marker move east.
    I hope you don't have to go through that ordeal again.
    Abby give us an ETA for Marina Del Rey on your next blog,I'm sure that your reading all the comments.
    Abby you've got thousands of people praying for your safe return.
    God Bless you.

    Libby Di Bernardo (79)
    San Pedro ca.

  128. Very Good that you mentioned Cape Agulhas which is actually the Southern most point of Africa. Even though you were 200 miles South of Cape Agulhas the longitude is an estimated 20 degrees East of 0 degrees longitude.

    I wish you a speedy and safe journey.

  129. hi abby.. im a very big fan of ur'z...i saw history of ur life on tv (abc ch.7) in nyc... i wish u all di best...

  130. good luck Abby,your very brave and you know what your after,good luck with all rod.R